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How To Sell Stun Guns

Selling stun guns is a lucrative side hustle that allows you to make money while doing something you enjoy. Selling stun guns is a lot like selling anything else. There are some things you can control, but also some things you cannot.

Before you try to sell stun guns, you need to understand what you’re selling. Is it a product that requires training? Is it something that needs to be recharged regularly? Do you need to provide safety instructions? These questions will help you decide what kind of sales pitch you’ll give customers.

Here are some tips to make sure you succeed when selling stun guns:

Stun Gun Basics

The first thing to know about stun guns is that they are not real guns. They are meant to temporarily incapacitate a person without causing permanent injury. The device sends electrical pulses through the body, disrupting nerve signals. This causes muscles to contract involuntarily, resulting in temporary paralysis.

Know Your Market

You must understand your target audience before starting a stun gun sales business. Who is buying these devices? What kind of customer is looking for them? Are they male or female? How much money are they willing to spend? These questions will help you narrow your focus to find the best products for your customer base.

Research Products

Once you have identified your target audience, research the different brands of stun guns. Look for models that fit your needs and preferences. Find reliable companies that have been in business for a while or are selling a long-standing brand.

Where To Sell Stun Guns

The best places to sell your stun guns are flea markets, swap meets, trade shows, home parties, and online. If you choose to sell online, you can do so with your own website or auction sites like eBay or Amazon.

Understand The Different Stun Gun Types

There are many different types of stunning devices on the market today. Some of the most popular ones include the miniature stun gun, the flashlight stun gun, the baton stun gun, the disguised stun guns, the Taser stun gun, and others. These devices have unique advantages that can make them useful in different scenarios. For example, some people prefer the smaller size of the mini stun gun, while others like the larger size of the baton stun gun. Disguised stun guns give you a tactical advantage.

Reasons People Buy Stun Guns

For several reasons, someone would choose to carry a stun gun instead of other weapons.

  • First, stun guns are easy to conceal.
  • Second, they’re lightweight and compact, making them ideal for carrying in pockets or purses.
  • Third, they’re relatively inexpensive compared to other types of firearms.
  • Fourth, they’re non-lethal, meaning they won’t kill someone. Even if someone carries a handgun, a stun gun will give them a non-lethal option for self-defense.

How To Demonstrate Stun Guns Work

When selling face-to-face at gun shows, flea markets, home parties, or trade shows, you will probably have someone ask you, “How do I know your stun guns work?”

I would do this when I used to sell face-to-face many years ago. Tell the person to hold their finger out. You then explain that you will not touch their finger with the stun gun but hold it about a half inch below it. You further explain that you will pull the trigger on the stun gun, and they will see the electricity jump from the stun gun to their finger and experience a little of what it would be like to be shocked with a stun gun.

At this point, they will either withdraw their finger and say no way or experience the shock. Either way, they are convinced stun guns work.

Tell Customers About Safety Training

Safety training is an essential part of selling stun guns. You shouldn’t just have the attitude, “Here are my stun guns; buy one!” You should ensure that you train your customers before they buy. Showing people how to use the stun gun will help you sell more.

Give Customers Time to Think

Don’t expect customers to jump on your offer immediately. They may ask questions. And if they do, answer them honestly. But don’t push too hard right away. Let them mull over your proposal and consider buying your item.

Once you’ve clearly understood what you want to achieve, get started by selling. Please don’t worry too much about making mistakes; you can learn from them and move forward.

Follow Up

You want to keep the relationship now that you’ve made the sale. If you’re selling face-to-face, you want to collect the buyer’s information, at least their email address. You then want to follow up with them, thanking them for their business and asking if they have any questions. Following up is a great way to get repeat business and referrals.

It will be easier to collect their email addresses if you are selling online. Make sure to follow up with them.


In conclusion, selling stun guns is easy if you have the right products, marketing strategy, and sales skills. But before you go off and start hawking your wares, make sure you understand your product and the reasons people are looking for a stun gun. And remember: when selling anything, always ask yourself, “What would I buy?”