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When you think of defensive sprays, you probably think of Mace®. Now you can buy at wholesale from Safety Technology and sell anyway you want. If you are like most people, you think of a debilitating spray that repels attackers with ease. That’s because the Mace brand is synonymous with self-defense sprays. To that end, you need to include Mace brand products in your inventory.

Mace is to self-defense sprays what Coca-Cola is to soft drinks. The brand is so popular and well-known that it has become a generic name for defense sprays. Yet the ubiquitous nature of the name does not retract from the quality Mace is known for. Mace brand products are as good today as they have ever been.

So where did Mace come from? Mace is a trademark owned by Mace Security International. The chemical we know as Mace was developed by a man named Alan Litman in 1965. Litman’s company, General Ordnance Equipment Corporation (GOEC) sold Chemical Mace at retail until 1987, when it was acquired by Smith & Wesson. Jon Goodrich eventually acquired the trademark and Smith & Wesson’s Lake Erie Chemical division, which he then renamed Mace Security International.

Despite decades of development within the non-lethal self-defense industry, little about Mace has changed in its 53 years. It is still one of the most potent non-lethal self-defense products on the market, capable of frightening away attackers just by showing them a bottle or dispenser with the Mace name on it.

Why We Sell Mace

We have chosen to sell Mace brand products because they set the industry standard all others follow. How could we not sell the one product that started it all more than five decades ago? Likewise, how could you not have it in your inventory? Hopefully you will change that today. We sell Mace because it is an excellent product; you should be selling it too.

Our line of Mace products includes pepper spray, and gel – and that’s just for starters. We have products uniquely designed for joggers and fitness enthusiasts. We have Mace models small enough to carry on a key chain and large enough to hold in your hand like a gun. It is not inappropriate to say that we have a Mace option for each and every one of your customers.

The best part about Mace is that it sells itself. People see the name and instantly equate it with high-quality self-defense. As such, Mace is a brand that can help you turn prospects into paying customers. Mace gives them a reason to buy non-lethal self-defense.

Buy Wholesale Mace Pepper Spray

Are you interested in the Mace brand but don’t know where to start? We might suggest you consider buying wholesale Mace 10% pepper spray. This is a good starting product to introduce people to the Mace brand and we offer several different models that come in easy-to-use dispensers.

Pick up a few of the hot pink purse and pocket models for the ladies. While you’re at it, pick up a handful of the hard case models as well. They come in multiple colors, so your customers will have plenty of choices to work with. The hard case model also includes a durable key chain clip for convenient access.

Remember that when you buy from us at wholesale, we leave you plenty of room to add a profitable markup and still be competitive. You can buy wholesale from us without having to worry that our prices are too high for you to make doing business worthwhile. We do not operate that way.

Wholesale Mace Pepper Gel

Non-lethal self-defense doesn’t have to be packaged as a spray to work. In fact, some of the best products from Mace are produced as gels. A pepper gel offers the advantage of being sticky and readily absorbed. The more a perpetrator tries to wipe the gel away, the more deeply it penetrates the skin.

Mace pepper gel is easily one of the most effective non-lethal self-defense products the company makes. And like everything else in our inventory, we sell multiple models. Check out the Magnum, a product that offers your customers 18 feet of accuracy and a flip-top safety cap.

The Magnum Distance is an even better option. It gives you all the effective stopping power of the regular Magnum product but with a range of up to 25 feet. With the Magnum Distance gel, your customer doesn’t need to be anywhere near an attacker to stop him dead in his tracks. While he’s trying to wipe the gel off his face, your customer will have plenty of time to make a hasty exit.

Wholesale Mace Pepper Guns

Some of your customers undoubtedly own firearms. For them, there is no better Mace product than the pepper gun. A Mace Pepper Gun is a pepper spray dispenser fashioned in the shape of a handgun. It fits nicely in a side holster, too.

The advantage of the pepper gun is accuracy. All Mace products boast very good accuracy, but a pepper gun offers additional accuracy for people used to firing handguns. It consists of a plastic gun and barrel into which a Mace pepper spray canister can be inserted. Should the need ever arise to use it, the customer simply draws, points in the direction of the attacker, and pulls the trigger.

Our wholesale Mace Pepper Guns are excellent products for gun shows. They fit in very well with the revolvers, pistols, and rifles on full display. And despite what you might think, gun owners are very receptive of pepper spray. They know that it is better to use non-lethal self-defense whenever possible.

We Want to Be Your Mace Supplier

Here at Safety Technology, we are fully aware that you have options for purchasing wholesale Mace products. We want to be your only supplier. As such, we are committed to offering all our dealers unparalleled customer service second to none. We are fully committed to helping each and every dealer succeed in any way we can.

It starts with our incredibly low wholesale prices. You can take advantage of those prices whether you decide to sell online, at flea markets and gun shows, through your own website, or any other means you decide is appropriate. Should you decide to buy in bulk, you will receive even better pricing as our way of thanking you for your investment. The larger the volume, the less you spend per piece.

We back up our wholesale pricing with a collection of important seller tools designed to help you build your business. Becoming a registered Safety Technology dealer gives you access to our print and web-ready graphics, full wholesale price list, and access to Safety Technology experts through our support department.

Products for Live Event Sales

Do you want to sell Mace brand products at live events – like gun shows and self-defense demonstrations? If so, you will be glad to know that we offer a number of different products uniquely suited for live sales. We offer a comprehensive gun show kit perfect for what you’re doing. You can sell Mace brand products alongside a complete inventory of pepper sprays, stun guns, tasers, and more.

Understand that Mace is perfect for live events because of its brand recognition. Your customers and prospects may not recognize some of the other brands you carry, but they will all recognize Mace. The brand is that powerful. Strategically place Mace brand products around your display and you can bet people will stop and take a look. Then you just engage them in conversation to complete the sale.

Use Mace to Start Your Own Business

Perhaps you are visiting our site today because you’re looking for a new business opportunity. Well, you’ve found it. You can purchase wholesale Mace products from us and use them as the foundation of a successful self-defense-based business. You have to start somewhere, so you might just as well choose a brand with the recognition Mace enjoys.

You can start your new venture by utilizing our dropshipping service. Safety Technology is the largest dropshipper of non-lethal self-defense items in the U.S. No one dropships more. You benefit by being able to start a new business without having to invest in a ton of inventory. You go out and sell while leaving the stock and shipping to us.

Need a website? We have that covered too. We have 40 self-defense website designs ready and waiting to go. We can get you set up in no time at all, so you can go out and start selling Mace products both online and in person. You can continue to use us as a dropshipper or order your own stock as your business grows. It is entirely up to you.

Mace started it all over five decades ago. They are still going strong today because people trust the name. If you are not yet selling Mace, now is the time to change that. Become a Safety Technology dealer today and place your first order for Mace. You will not be sorry.