To Get The Sale, Focus On The Pain!

Here’s a little secret that people don’t like to share with you…

The best way to get people interested in your products is to hammer home every single pain point they have that your products can fix. Most sales are made because the product or service relieves a particular pain the customer has.

For instance, a pain for me is doing yard work. So, I hire a lawn service to do it for me. I had a relative once ask me to help her move. The thought of doing that was painful. I hired a moving service to move her. There was pain and I paid to have it go away.

No one likes to feel pain. And, the biggest reason someone buys is to alleviate pain.

A few years ago, there was this alarm company that would pick a neighborhood that they wanted to send their sales reps. Before they sent them, they hired a burglar to break into one of the homes in the neighborhood. Then, a couple of days later they would send their sales reps.

Well the neighborhood had just heard about one of their neighbors experiencing a burglary. They used to think their neighborhood was very safe. Now they didn’t. Of course, this made sales a lot easier for the alarm company.

Of course, I’m not recommending this (the alarm company eventually got caught doing this when a burglar was caught and squealed on the alarm company), but the point is people buy because of pain.

Pain is more than just physical pain. The pain that your products could help with are: fear, timidity, lack of confidence, going through life as a victim, apprehension, doubt, anxiety, dwelling on bad things that could happen and more.

It can also be very subtle. For instance, is a stun gun too big for my small hand, will I get shocked if I am touching someone when I stun them, can pepper spray accidentally go off in my purse, are hidden cameras hard to set up, can I get into trouble using a stun gun or pepper spray on someone, etc.

You should be using these pain points in any sales copy, product descriptions and emails and if you’re are selling offline, when speaking to a potential customer.

The most effective way of doing this is to make a complete list of all of your product’s features and benefits, detailing all of the good things that it will do for your customers.

Then, take each of those positives and flip them around to write a negative pain element that your customer faces. If you do this then you can go from the pain they feel to the pleasure they will feel when they realize your products help with the pain.

Tapping into the pain is crucial, because it evokes the most critical of emotions, and when it comes to selling it’s all about emotions. No one ever bought something based on a list of features, they always buy on how it makes them feel. With your products, you want them to feel safe.

Focusing on the pain will improve your conversions – remember, all selling is about emotions, and if you can illicit emotions then you’ll make the sale.

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