The Virtue Of Violence!

Nancy and I watched the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” It came out in 1951. It’s a good movie and like the current version has a message. Back then, World War II had just ended and we were in the middle of the Korean Police Action or Korean […] Read more »

Never Forget The Fundamentals!

Let me take you back to July of 1961. The Green Bay Packers football team is meeting their new coach, Vince Lombardi, on the first day of training camp. The previous season ended with a loss of the NFL Championship game. The players were eager to learn the advanced techniques […] Read more »

To Get The Sale, Focus On The Pain!

Here’s a little secret that people don’t like to share with you... The best way to get people interested in your products is to hammer home every single pain point they have that your products can fix. Most sales are made because the product or service relieves a particular pain […] Read more »

Women - Speak Like A Man When In Danger!

This is not to diminish the power and effectiveness of communication styles that are traditionally female-coded. It’s about what works in a confrontation between an aggressive man and an intimidated woman. Of course, the best way to avoid a confrontation is to … avoid it. Leave the scene when you […] Read more »

GREED! A Powerful Marketing Technique

I wanted to share a sales techniques I learned many years ago. I seldom use it, but whenever I do use it, it works! Let me give you a specific example of how I recently used it. Back in 2011, I sent out an email letting everyone know about the […] Read more »

Why You Need To Brand Your Company

Unfortunately, its not enough to be an honest person who will deliver what he says he will. People want to deal with established, big companies. It makes them feel they will receive what they ordered and won’t be taken advantage of. If you are a one-man operation just starting out, […] Read more »

Why You Should Sell Personal Protection Products

For over 30 years people have been asking me why they should buy personal protection products. This answer is deceptively simple. Because it’s the right thing to do. Your first priority is to know how to protect yourself, and your second priority is to teach that skill to every member […] Read more »

What To Look For In A Wholesale Dropshipper

One of the most frustrating problems for professionals in the retail sector has to do with the aggravations and guessing games involved with managing their back stock. Of course, keeping a reasonable amount of products available for sale is a vital part of maintaining the profitability of a retail business […] Read more »

Use Questions In Your Website's Meta Titles

I advise members of my Advanced SEO Club to use questions in their Meta Titles for their websites. Meta Titles show up as the headline in the search engines. Questions grab attention. It’s natural for people to want to know the answer to a question. Usually, the questions they use […] Read more »