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Welcome to our collection of wholesale stun guns, where safety meets affordability. At Safety Technology, we take pride in offering a wide variety of stun guns at wholesale prices. We aim to make it easier for retailers and distributors to provide customers with reliable bulk self-defense products. Whether you want to expand your inventory or enhance the safety of your community, our wholesale stun guns are the perfect choice. Look at our selection today and empower your customers with the protection they deserve.

Discover the unbeatable advantages of purchasing discount stun guns! Whether you’re a retailer looking to boost your inventory or an individual seeking reliable self-defense options, our wholesale prices ensure you get the best value.
So, what types of stun guns should you consider investing in, and how do you navigate the legal and safety aspects? Let’s explore the key factors that will help you make an informed decision and ensure you choose the right models to fit your needs.


  • Bulk purchasing stun guns offers significant cost savings and customization options.
  • Dropshipping so you do not have to inventory products.
  • A variety of stun gun types cater to different self-defense needs and preferences.
  • Where to sell stun guns.
  • Understanding legal and safety considerations is crucial before purchasing or using stun guns.
  • Wholesale buying ensures a steady supply for businesses or personal safety enhancements.

Understanding Stun Guns

Stun guns, also called electroshock weapons, deliver high-voltage electric shocks to incapacitate attackers effectively in a non-lethal way, ensuring your safety. These small devices have become a must-have tool for self-defense for men, women, and security personnel. Unlike deadly weapons, stun guns provide a crucial option for protecting yourself, giving you peace of mind without the risk of causing permanent harm.

When it comes to how they work, stun guns operate on high voltage, disrupting an assailant’s muscle functions upon direct contact, causing temporary pain and immobilization. This immediate physical limitation lets you escape or get help in dangerous situations. The effectiveness of these electric shock weapons in self-defense has made them a popular choice for those concerned about their safety.
It’s important to note that stun gun laws differ by state, with specific rules on voltage levels and restrictions on carrying them in certain areas. Proper training can significantly improve your ability to use a stun gun effectively, making it an essential non-lethal weapon in your self-defense toolkit.

Benefits Of Bulk Purchasing

Benefits of bulk purchasing stun guns
When you buy stun guns in bulk, you can save money and have a reliable electric shock device whenever needed. This strategy is great for enhancing your self-defense toolkit while also being mindful of stun gun laws and personal safety.
By choosing to buy self-defense products in bulk, you’ll enjoy several key advantages:
  • Significant cost savings: Wholesale prices are considerably lower than retail, allowing you to save money or invest in more high-quality options.
  • Customized packages: You can tailor your order to meet specific needs, including the type of stun gun, color, and quantity.
  • Steady supply: Ensure you always have an electric shock device on hand, which is vital for maintaining personal safety.
  • Profit opportunity: Businesses can resell stun guns at a profit, turning a necessity into an income source with big margins.
  • Enhanced security measures: Equip your employees or team with stun guns as a proactive security measure.
Savvy retailers know that bulk purchasing isn’t just about saving money; it’s about prioritizing safety, flexibility, and preparedness in an unpredictable world. Safety Technology is an excellent place to get your stun guns.

Where To Sell Stun Guns

When selling items, consider popular online marketplaces like eBay or You can also check out local venues like gun shows or flea markets, which attract self-defense enthusiasts and safety-conscious individuals, making them great places to find potential buyers.
Explore retail stores such as gun shops, pawn shops, beauty salons, nail salons, tanning salons, and hardware stores as potential selling locations.
If you prefer more control over your business, consider setting up your own online store. This allows you to manage your operations independently. With our support for drop shipping, you won’t need to worry about storing inventory.

Types Of Stun Guns

Different types of stun guns
Knowing the different types of wholesale stun guns is crucial for your safety. From a lipstick stun gun to an innovative cell phone stun gun, these rechargeable stun guns are designed to incapacitate attackers with high-voltage electric shocks. Selecting the right self-defense weapon is key to being prepared in any situation. The stealth cell phone imitations are some of our best sellers.
Here’s a quick overview of some popular types:
Type Description
Traditional Stun Guns Compact devices delivering high voltage shocks to incapacitate assailants.
Stun Batons Extended reach with electric shock capability for added self-protection.
Stun Flashlights Dual-function units provide illumination and defense with electric shocks.
Disguised Stun Guns Discreet self-defense tools blend into everyday carry items.
When selecting a discount stun guns, consider their features, such as rechargeable batteries. A flashlight stun gun has a high-lumen flashlight. These bright flashlights can also temporarily blind an intruder and be ordinary flashlights. We have these features on even the smallest stun gun. These features enhance the gun’s effectiveness as a self-defense tool.
Remember that a stun gun’s ability to deliver high-voltage shocks is what makes it effective in deterring or incapacitating an attacker, thus ensuring your safety. Make your choice wisely based on your self-protection needs and the stun gun laws in your area.
Some of our dealers will create a stun gun-pepper spray combo. This is a smart way to create a unique product. Combine a stun gun with pepper spray and sell that as a product.

