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Wholesaling Pepper spray

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What you must first understand about wholesale pepper spray products is what makes them effective. Most manufacturers use Scoville Heat Units (SHU) to indicate the strength of their spray. However, when you buy raw pepper you can buy it at any SHU you want.

For instance, one competitor says his spray use 5.3 million SHU of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) resin. Read further, and he states he has a 2% formula.  His pepper product’s formula has 2% X 5.3 million or 106,000 SHU.

Another states, “We add a small amount of pure capsaicin (well over 5,000,000 SHU) to boost our CHR to over 230,000.” If you do the math (230,000/5,000,000), you get 4.6% of OC in their formula.

A popular manufacturer states they use 2,000,000 SHU raw pepper and 18% in their formula. They don’t state the SHUs of the formula, only the percentage. That means their formula should be around 360,000 SHU. However, when independently tested by CHROMTEC, LLC, the results were only 175,000 SHU.

Then there’s the manufacturer that says his is 18%, but doesn’t tell you 18% of what.  I assume he feels the less said the better.  His sprays tested out at 87,000 SHU.Another gives no information.  Not percentage, not SHUs, nothing.  Yet, people still buy them. I guess because they are so cheap…the sprays and the people buying them.

The point is that it can be very confusing when trying to decide what pepper spray is best for you to sell. You want to be proud of what you offer your customers. You want to know that it will do what it says it will do.

OK, you ready to find out what really makes pepper spray so effective?  Its not the SHU…

It’s the Major Capsaicinoids!

Listen below for correct pronunciation

Here’s a simple definition of Major Capsaicinoids:

Major Capsaicinoids (MC) are the chemical components of peppers that make them hot. Measuring by MC is a laboratory conducted and very accurate test for gauging hotness. Oleoresin Capsicum is the oil extracted that contains within it the Major Capsaciniods.

Now that you have this knowledge, make sure your customers understand what really makes pepper spray effective. And, the only number that has any real significance is the percentage of MC in the ingredients.

To get you started, our brands, Pepper Shot and Wildfire, have been tested for MC. Not many have. We went to great expense to purchase the best raw material we could so you could have the hottest spray to sell.

Our sprays are equal to or better than the major brands out there: Mace, Fox Labs and Sabre.

Pepper Shot is 1.2% and Wildfire is 1.4%. This makes Wildfire the most effective spray you or your customers can buy.

I know this seems to be a small percentage, but the FDA has said that 2% MC can cause permanent eye damage.

We don’t want that. That’s why you shouldn’t use bear spray on a person.

Of course, there will be brands trying to fool the buying public. Here’s an example of one well known company doing this.

They show the raw measurements on the packaging but not what’s actually in the final spray they are selling. This is very misleading.

Using their own numbers of raw pepper at 5,300,000 SHU and Major Capsaicinoids at 35% and formula using 2% of the raw, then the MC would only be 0.7% — half of what Wildfire is.

Now, you have the knowledge to explain pepper effectiveness and strength and counter any misleading claims.  If you are at a gun show, flea market or trade show, you know what to tell your customers to look for. You can now educate them.

We Drop Ship

Safety Technology products to Authorized Dealers who resell at great profit. Pepper spray can be an invaluable personal safety item to anyone who is out and about. Moreover, it’s use for personal defense is legal in all 50 states. Its ease-of-use and general acceptance makes it an ideal product for self-defense retailers like you, retailers who can make a good profit if they are willing to sell them alongside other personal safety items.

Drop Shipper

Our business model is based on the concept of dropshipping. We like to explain it this way: we sell the wholesale pepper spray, the retailer, without actually shipping it to you for stocking in your warehouse. Rather, we wait until one of your retail customers places an order. You order directly from us on behalf of the customer; we ship the product directly to them in packaging that bears your name. You pay us the wholesale price while your customer pays you the retail price.

The primary benefit of the dropship model is that you do not invest money in overhead. You don’t have to buy stock, rent warehouse space, hire staff to handle shipping and receiving, or any of that. All you do is sell at retail prices through whatever means you see fit. We take care of everything else.

This business model essentially makes us a dropshipper. We can ship to every state that does not have shipping restrictions in place. Please note there are a few states, like New York, that we cannot ship to. You can learn all about state restrictions by visiting our laws and restrictions page.

As long as you don’t live in one of those restricted states, you can sell at retail and get it through us at wholesale. Selling personal safety items can be either a dynamic side gig or, with some time and marketing effort on your part, a full-time business.

Among the many benefits of working with Safety Technology though is the fact that we are the source and our reputation is important. When you buy from us, you can do so with the confidence that you are getting high-quality and effective products.

Safety Technology is the manufacturer of Wildfire and Pepper Shot. To present them more professionally, we also offer colorful, attractive displays for use on retail counters or gun show display tables. You’d be surprised what a difference these displays make; they really sell themselves.

Sell Wildfire, Pepper Shot, and Mace Brands

Whether you use a retail display or sell completely online, the Wildfire, Pepper Shot, and Mace brands sell very well on their own. They are the brands customers most trust for adequate personal protection. In fact, Wildfire is known throughout the industry as one of the most popular brands due to its strength. Lab tests have shown Wildfire to be the strongest spray currently on the market.

Carrying these top three brands should also boost your reputation as a retailer. The ‘big three’ tell your customers that you care enough to give them access to quality. Wildfire, Pepper Shot, and Mace brand wholesale pepper spray products will effectively drive customers to you.

Another aspect of marketing to consider is visual appeal. If you don’t think visual appeal is important, just stop and ask yourself how much money corporations put into packaging. A lot goes into packaging because visual appeal sells.

In the arena of self defense products, the concept of ‘bling’ does make a difference. Consider the Silver Rhinestone version of the Exquisite pepper sprays. This powerful self defense product is contained in a silver, rhinestone case that easily fits in a purse. The rhinestone design is not only attractive, but it also prevents others from immediately recognizing what it is. This gives the owner an advantage should she ever have to use it.

If you think the bling rhinestone is cool, how about one designed to look like lipstick? That’s right, Safety Technology sells lipstick pepper sprays as well. This is a product built into what appears to be in lipstick applicator. It is an ideal personal safety device for women.

Any woman uncomfortable with a man who seems to be getting too close can casually reach into her purse and grab her ‘lipstick’. If necessary, she can quickly remove the cap and spray the offender in the face. He won’t know what’s coming. He will be looking at what he thinks is lipstick only to find out it’s not.

Buy In Bulk

You can make good money selling online, at flea markets, at gun shows, or anywhere else you decide there is a viable market. We can help you as your supplier. Being a wholesaler affords us the opportunity to offer you the best possible prices along with a convenient dropshipping model.

If your business model includes selling at live events like gun shows and flea markets, you’ll be happy to know that you can buy in bulk from us as well. You don’t necessarily have to go the drop ship route if you don’t want to. Then again, you can do both – you can buy bulk product for in-person sales and still use a website for dropshipping. We make it as easy as possible.

Safety Technology is all about personal safety and self-defense. If you share our passion for keeping people safe, now is the time to start selling. You can sell pepper on its own or in conjunction with the other personal safety products we carry. If you are a gun dealer or retailer of personal safety products, why not add our sprays to your existing inventory?