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We love the Mace brand, and especially the Pepper Guns, which Safety Technology sells at wholesale. Mace pepper guns are a splendid example of Mace innovation. They were the first company to make self-defense spray commercially available to the general public, and they continue to be an industry leader. We hope you will consider adding them to your inventory.

Innovative Pepper Gun Technology

Any product bearing the Mace name is going to be a good product. So what makes Mace pepper guns so outstanding? The trademarked Bag-in-a-Can™ technology they employ. It is amazing stuff. Rather than holding a small canister in your hand and pressing the trigger with your thumb or finger, this product is contained in a device fashioned after a standard pistol.

The Mace pepper spray comes in a soft sided container that fits nicely into the barrel of the weapon. You hold the pepper gun just as if you were holding a pistol. In the event of an attack, you aim the pistol and pulled the trigger. Your attacker will face an incapacitating stream of hot pepper that will burn, cause watery eyes, and make it difficult to breathe.

Now, here’s where things get truly awesome. You have to hold an aerosol canister of pepper spray upright in order to get an effective, continuous stream. That is not the case with the Mace pepper gun. Bag-in-a-Can™ technology makes it possible to fire a continuous stream at any angle – even upside down. That makes the Mace pepper gun the perfect pepper spray product for people who are worried about accuracy.

The other thing to consider is that loading pepper spray into a gun-shaped container makes for more natural retrieval and deployment. It is a lot easier to grab a pistol from a holster on your hip than fumble through a purse or messenger bag. With one seamless motion you can retrieve the Mace Pepper gun, aim it, and pull the trigger.

Mace Pepper Guns Sell Themselves

We absolutely love Mace Pepper guns from a self-defense standpoint because of their highly effective design. We love them from a retail standpoint because they really sell themselves.

For right or wrong, Americans have a fascination for firearms like no other nation in the world. Even people who would never carry a firearm for self-defense are still fascinated by them. That’s why sports like paintball and air soft are so popular. Mace pepper guns sell themselves because they combine non-lethal self-defense with America’s fascination for guns.

Just picture yourself walking through a gun show. One vendor is selling Mace 10% pepper spray in small canisters, another has a full display of Mace pepper guns. The pepper spray is identical between the two products as both bear the Mace name. Which one would you choose?

Do not misunderstand; we sell other Mace pepper sprays as well as three different kinds of Mace pepper guns at wholesale prices. To sweeten the deal, we also sell holsters and pepper gun refills. Offer all three and you are going to do well.

Buy Mace Pepper Guns at Wholesale Prices

By now you might be thinking there has to be some kind of catch. After all, how easy can it really be to sell Mace pepper guns? There is no catch, we promise you. We have been in the personal safety and self-defense business for more than 20 years. We know what sells and who buys it. And we can tell you that these Pepper guns sell.

You buy Mace pepper guns at wholesale prices from Safety Technology. You then mark up the price to cover your expenses and put a little extra in your pocket. Whatever price you settle on is your retail price. You can set a price similar to what your competitors are charging in order to make the maximum amount of profit per piece. Alternatively, you could slightly undercut the competition and make your money on volume.

The key to making all this work is our wholesale pricing. As a wholesaler, Safety Technology is committed to keeping our prices as low as we possibly can while still sustaining our business. To us, it is a pretty simple formula. We rely on our dealers to keep our business going. Therefore, it would be foolish for us to gouge them on price. Keeping our prices as low as possible helps both Safety Technology and our dealers prosper. That is what it’s all about.

Build Your Business around the Mace Brand

Safety Technology carries literally hundreds of products ranging from pepper spray to hidden cameras and complete surveillance systems. You can sell as many or as few of our products as you like. If you are just getting started, you might even consider building your business around the Mace brand.

How would you do that? By starting with Mace pepper guns and similar pepper spray products. Then add to your inventory additional items you think customers would want. Maybe add a few stun guns, some telescopic steel batons, and perhaps a tactical pen and a personal alarm. Then just start selling and paying attention to what customers purchase. They will let you know soon enough what they want.

Selling our products is not hard. We live in a world in which people are increasingly concerned about their own security. They are looking for ways to protect themselves without having to carry lethal weapons. Mace Pepper guns certainly fit the bill.

Build Your Business with Our Help

Offering you Mace Pepper guns at wholesale prices is not just a way for us to make money. What we are offering you is an opportunity to build a business you can be proud of – with our help along the way. We help you by acting as your wholesale supplier and, if you choose, your dropshipper. You will get our outstanding customer support and many of the materials you need to start selling when you become a Safety Technology dealer.

Becoming a dealer gives you access to our full color catalog. You can use that catalog to sell Mace pepper guns and our other products at home parties, at your office, to your friends at the gym, and so forth. Becoming a dealer also gives you access to our complete product list and pricing, along with some of the best wholesale prices in the business. You’ll get even better pricing if you purchase from us in bulk.

Now, before you panic, don’t think you have to invest thousands of dollars in your new business to get started. We understand that is not possible for everyone. For business owners in a limited cash position, we have developed our dropshipping program. It is a program that allows new dealers to start selling right away without a significant investment in overhead.

Dropshipping gets its name from the concept of a package delivery driver dropping a parcel at your front door. As your dropshipper, that is essentially what we do. The products you sell go directly from our warehouse to your customers with no middleman in between. Your customer orders from you, you order from us, and we make sure the delivery is completed.

Do you see how dropshipping can get you started without an investment in overhead? We take care of both stocking and shipping for you. And we don’t charge you for it, either. You pay the same wholesale price whether you drop ship or stock your own storage area. As for shipping and packaging, you pay exactly what we pay. We do not add any additional fees for our dropshipping service.

Go Find Your Market for Mace Pepper Guns

Whether you choose to sell via dropshipping or by stocking your own warehouse, you are going to need to go out and find your market. When it comes to Mace pepper guns, the market is just waiting to be tapped. We suggest starting with home parties. Download our catalog and share it with your friends. You’re going to be surprised by how many orders you receive.

From there we recommend things like flea markets, gun shows, and local community events. Anywhere organizers are looking for vendors to fill space is an excellent location for personal safety and self-defense items.

If you’re up for it, you can buy products from us in bulk and open a full-fledged retail operation. Strip malls and mall kiosks are great places to sell. You just need a location with heavy traffic and enough space to let you fully engage with your customers.

Are you looking to sell Mace pepper guns online? Yes, you can do that too. There are lots of avenues for online selling including eBay, Amazon, online classifieds, your own website. If you are feeling especially adventurous, you can combine both online and traditional retail together. You’ll maximize your sales opportunities, that’s for sure.

The Mace brand is one of the most well-known brands in non-lethal self-defense. We hope you will seriously consider selling Mace pepper guns alongside a complete inventory of personal safety and self-defense products. There is no doubt Mace sells.