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Runt Stun gun Wholesale

Safety Technology Manufactures The Runt Stun Gun

That means low wholesale prices for you!

A stun gun needs power behind it to be effective. Runt stun guns have that concept nailed down…and with low wholesale prices. As such, the Runt brand represents some of the best stun guns in the industry today. You should definitely be selling Runt if you have a retail business specializing in personal safety and security. If you are new to the industry, selling Runt stun guns is a great place to start building your business.Sasf


  • 4.5 milliamps
  • 4 1/4″ long x 1 5/8″ wide x 1″ wide
  • 80,000,000 volts
  • Rechargeable


  • Nylon Belt Loop Holster
  • Rubberized Coating
  • Disable Pin Wrist Strap
  • Built-in LED Flashlight

Why You Should Sell Runt Stun Guns

There are a lot of great stun gun brands on the market. In fact, Safety Technology sells a lot of them. Runt stun guns rise above the rest due to their power and relatively small size. You should sell them because, quite simply, they are among the best in the business.

Let us start with the power Runt delivers. Imagine being shocked by a hand-held device delivering 80 million volts and 4.9 milliamps. That would stop you in your tracks, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would. But it would do more than that. So much voltage would be enough to incapacitate you long enough for the other person to get away. That’s the point here.

Moving on to size, Runt stun guns are some of the smallest. The average Runt model measures about 3.5 inches long. It is 2 inches wide and mere three-quarters of an inch thick. It is a little larger than a compact pager but smaller than your average smartphone.

Your Customers Will Buy Runt Stun Guns

Another obvious reason to sell Runt stun guns is that your customers will buy them. Let’s face it, some retail products sell themselves once people know they exist. The stun gun is one of those products. People who do not consider buying one are generally those who don’t know they can. But once they know, they are ready to buy.

The personal safety and security market is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Much of that is due to industries like ours that put affordable, effective, and easy-to-use devices into the hands of customers. We say that both literally and figuratively. Introduce your customers to the peace of mind that comes with non-lethal self-defense, and they will seriously consider a stun gun purchase.

Personal Safety Sells

Safety Technology has been in the business long enough to know that personal safety sells. We are fortunate to be part of an industry that simultaneously offers money-making opportunities to business owners and personal safety products that customers deserve. And because personal safety sells so well, we can offer you Runt stun guns and other great products at wholesale prices.

Wholesale pricing makes it possible for you to take advantage of the personal safety market. Our wholesale prices are considerably lower than retail, giving you plenty of room to make a decent profit with every sale. We recommend remaining competitive with others selling similar products.

Another thing to keep in mind is marketing. Yes, personal safety sells, but you must effectively message your customer base. There are lots of ways to do this. You can market online, conduct home parties where personal safety is the focus, visit gun shows and safety demonstrations, and even go door-to-door if you like. In either case, the message is always the same: A Runt stun gun is one of the most powerful non-lethal forms of self-defense that your customers can buy.

If You Sell Runt Stun Guns Online

Should you decide to sell stun guns online, you have a couple of options for fulfilling orders. Some of our dealers buy products from us in bulk at wholesale prices. When an order comes in, they pack and ship it themselves. They are the only ones their customers deal with throughout the entire course of the transaction.

The second option is to let us handle stocking and shipping for you. Doing business this way is known as drop shipping. You order from us after your customers order from you, and we ship the product out with your name on it. Your retail operation is the only operation your customer deals with; they don’t even know that Safety Technology is involved.

The main benefit of dropshipping is not having to worry about stock or shipping. The downside is that you do not have available stock at your fingertips should you want to sell at a flea market or local safety demonstration. But no worries. You don’t have to limit your sales to e-commerce. You can sell in person as well.

Sell Runt Stun Guns Wherever People Gather

Expanding your stun gun sales beyond e-commerce is a matter of stepping back and thinking about where people gather in large numbers. Remember, both personal safety and stun guns sell themselves. You just need to get out there among the people most likely to be your customers.

One of the first things that come to mind is the gun show. At every gun show, retailers are selling personal safety devices and other similar products. Why? Because the target audience is the same. People who visit gun shows are the same people interested in non-lethal self-defense.

Imagine a couple visiting a gun show together. One is an avid firearms carrier, while the other prefers not to carry. Even the non-carrier is still concerned about personal safety and self-defense. That is a person you can engage with about owning a Runt stun gun.

In addition to gun shows, you can sell Runt stun guns at:

  • flea markets
  • gun shows
  • self-defense demonstrations
  • self-defense trade shows
  • local cultural festivals
  • holiday celebrations
  • home parties

Any event that draws a large crowd is a candidate for stun gun sales – as long as retail operations are permitted at such events. And believe us when we say there is no shortage of them. And wherever there are local events, there is a need for vendors willing to set up shop. Event organizers are always looking for vendors because they know vendors draw crowds.

Sell Other Products with Stun Guns

The Runt stun gun is an excellent product to sell all by itself. It is extremely affordable, highly effective, and easy enough for just about anyone to use. But why stop there? You can sell other personal safety products right alongside Runt stun guns.

A person who purchases a stun gun from you might also be interested in a pepper spray product. Your customers will probably be interested in learning more about personal alarms, hidden cameras, audio recorders, and even instructional fighting DVDs. Do you see where all of this is going?

You can absolutely build a business on nothing but stun guns. But Safety Technology makes it possible for you to offer so much more. We offer a complete list of personal safety and security items ranging from the Runt stun gun all the way up to 16-channel surveillance systems. We even offer an inventory of survival gear for the prepper audience. You can build a complete online or brick-and-mortar store from our catalog alone.

We Sell Runt Stun Guns at Wholesale

The secret to our success at Safety Technology is our wholesale pricing. Simply put, we sell wholesale Runt stun guns to dealers and retailers who appreciate that our prices are low enough to give them plenty of room for markup. We make money; they make money; the average consumer ultimately gets the personal safety products he or she wants.

Whether you know it or not, this is how the retail market works. Even your favorite big-box department store purchases the products they stock at wholesale prices. They mark up those products to cover their own costs and generate a profit. Customers pay the marked-up price via retail sales.

You can succeed as a personal safety retailer by buying wholesale Runt stun guns and other products from Safety Technology. Our wholesale pricing, customer service, and dedicated support provide the foundation for your success as a small business owner.

Start Your Personal Safety Business Today

Perhaps you read this entire article despite not having your own business already earning you money. Well, there’s no need to delay any further. You can start a personal safety business today by filling out our dealer application. Doing so is quick and easy. Plus, you will instantly have access to our dealer catalog, complete with wholesale pricing.

Remember that you can sell Runt stun guns any way you choose. Build your own personal safety website and carry only the inventory you want. Let us build a website for you, putting our decades of experience to work. If you are adventurous, you can move beyond e-commerce to start selling in person.

The personal safety market is wide open. Are you ready to be a part of it?