Selecting The Right Model

selecting the right model of stun gun
We only sell the best stun guns, which are all effective deterrents. This includes ZAP stun guns and Stun Master stun guns. When selecting the right sort of stun gun, consider various factors. Evaluate high-voltage stun gun levels and additional features to ensure it effectively meets your self-defense needs.
Many come with a rechargeable LED flashlight. Voltage levels can vary from low to high, depending on your preferences and intended use. Opt for a higher voltage if you want to incapacitate an attacker quickly. However, remember that the primary goal is to deter and escape, not cause long-term harm.
When selecting a stun gun, consider these key features for enhanced self-protection:
  • Rechargeable stun gun: Make sure it is always ready with rechargeable batteries when you need it.
  • Bright LED flashlight: A built-in flashlight can disorient an attacker and light your way to safety.
  • Safety switches: Prevent accidental discharge for safer handling.
  • Wrist straps: Secure the stun gun to your wrist during an altercation.
  • Nylon Holsters: For easy and secure carry, ensure quick access when needed (some also come with belt clips).
  • High voltage stun gun: this ensures you can penetrate clothing and reach the skin.
Stun guns are effective self-defense devices because they can cause pain, disorientation, and muscle disruption. Using a taser or electric shock gun can be a powerful way to defend yourself. Proper training using self-defense stun guns can boost your self-defense skills and help you feel more confident handling potential threats.

Safety And Legal Considerations

safety and legal restrictions of stun guns
Before purchasing a stun gun for misc personal security, it’s important to understand the legal and safety implications. Stun guns, also known as electroshock weapons, are a popular choice for self-defense. They’re non-lethal weapons that deliver a high-voltage electric shock to incapacitate an attacker temporarily. However, you must be aware that stun gun laws vary greatly from one place to another.
While high-volt stun guns are legal in most states, there might be specific restrictions on where you can carry them. For instance, they’re generally prohibited in airports and certain government buildings. It’s crucial to check local laws and regulations regarding stun gun ownership and usage to make sure you’re not inadvertently breaking the law.
Due to international restrictions, we only ship stun guns within the United States. This also applies to other security items like pepper spray.
Additionally, some areas may have regulations on the voltage levels of the electric shock device you can possess. Before purchasing, understanding the legal considerations and safety guidelines for stun guns is important.
Always remember, a stun gun is a powerful self-defense tool, and with great power comes great responsibility. Ensure you’re fully informed about the stun gun effects, how to safely handle and store your electric shock gun, and the legal parameters within your area for self-protection.
Safety Technology has been selling wholesale stun guns for over 38 years, and we feel you will be very happy with our customer service. The seller feedback over the years has been great.

More Information About Stun Guns

  1. Stun guns typically range from 50,000 to millions of volts, and the power output can vary depending on the model. Higher voltage does not necessarily mean more power, as amperage also determines how effective a stun gun is.
  2. Depending on the model, stun guns can be rechargeable or battery-operated. Rechargeable stun guns are convenient because they can be reused multiple times.
  3. Stun guns are generally reliable in terms of functionality and durability, but the quality can vary among different brands and models. For longevity, it’s important to choose a reputable brand and follow maintenance instructions.
  4. Safety features on stun guns may include a safety switch or button to prevent accidental discharge. Always follow safety guidelines and protect the stun gun from children or unauthorized users.
  5. There may be restrictions on where you can carry or use a stun gun, such as government buildings, schools, airports, or public gatherings. Be aware of these restrictions to avoid legal issues.
  6. Stun guns are designed to be easy to operate, typically requiring a simple push of a button to activate. For convenience, some models may have additional features like a flashlight or wrist strap.
  7. Laws and regulations regarding stun guns can vary. Familiarize yourself with local laws, including any permit requirements or restrictions on usage.
  8. Contact stun guns require direct contact with the target to deliver the electric shock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Stun Guns Usually Cost?

You’re eyeing personal safety but fret over costs; stun guns, your electric shock safeguard, usually hover between $10 to $100. Factors like voltage and features sway the price, ensuring you’ve got options for self-defense.

What is your shipping speed?

If we receive your order by 4 p.m. Eastern Time, we will ship it the same day. Delivery times will vary. The time it takes to reach you or your customer will depend on your chosen shipping service and where it’s going. It’s safe to say that delivery dates will be between 1 and 5 days.

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

We stand behind all our products. If you or your customer ever gets a defective item, we will replace or repair it. Most of our stun guns have a lifetime warranty.

How Do You Let Your Dealers Know About New Items or Discontinued Items?

We will email whenever an item is discontinued, or a new item is added to our inventory. We also have a place for this on our wholesale order site.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks or money orders, wire payments, and cash.


No, we don’t have the room in the low wholesale prices we offer you to include free shipping. To offer this, we would have to raise our wholesale prices, and we don’t want to do that.

What States Are Stun Guns Illegal?

You’re curious about where stun guns are illegal, right? They’re banned in Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. While other states like New York and New Jersey have their own set of restrictions for owning and using them.

What’s the Difference Between a Stun Gun and a Taser Gun?

You’re 80% less likely to be harmed if you carry a self-defense tool. A stun gun needs direct contact to incapacitate, while a taser can immobilize from 15 feet away with electric shock probes.

Can You Buy a Police Grade Taser?

You can’t buy a police-grade Taser without specific authorization. POLICE stun guns are a product line designed for law enforcement and require training. Civilians must meet legal standards and undergo training to handle these high-voltage, non-lethal self-defense tools safely.