Gun Show Package

Below is the replay of the group call we had on Making Money At Gun Shows, Flea Markets and Trade Shows

You can listen to the call online by clicking the yellow button below, or you can download the MP3 to listen on your computer, on your Pod or MP3 player or burn a CD.

The call is almost 2 hours long…a lot of great information for selling at gun shows, flea markets, trade shows.

I’ve listed directories of flea markets, gun shows and trade shows below.
You can find what’s going on in your area.


Just click on the State you plan on doing a show in and it will show you a listing of the shows by city and the dates of the show. Most of these listings are links to the promoter’s web page. Click on the link and contact the promoter via email or phone call and let them know what show you are interested in doing and give them a deposit to reserve your tables. Make sure to plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute to reserve tables. These shows fill up fast so make sure you reserve your tables early.

You can Google search to find other trade shows in your area as well.

Woman Shows, Home and Patio shows, general merchandise shows, are all legitimate searches and will help you find shows in your area.

Below is the Special Start Up Package we created for you with a big discount and FREE Shipping.

Safety Technology wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get started selling at gun shows, flea markets, swap meets and trade shows.

To do that, we’ve answered the #1 question we get…“What products should I start with?”

Below, we’ve put together a start up package based on years experience with gun shows, flea markets and trade shows PLUS a ONE TIME ONLY discounted price. You will see the products we recommend you start with and the quantities. We’ve also given you your wholesale cost and the suggested retail.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to order the Gun Show Package

1DS-BOOKBook Diversion Safe$8.12$19.00$8.12$19.00
1DS-COFFEEMaxwell House Coffee$17.91$27.95$17.91$27.95
1DS-COKECoca-Cola Can Safe$3.86$10.00$3.86$10.00
1DS-WALLWall Socket Diversion Safe$2.61$10.00$2.61$10.00
1D-WF-LH-MIXEDWildfire Display 12 1/2oz Leatherette Mixed$42.60$144.00$42.60$144.00
1ST-STUNPEN-BBlack Stun Pen$9.75$19.95$9.75$19.95
1ST-STUNPEN-SSilver Stun Pen$9.75$19.95$9.75$19.95
3HA-1Heart Attack Key Chain$1.21$4.95$3.63$14.85
4PAL-120-BLKMini Personal Alarm LED flashlight – Black$3.40$5.95$13.60$23.80
4PAL-120-PINKMini Personal Alarm LED flashlight – Pink$3.40$5.95$13.60$23.80
4RUNT-BLACKRunt stun gun – Black$8.73$25.00$34.92$100.00
3RUNT-PINKRunt stun gun – Pink$8.73$25.00$26.19$75.00
3RUNT-PURPLERunt stun gun – Purple$8.73$25.00$26.19$75.00
2SM-BADASSBad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight$18.21$49.95$36.42$99.90
2SM-LIPSTICK-BLipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight – Black$9.14$17.95$18.28$35.90
2SM-LIPSTICK-PLipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight – Pink$9.14$17.95$18.28$35.90
5ST-CCKNIFECredit Card Foldable Knife$1.03$4.95$5.15$24.75
2ST-MGSG-BLKMultiGuard Stun Gun – Black$11.45$24.95$22.90$49.90
2ST-MGSG-PINKMultiGuard Stun Gun – Pink$11.45$24.95$22.90$49.90
2ST-MGSG-PURMultiGuard Stun Gun – Purple$11.45$24.95$22.90$49.90
3ST-SDFLASH-MD1200 Lumen LED Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight$10.75$20.95$32.25$62.85
3TACPEN1-BTactical Black Twist Pen with Extra Refill$4.78$10.95$14.34$32.85
2ST-TALON-BLKTalon Stun Gun – Black$11.45$24.95$22.90$49.90
2ST-TALON-PKTalon Stun Gun – Pink$11.45$24.95$22.90$49.90
3TRIGGER-BLKTrigger Stun Gun – Black$9.13$20.00$27.39$60.00
3TRIGGER-PINKTrigger Stun Gun – Pink$9.13$20.00$27.39$60.00
3TRIGGER-PURTrigger Stun Gun – Purple$9.13$20.00$27.39$60.00
1TSB-21R21 inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton$7.86$19.95$7.86$19.95
1TSB-26R26 inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton$8.40$20.95$8.40$20.95
2WF-HC-BLKWildfire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray Hard Case – Black$3.02$10.00$6.04$20.00
2WF-HC-PINKWildfire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray Hard Case – Pink$3.02$10.00$6.04$20.00
2WF-R-PINKWildfire 1/2 oz with Rhinestone holster – Pink$3.40$11.00$6.80$22.00
72    $578.56$1,417.95

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