GREED! A Powerful Marketing Technique

I wanted to share a sales techniques I learned many years ago. I seldom use it, but whenever I do use it, it works!

Let me give you a specific example of how I once used it.

Back in 2011, I sent out an email letting everyone know about the new inert pepper sprays. In the email, I gave the model numbers and wholesale prices.

When distributors went to the wholesale order site, they discovered that the prices were a lot lower than the prices I sent in the email.

Now this is where a basic human emotion comes into play…GREED.

Now, I’m not telling you this to insult you or make you feel bad about yourself. But, greed is a basic emotion that marketers need to understand and know how to use in their marketing.

I originally was going to introduce the inert practice sprays by adding them to the sale that was going on. But, I thought it would be a good time to show you the power of this technique.

So, instead of putting them on sale, I put the lower prices up but did not say they were on sale. When distributors saw the prices in the email I sent, then saw the lower prices on the order website, they bought and bought a lot. They bought more than they would have normally because they wanted to take advantage of the lower prices before I discovered the “mistake.”

I sent the email out to over 7,000 distributors. Only one sent me an email letting me know that the prices on the wholesale order site were lower than the prices in the email I sent. They wanted to know if the prices in the email were right or were the prices on the wholesale order site correct?

Now, here’s how you can use this. And you should use it because it works.

To introduce a new product, send an email to your list with a brief description of the product and what the price is. But, on your website, put a lower price. For instance, tell them in the email that the price for the product is $10.00, but on your website, put the price at $7.00. People will think you made a mistake on the price on your website and will buy and buy a lot.

You can do this with an existing products, also. Maybe you can announce a sale price for a product as $10.00 and when your customers go to the web page, they see the price of $7.00. I guarantee this will increase sales.

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