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Help people protect themselves by buying Mace Jogging sprays at wholesale. Assuming people are safe from attack just because they’re out jogging is not a good idea.

How many news stories have you seen involving joggers assaulted by assailants who frequent the same running paths that populate so many city and suburban parks?

The fact is, even joggers are not safe.

That’s why we carry Mace jogging and fitness pepper spray. We encourage you to sell it alongside the rest of the Safety Technology items you carry.

The Truth about Jogger Safety

There is a misconception that joggers are relatively safe from attack because no criminal would put forth the physical effort necessary to keep up with the jogger long enough to carry out an assault. Remember that criminals look for the most vulnerable targets. Believe it or not, joggers are more vulnerable than they know.

Have you ever noticed how many joggers run alone? Have you ever noticed how many run with ear buds intact and music blaring from a smartphone? Many of these joggers are so distracted by a combination of music and concentrating and staying on track that they are completely oblivious to everything going on around them. They have no clue that an attacker may be waiting around the corner.

Criminals take advantage of this lack of awareness. They also take advantage of the fatigue factor. Catch the jogger half-way through a 30-minute run and that person will have a limited amount of energy with which to fight back. All of this is to say that Mace jogging and fitness pepper spray can make the difference in attack. It could potentially make the difference between life and death.

Features of Mace Jogging and Fitness Pepper Spray

To understand how truly effective this particular pepper spray product is, you need to understand its most attractive features. We begin with its size. The dispenser is no bigger than a typical screwdriver and can be comfortably held in the hand for easy deployment.

Next is carrying flexibility. Mace jogging and fitness pepper sprays can be clipped to a belt, attached to a key chain, or strapped to the hand during running. Strapping it to the hand means the spray is always at the ready in the event of an attack.

Finally, the dispenser’s flip-top and thumb-activated trigger makes spraying an attacker extremely easy. In one seamless motion the user can flip the top with the thumb and press down on the trigger. A shower of pepper spray to the attacker’s face will render him or her unable to continue the attack.

The Power of Mace Jogging and Fitness Pepper Spray

Moving from features to function, the power of this pepper spray product is the formula inside the dispenser. Made with a combination of oleoresin capsicum pepper and a non-toxic dye, this pepper spray both disables and identifies simultaneously. There is enough stopping power in the pepper to cause problems for an attacker for up to 45 minutes. That is plenty of time for the user to make an escape.

Meanwhile, the authorities can be notified. As soon as they arrive (which should be in mere minutes) they will easily identify the attacker as the one stained with dye. That’s case closed from our point of view. In a single product, your customer will be able to stop an attacker and provide evidence to prosecutors.

Pepper spray is highly effective yet completely non-lethal. Your customers can use this product knowing full well it will not cause long-lasting injury or death. Attackers will be very uncomfortable for a while, but eventually the effects of the pepper wear off. What are those effects?

Try swelling of the eyes and mucous membranes, trouble breathing, and a burning pain in the skin. To say being hit with pepper spray is uncomfortable is like calling a torrential downpour ‘moisture’. There are very few people capable of continuing unfazed after being sprayed by a Mace pepper spray product.

Mace Pepper Spray for Your Self-Defense Store

The power of Mace jogging and fitness pepper spray is that it enables your customers to fend off attackers. That same power makes it possible for you to make good money as a self-defense and personal safety dealer. We hope you will seriously consider adding this product to your own self-defense store.

Whether you have a small shop on Main Street or a storefront in a local strip mall, you already offer self-defense products like stun guns and telescopic batons. You might even offer pepper spray products from other manufacturers. Now you need to add Mace brand pepper spray to your inventory.

Mace is a household name among people who have an affinity for self-defense. As one of the nation’s leading pepper spray brands, Mace sells because people know the name. Mace jogging and fitness pepper sprays will sell if you add them to your store.

Mace Pepper Spray at Exhibitions and Gun Shows

Maybe you don’t sell in a brick-and-mortar store. Perhaps your sales are primarily via gun shows and local exhibitions. If that’s the case, Mace jogging and fitness pepper spray is ideal for you. This is a product that does very well in the exhibition environment.

Gun show and exhibition visitors come out because they are looking for self-defense items. Most of them are looking for something they can easily deploy on a non-lethal basis. Pepper spray fits the bill. This product from Mace is especially attractive because it is so portable and simultaneously effective. Joggers see it and they can instantly envision themselves carrying it on the next run.

Any kind of exhibition for which personal safety is the main focus is an ideal opportunity to sell Mace jogging and fitness pepper sprays. When you buy in bulk from Safety Technology, you get the best possible prices for maximum profits. You may want to consider our gun show package in addition to your purchase of Mace jogging and fitness sprays.

Selling Jogging and Fitness Pepper Spray Online

Safety Technology offers a number of different ways to help you sell Mace jogging and fitness pepper spray online. The first opportunity that comes to mind is letting us build a website for you, a website that includes this particular product. You can use your website as a centerpiece for sales items stocked on your own site or, if you prefer, to take advantage of our dropshipping program. More on that later.

If you are confident in your own web-building skills, you can forgo our website and build one of your own. Start from scratch or use a content management system like WordPress or Magento!. You just need to include a shopping cart app to make it all work.

Still another option is to go the Amazon and eBay route. These two particular sites are the world’s most well-known online retail operations. There is a lot of competition on the sites, but you can sell Mace jogging and fitness spray nonetheless.

We Dropship Mace Jogging and Fitness Pepper Spray

We promised an explanation of our dropshipping service, so here it is: dropshipping combines your passion for selling with our infrastructure and shipping capabilities. We act as your warehouse and shipper while you concentrate on selling. You do not have to invest in warehousing, stock, or shipping supplies.

So how do products get from us to your customers? It’s simple. You go out and sell via home parties, online, or in any other way you see fit. Every customer order you receive prompts you to login to your Safety Technology seller account and order the same products from us. We ship the orders direct to your customers using the shipping information you send us. Packages go out with your name on, not ours.

Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to get established as an online retailer of personal safety and self-defense items. You can continue dropshipping as long as you like, or eventually expand into stocking your own items and shipping them yourself. In either case, you will get great wholesale pricing and full support from Safety Technology.

Start Selling Mace Jogging and Fitness Pepper Spray

You can get started as a Safety Technology dealer by completing our online application form. As long as you can provide the documentation we need to prove you have a legitimate business up and running, you can be ready to start selling Mace jogging and fitness pepper spray within 24 to 48 hours.

As a registered dealer, you will have access to the entire Safety Technology catalog, our full product list and pricing schedule, print- and web-ready graphics, product descriptions, and more. You will have everything you need to start selling, however you choose to sell. Plus, you can contact us for help and support whenever you need it.