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Wholesale Mace KeyGuard

Mini Key Chain Pepper Spray

You can get the Mace Keyguard model from Safety Technology at wholesale. Mace is one of the first names in non-lethal self-defense. It is a brand name that conjures up images of squirting attackers in the face with a debilitating spray that leads them to run and scream in pain. Safety Technology is proud to carry a selection of Mace brand products, including their pepper spray Keyguards. We encourage you to consider adding them to your online or brick-and-mortar store.

A Little Bit of Mace History

We want you to fully understand the power behind the Mace name before you start selling Mace Keyguards. As you know, the Mace brand has become a generic trademark in much the same way the Coke trademark is now used to reference any cola brand. It hasn’t always been this way, though.

The original Mace was a brand name assigned to an early version of a non-lethal self-defense spray invented in the mid-1960s. It was a formula consisting of dissolved tear gas and hydrocarbon solvents in an aerosol spray. The product proved so successful that Mace became the primary non-lethal self-defense spray used by police departments around the country.

The company behind Mace eventually sold to Smith & Wesson, who turned around and sold it to Jon E. Goodrich. That sale eventually led to Mace Security International, the company that now owns the Mace brand.

The takeaway is that the Mace brand has been around for over 50 years. It is a household name among personal safety and self-defense enthusiasts who believe in taking necessary steps to protect themselves and their families. You can trust the Mace brand for high-quality products that will more than satisfy your customers.

Sell Mace Keyguards

Now that you know a little bit about the history of Mace, you should be ready to seriously consider selling Mace Keyguards. This product would make an excellent addition to your retail operation. And if you are not yet in business, Mace Keyguards are an excellent choice to start with.

A Mace baton is a small, hand-held pepper spray dispenser that looks and feels like a small flashlight. It has a small push button trigger on the end, making it easy to hold the baton horizontally while directing the pepper spray into the face of an attacker. The Mace baton is small enough to be carried in a pocket or purse and easy enough to use for just about anyone.

The Mace Keyguard is also a small, hand-held spray dispenser that doubles as a key chain. Rather than being held in a horizontal position and dispensed from the back, it is designed to be held vertically with the keys hanging down. The user flips the top with the thumb and then presses the button to spray. It is very simple. Anyone who can use a spray bottle of perfume can easily use the Mace Keyguard.

You can sell Mace Keyguards to customers looking for non-lethal self-defense in a small, easily concealed unit. Each of our Mace products comes in a colorful, attractive package that does a lot of the sales work for you.

Buy Mace Keyguards at Wholesale Prices

The secret to selling at a decent profit is working with a wholesaler that offers excellent pricing. Safety Technology is that wholesaler. You can buy Mace Keyguards at wholesale prices low enough to leave you plenty of room for profit once you become a Safety Technology dealer. And to do that, you need only fill out our dealer application and provide us with the appropriate documentation.

Our wholesale prices are intended to stay low enough to help you succeed as a dealer. We could charge higher prices, but then we would have a harder time attracting dealers looking to get into the self-defense business. We don’t want that. Our business depends on attracting as many dealers as we can find. We only succeed if they do. Therefore, it is our advantage to keep our wholesale prices in check.

You will get access to our entire wholesale price list once you become a Safety Technology dealer. But that’s not all. When you join us, you’ll also have access to our complete color catalog, print- and web-ready graphics, and the full support of the Safety Technology staff.

You should know that we are the top-selling personal safety and self-defense drop shipper in America. Our combination of great wholesale pricing and no additional drop shipping fees makes us your best choice for selling Mace Keyguards.

Dropship Mace Brand Products

At this point, an explanation of our dropshipping model is in order. Dropshipping is hot right now because it is a fantastic way to start your own business without needing a significant financial investment. Where you might need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in stock for a brick-and-mortar store, you can start a dropshipping business by listing products on eBay and Amazon.

The dropshipping model relies on us to maintain stock and fill orders. That means you can invest all your time and resources in online marketing. How you choose to do that is entirely up to you. At any rate, you place orders with us as your customers order from you. Every order we receive is shipped directly to your customer in packaging bearing your name.

How do you make money dropshipping? By charging a retail price high enough to cover our wholesale price, the cost of shipping and packaging, and your profit. And because you are not investing time and resources in shipping, you have more time to devote to selling.

Dropshipping represents one of the best opportunities for selling online. You can sell exclusively online or combine an online store with in-person sales. It is entirely up to you.

Where to Sell Mace Keyguards in Person

Many of our dealers get started as online sellers only to branch out into in-person sales. Point-of-sale (POS) operations cover the gamut from Main Street shops to mall kiosks and gun shows. Any place where people gather in large numbers is a place worth considering as a sales location.

If you plan to open a brick-and-mortar store, consider this: we sell Mace Keyguards at even lower wholesale prices for bulk buyers. Buy 1,000 or more of any product, and you will get the best possible pricing we can offer. It is our way of thanking brick-and-mortar retailers for stocking their stores with our products.

Don’t worry; you do not have to buy in bulk to make money with Mace Keyguards. Our wholesale pricing on non-bulk purchases is still low enough to leave you plenty of room for profit.

Sell Mace Brand Products at Home Parties

We love the previously mentioned gun shows as a venue for selling Mace Keyguards. Some of our dealers are firearms dealers who have also chosen to sell non-lethal self-defense products. Having said that, there is another venue we find almost as attractive as gun shows: home-based parties.

Believe it or not, we have a few power dealers that started out selling at home-based parties. They downloaded our color catalog, contacted friends and family members to organize parties, and passed the catalog around. The products sold themselves.

Home parties represent a wonderful way to get started because it put you in direct contact with the customers who will buy from you. You are there to talk to them about the need for non-lethal self-defense; you can explain how a self-defense spray works; you can show them all their options before they make a purchase decision.

Let’s Get Started Today

Safety Technology is here to provide you with the Mace Keyguards you need to get going as a personal safety and self-defense retailer. So let’s get started today.

Just fill out a dealer application and wait for our e-mail to arrive shortly after submission. You will receive further instructions about submitting the documentation we need. Once you submit that documentation, you’ll be ready to go.

Sell online by building your website, letting us build a site for you, or listing products on Amazon and eBay. You can sell online by utilizing our dropshipping method or with a standard shopping cart set-up where you handle your stocking and shipping. Whatever works best for you is fine with us.

If you are so inclined, buy products in bulk and start selling them at flea markets, gun shows, etc. No matter how you decide to sell, Safety Technology will provide you with low wholesale pricing and the full support of our dedicated staff.

We are here to help you succeed as a Safety Technology retailer. We have the products and pricing; you have the drive, commitment, and passion for making it all work. If we join forces, we can build a personal safety and self-defense business you will be proud to own and operate.