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Spray is not the only form pepper-based self-defense comes in. There are also gels – like the Mace 10% pepper gel which Safety Technology wholesales. Mace has been selling their sprays, gels, and foams for more than four decades. You should sell them too.

The Power of Pepper Gel

Pepper gel is a self-defense weapon that is both effective and safe, but non-lethal. Your customer sprays the gel into the face of an attacker and the fun begins. That attacker will instantly start feeling the effects of a 10% pepper formula that pains the skin, swells the mucous membranes and eyes, and makes it difficult to breathe.

It doesn’t take much pepper gel to render an attacker unable to continue. Here’s the dirty little secret: an attacker will try to wipe away any gel that makes contact with the skin. But wiping and rubbing only encourages Mace pepper gel to penetrate more deeply into the skin. And because gel is so sticky, the attacker only makes things worse by rubbing. The more he or she rubs, the more painful it gets.

As a non-lethal self-defense weapon, Mace pepper gel will not cause any long-term injury. It also does not pose a significant health risk to attackers. Rather, it disables long enough for a person to make an escape. By the way, that’s what non-lethal self-defense is all about. It stops attackers dead in their tracks so victims can get away.

Marketing Mace Pepper Gel

One of the wonderful things about the Mace brand is that it virtually sells itself. As a retailer, your job is simply to introduce your customers to this excellent product. That’s where marketing comes in. How you present Mace pepper gel will partially determine how well it sells.

We recommend marketing from a non-lethal self-defense standpoint. In other words, find a way to communicate to your customers how non-lethal self-defense can protect them without forcing them to use a more lethal means. Customers appreciate that. They are more likely to consider a self-defense product if they know that it is both non-lethal and unlikely to cause permanent injury or health problems.

You can sell mace pepper gel on its own or market it in conjunction with any of the other products Safety Technology sells. We recommend the latter. What’s more, we sell Mace pepper gel at wholesale prices low enough to make generating profits fairly easy. You just add your own markup to our wholesale prices. Your markup covers your costs and puts profit in your pocket.

Set Your Own Margin for Mace Pepper Gel

There is no specific amount of markup to apply to our wholesale prices. You set your retail price based on whatever margin you want to make. If you are not familiar with retail sales, margin simply represents a total percentage of the retail sales price that you want to pocket as gross profit.

Let’s keep numbers simple to help you better understand. Let us say you purchase a product from us at $7.50 and sell it at $10. After all your expenses are paid, you clear $1.00, or 10% of the total retail price. Your margin is 10%.

Making money in retail starts by determining what kind of margin you can reasonably expect to make. Then you price your products accordingly. Your retail price on Mace pepper gel would cover the wholesale price you pay, any shipping and handling charges, and any other expenses you incur by doing business. Whatever is left over becomes your gross profit.

Make Good Money on Mace Pepper Gel

Having to think about retail prices and margins may be a little bit scary if you are new to the retail game. Well, have no fear; it’s not as hard as you might think. If you start out by dropshipping with Safety Technology, it is even easier.

You can make good money on Mace pepper gel by taking advantage of our proven dropshipping model. By the way, Safety Technology is America’s biggest dropshipper of personal safety and non-lethal self-defense products. Our dealers enjoy industry-leading dropshipping service with no extra fees added.

As your dropshipper, we handle all the packaging and shipping for you. You can sell to your customers online or via home-based parties simply by downloading our full-color catalog and using the information contained therein to sell. Your customers order from you at retail prices; you turn around and order from us at wholesale prices.

You pay for shipping and handling straight up. In other words, you pay what we pay for both shipping service and the packing materials. We do not add a markup to shipping and handling. This affords you an even greater opportunity to make good money on Mace pepper gel.

Sell Mace Pepper Gel However You Want

Bear in mind that you are not required to sell Mace pepper gel using our dropshipping program. You are free to stock our products and sell them however you want to. Just be sure to know the laws governing pepper spray products in your state. Pepper spray is legal to both possess and sell in most states, but not every state. Be sure to follow the ‘Pepper Spray Laws’ link here on our website to learn what states you cannot sell in.

Once you know where you stand, you can decide the best way for you to sell mace pepper gel. You might be the kind of person who likes the experience of gun shows and self-defense demonstrations. If so, you will be thrilled to know that such exhibitions are a virtual gold mine for pepper spray.

You attend an exhibition as a vendor. You pay for a table, man that table for the duration of the show, and sell you products to any and all customers who want them. Such a direct-to-customer method is a great way to engage with people who might be interested in more than just pepper spray. You can sell them stun guns, Tasers, or any of the other products in our inventory.

We Offer Great Wholesale Pricing

Whether you decide to sell online or through a more traditional retail setting, know this: Safety Technology specializes in offering Mace pepper gel and other personal safety products at great wholesale prices. Our pricing is designed to be low enough to give you plenty of room to cover your own expenses and make a good profit.

If you decide to stock Safety Technology products instead of dropshipping, you should also know that we offer even better pricing if you buy in bulk. That’s right, buy items in large quantities and you’ll pay even less. Don’t worry if you can’t buy in bulk, though; our standard wholesale pricing is still quite competitive.

With our wholesale pricing you get access to a complete range of marketing and sales materials to help your business succeed. For example, Safety Technology dealers have access to our full-color catalog complete with pictures and descriptions of every product. We provide both print- and web-ready graphics to make your marketing efforts more productive.

As soon as you complete the registration process as a Safety Technology dealer, you will have access to all our marketing materials. In addition to our catalog and graphics, you will have access to our complete 2018 product listing and pricing. If you have any questions about how to succeed as a personal safety retailer, you need only contact us. We provide great customer service right alongside everything else our dealers get.

Sell Mace Pepper Gel on Your Own Website

Some of our dealers prefer to sell primarily online. That’s great. A lot of them are e-commerce veterans capable of setting up their own websites. Others are not. If you are new to online retail, we have you covered with a website program. In other words, we will build a website for you based on 40 designs you can choose from. Plus, we teach you how to be successful with your new website.

Letting us build your website means getting the experience and reputation that Safety Technology is known for. Listen, we have been in this business for decades. We know how to sell both in person and online. When we build a website for you, it will be a website that works.

You can sell online with our website or one you build on your own.

eBay and Amazon are also good choices for online selling. Just know that both sites may have restrictions in place on certain kinds of non-lethal self-defense products. Be sure to check their rules before you try to sell through those sites.

Mace pepper gel is definitely a product to add to your personal safety and self-defense inventory. If you are just getting started, the Mace brand is a great brand to launch your retail operation with.

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