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Trigger Stun gun

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Introducing the Trigger Stun gun, the ultimate self-defense weapon. This powerful stun gun delivers a stunning 75,000,000 volts to stop any attacker in their tracks. Just pull the trigger and watch them fall to the ground begging for mercy.

The built-in flashlight is also super bright, 100 lumens, will blind any attacker, and give you the upper hand in any situation. You can also use it as an everyday carry flashlight to protect against anything coming your way.

With its wrist strap disable pin, you can be sure that this stun gun will never be used against you. And its small size means you can take it with you anywhere you go for protection.

Low, low wholesale prices.

  • 18,000,000 volt
  • 4.8 milliamps
  • 100-lumen flashlight
  • wrist strap disable pin
  • from Safety Technology
  • built-in recharger prongs
  • rubberized coating
  • unique trigger design for easy operation
  • nickel-cadmium battery
  • measures 4 ⅝” x 1 ¾” x ⅞”
  • 6 colors/styles: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Zebra
  • Lifetime Warranty
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