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Always Be Selling!

If you want to quit your job and become an Internet Marketer, you must sell constantly.

You should do something to make money every day. Making money can become a habit, just like not making money. Make sure you cultivate the habit of making money.

If you have a list, sell to that list. If you create content to get links back to your website, make it daily. Do something: an article, a press release, a video, a blog post, or a comment. Do it every day. If you pay for traffic, pay for it every day.

Do something every day to bring in money.

Get obsessed and addicted to making money. Put your focus on making money, not TV. Sleep less. Sacrifice your average time dedicated to other things and shift that time and focus to cash flow.

Sell stuff.

Start with where you are right now, with the knowledge you have right now, and with the resources and assets you have right now. Don’t wait until you know it all. Your income is going to come from how much you sell.

You have to change your focus and time. Full-time marketers (or those who want to be full-time marketers) focus their time and attention on ‘making money.’ They focus on selling stuff. Too many distributors spend their time making changes to their websites, changes that will have little effect on sales.

Don’t get caught up in this. You focus on those things that will make you money, like driving traffic to your website, building your list, and selling
to your list.

What can I sell to my list today? How can I get more traffic (leads)to my website today?

You have to sell stuff—sell more stuff, get more reach, get more traffic—and do it every day!

Increase your conversions. Do whatever you can to get visitors to sign up for your list. Give your list members free stuff like reports, videos on using the products, surveys, or anything that bonds them to you. You give people helpful information, and they will reciprocate by giving you orders.

Many people are afraid to sell. They hate being sold to, so they refrain from selling. They think they’ll upset people by selling stuff. They are not aggressive enough to put themselves out there and sell stuff. They may never have sold anything before, or maybe they believe they are terrible at sales, and this attitude transfers over to the marketing of their web site business.

Many people choose to sell on the Internet because they feel they don’t really have to sell if they have a website. This just isn’t true. You need to sell every day. Sell stuff you make money on.

If you are not making the money you want, is it really a mystery?

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Michael Gravette

Michael Gravette is the founder of Safety Technology, a company that specializes in providing non-lethal self-defense devices. He is an Air Force veteran, serving in Vietnam in 1969 at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon. He started this business in 1986 with just one product, stun guns, operating from his home. Over the years, Safety Technology has grown to become one of the largest drop ship wholesalers of self-defense products in the country; offering a wide range of items including stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, hidden cameras, and knives.

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