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Trigger Stun Guns Wholesale

Trigger Stun gun Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Dropshipper

Safety Technology offers wholesale prices for our Trigger stun guns. These low prices allow you to make a very good profit when you sell them. The most effective stun guns are those that deliver adequate voltage in a package that is easy to handle by the user. That is what you get in the Trigger stun gun and rechargeable flashlight.

Trigger stun guns are among our best sellers because they are exactly what people want. If you are ready to start making money in the personal safety market, a good first product to sell is the Trigger stun gun.

  • Disabling pin wrist strap
  • Measures 4 5/8″ x 1 3/4″ x 7/8″
  • 100 Lumen LED Flashlight
  • Rechargeable
  • 75,000,000 Volts
  • 4.8 milliamps
  • Nylon Holster

Start a Trigger Stun Gun Business

We expect you visited our website because you want to start your own business or are already selling personal safety products. Assuming the former, the Trigger stun gun is a great first product for you to sell. Let’s face it, Americans want a non-lethal means to protect themselves from aggressors. Stun guns fit the bill.

Stun guns, in general, deliver several million volts of electricity to incapacitate attackers. Still, they are not powerful enough to cause serious or long-term injury, making them ideal for self-defense. The Trigger stun gun is the epitome of what a good quality stun gun should be. That’s why we sell Trigger stun guns to our dealers and retailers.

The Trigger features a solid rubber grip for easy and effective handling. A wrist strap reduces the chances of dropping or losing track of the gun amid a confrontation, while the gun delivers 75 million volts and 4.8 milliamps of stopping power. The Trigger also includes a powerful 100-lumen LED lamp that can be used as a regular flashlight or temporarily blind attackers.

We offer seven different color choices for the convenience of your customers: blue, black, red, pink, purple, green, and zebra. There are more than enough choices to satisfy just about every consumer.

Buy Your Wholesale Trigger Stun Guns Here

To be a successful dealer, you need a successful wholesaler capable of supporting you with low prices and quality customer service. Safety Technology is that wholesaler. You can buy all your Trigger stun guns from us at low wholesale prices, leaving you plenty of room to make a profit.

We sell wholesale Trigger stun guns and a complete inventory of personal safety and survival equipment. We have everything from stun guns to pepper spray and hidden cameras. You could start your own stun gun business, but you wouldn’t have to limit yourself to this one product category. You could stock all the personal safety and self-defense items your customers want.

The key here is wholesale pricing. How does wholesale pricing help you? This is done by giving you room to charge retail prices while still covering your expenses and generating a profit. Safety Technology’s commitment to dealers is to keep our wholesale prices as low as possible. We always want to give our dealers plenty of room for profit so that they succeed. Why? Because when they succeed, so do we.

Are you ready to succeed as a personal safety and self-defense dealer? Then buy your wholesale Trigger stun guns here. You will get excellent quality products backed by unmatched customer service and the support of a wholesaler who has been in business for decades.

We Dropship Trigger Stun Guns

So you’re looking to start a business featuring the Trigger stun gun, but you don’t have a lot of cash to invest in the necessary stock. Well, don’t stress over it. We dropship all the products we sell. You can immediately get your business up and running through our dropshipping program without investing a single dime in stock. We stock the items for you so that you don’t have to.

The dropshipping model works like this:

  1. You browse through our inventory and select those items you wish to sell.
  2. You market those items online, through home parties, etc.
  3. Once a customer completes an order, you order the products via your Safety Technology dealer account.
  4. We package and ship the products to your customer in your name’s packaging.
  5. You pay us wholesale price while charging your customer retail. You keep the difference.

Dropshipping Trigger stun guns is an excellent way to start a business without investing in stock or storage space. Even better, you do not have to worry about the hassles of shipping. You provide shipping information and trust us to take care of the rest. It’s just that simple.

Sell the Trigger at Gun Shows

Perhaps you are not interested in the dropshipping program. That’s fine. There are lots of other ways to sell the Trigger stun gun. For example, have you ever thought of gun shows? It has been our experience that gun shows are one of the best venues for non-lethal self-defense items. Even though customers are looking mainly at firearms, they are more than willing to look at stun guns.

The stun gun represents a non-lethal means of self-defense. And believe it or not, even proponents of firearms would prefer non-lethal means when possible. The same people looking to purchase firearms at a gun show are likely to consider a stun gun at least. Your job as a dealer is to steer their attention to the Trigger stun gun.

Along those same lines, you can sell the Trigger at self-defense demonstrations and trade shows. Any such event that solicits vendors is looking for retailers just like you. You are the kind of vendor that draws people to their exhibitions. Event organizers are usually more than happy to rent table space if you have the right products to sell.

Sell the Trigger Online

If gun shows and self-defense demonstrations are not your things, you can sell the Trigger stun gun online in several ways. Some of our dealers have established their websites listing a complete range of Safety Technology products. Other dealers have us develop websites for them. You can do either.

Another option for selling online is through an e-commerce platform like Shopify. The primary benefit of such platforms is that they do not require any software development or coding skills. Using a word processor, you can use an e-commerce platform to sell the Trigger stun gun.

Retail sites like Amazon and eBay are yet another option. Some of our best dealers got their start as Amazon and eBay sellers. You can do the same thing. Just do yourself a favor and read company policies on self-defense and personal safety items, as some restrictions exist.

Other Ways to Sell the Trigger

Believe it or not, we still have not exhausted the list of ways you can sell the Trigger stun gun. So far, we have talked about gun shows, self-defense exhibitions, and online. Let’s talk about selling in person based on the traditional retail model.

One way to do this is by downloading our full-color catalog and using it to conduct home parties. Health and beauty companies use home parties to sell their products, and so can you. If your neighbor can hold home parties featuring plastic food storage containers, you can hold parties built around personal safety and self-defense.

Another way to sell in person is to rent space at a local flea market. Flea markets are everywhere, especially in southern portions of the U.S. They represent a great retail opportunity supported by heavy traffic and customers just looking to spend their money on something.

You can sell in person at a mall kiosk, a retail shopping center, or a pop-up shop. The possibilities are almost endless. Wherever you see a combination of retailers and large gatherings of people, you can find a way to sell the Trigger stun gun.

Let’s Get Started Today

Starting your safety business does not have to be complicated. You can get the ball rolling today by completing and submitting our dealer form. We make a point of approving applications as quickly as we can. Once approved, you’ll be given access to the wholesale portion of our website, where you will find our full-color catalog, a complete price list, and more.

Everything you need to get started as a dealer or retail is available through the Safety Technology website. If you ever run into problems, shoot us a message. A staff member would be happy to help you sort things out. Remember, we are not in this to sell you the Trigger stun gun at the highest possible price. We are in this because we want you to succeed.

The Trigger stun gun is in our inventory because it is an excellent product. It offers your customers an easy-to-use form of non-lethal self-defense in an affordable package. You can take a look for yourself. The rugged and stylish Trigger virtually sells itself. It would be best if you had a place to sell it and a plan to make it happen.