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Why You Should Sell Personal Protection Products

For over 30 years people have been asking me why they should buy personal protection products.

This answer is deceptively simple.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Your first priority is to know how to protect yourself, and your second priority is to teach that skill to every member of your family. You don’t have to be a gym gorilla or an NFL lineman to do the job. In fact, those guys would only win a small percentage of battles with street punks.

The key to self defense is to walk softly and carry a powerful tool.

It’s just like poker in a way. You never, ever, want to show your hand unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you were carrying a mini stun stun gun, like the Slider Stun Gun, you can take down a big punk in seconds, probably before he even realized what hit him. You see, you can hide, or palm, one of these tools in your hand, and no one would even notice.

You can wear them on your belt, and everyone will assume it’s a pager, or phone. I’ve been wearing The Runt since it came in the door, and no one has ever asked me what it was because they have already made an assumption about what it is. That’s a big advantage in a bad situation.

The same rules apply to pepper spray, and especially to the new pistol gripped Wildfire pepper sprays. For people in cash businesses, you treat it like it’s a cleaning product. You set a bottle of Windex and some other generic cleaner in plain site, along with the Wildfire. The Wildfire is a cleaner; it will clean a gaggle of punks, and have them red faced and ready for the meat wagon the police bring.

Personal protection is important, and if you have kids going off to college they need tools badly. Each and every year kids disappear days after starting college. If those kids had been taught to carry and use simple tools they would still be here today.

I think that if some of those kids at Virginia Tech had been carrying pepper spray, that mentally deranged freak that shot them would be in jail awaiting execution, and there might not be any dead. I could be wrong here, but the point is that nobody was prepared.

And I’m thinking, how many will be prepared this year?

How many parents will send their kids off into the world this fall without a clue as to how to defend themselves?

You can bet that didn’t happen 200 years ago.

Somebody once said you can never be too rich or too thin.

I say you can never have too many personal protection tools.

Being rich and thin certainly won’t save your life.

And saying you woulda purchased them, shoulda purchased them, or coulda purchased them won’t cut it.

If you’re prepared, you won’t be surprised.