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Make sure you understand state and local restrictions on stun guns before you start offering them to your customers. Check out our quick guide to stun gun laws to learn more.

Buy Stun Guns In Bulk At Wholesale and Resell at Retail

Stun guns are in high demand as self-defense becomes more important. You can capitalize on this trend and tap into lucrative business opportunities by buying stun guns wholesale. You’ll find a variety of top brands and models to suit diverse customer needs. This will help ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Let’s discuss the benefits of wholesale stun guns. We’ll also examine the essential features to look for and the top brands to consider for wholesale purchase. Furthermore, we’ll look into drop shipping benefits for stun gun retailers. These benefits include higher profits with less upfront investment. So, let’s dive into the potential of wholesale stun guns for self-defense.

Safety Technology Wants To Be Your Source for Wholesale Stun Guns

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Key Takeaways

  • Wholesale stun guns provide retailers with a profitable business opportunity, offering customers reliable and affordable self-defense products.
  • Top brands of wholesale stun guns include Lilguy, Runt, Spike & more. Each providing unique features and benefits.
  • Drop shipping presents an attractive option to reduce overhead costs while increasing profit potential & scalability.

Wholesale Stun Guns: Benefits and Options

Wholesale stun guns are a lucrative business opportunity. They cater to a wide range of self-defense needs. There’s a stun gun to suit everyone, from compact and stylish to powerful and intimidating models. Buying wholesale allows retailers to sell these essential defense tools at a lower price. It also broadens their range to meet various customer needs.

Wholesale stun guns give retailers access to a broad range of models. These include everything from sleek cell phone stun guns to powerful stun batons. A diverse range appeals to different tastes and situations. It ensures an ideal match for each customer’s self-defense needs.

Affordability and Profitability

Our wholesale prices are allow our dealers to make good profit when reselling. Buying in bulk lets retailers enjoy significant discounts. This lowers costs and increases profit margins. As a result, customers can buy high-quality self-defense weapons at reduced prices. At the same time, businesses continue to make substantial profits.

Lower prices don’t equate to lower quality. Many wholesale stun guns are both inexpensive and reliable. They provide an ideal balance of cost and performance. A broad product range at reasonable prices encourages customer purchases. This improves your retail business.

Diverse Selection

Purchasing stun guns wholesale offers a broad selection of models to choose from. Each model caters to unique preferences and circumstances. For instance, consider the Runt purple stun gun with its potent electric shock. Then, there’s the inconspicuous cell phone stun gun that blends seamlessly. Let’s not overlook the powerful Master Blaster black stun gun or the distinctive Spike stun gun. Simply put, there’s a stun gun for everybody.

Dealers can provide their customers with a vast range of stun guns. This strategy ensures that every customer finds a self-defense tool that fits their requirements.

If you sell face-to-face, you can stock different models to cater to diverse preferences and situations. This approach guarantees customer satisfaction. It boosts repeat business and nurtures enduring loyalty.

Where To Sell Stun Guns

Online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon are popular platforms for selling. You might also consider local venues like gun shows or flea markets. These places typically draw self-defense enthusiasts and safety-conscious individuals, making them ideal for finding potential buyers.

Brick and mortar stores, such as gun shops, pawn shops, beauty salons, nail salons, tanning salons, and hardware stores, are other places you can sell to.

Finally, you could set up your own online store. This gives you complete control over your business. We’ll also handle drop shipping, so you won’t need to store any inventory.

Essential Features of Quality Stun Guns

When selecting the best stun guns for your retail business, it’s crucial to consider the essential features that define a quality self-defense tool. A top-notch stun gun should be easily concealed, allowing users to carry it discreetly and respond quickly during emergencies.

Weather resistance is another crucial factor, ensuring the stun gun remains operational under extreme conditions and is protected from corrosion and other damage.

Safety features are also paramount in a quality stun gun. A safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, a wrist strap for secure handling, and a loud police siren alarm for added security are all important considerations.

Some stun guns have a breakaway wrist strap that will disable the stun gun should it be removed by someone forcibly trying to take the stun gun from you.

An led bright flash light is another essential for your stun gun. Not only does it provide light when in dark environment, but can temporarily blind an assailant if shined in the eyes.

Prioritizing these vital features means you can provide your customers with dependable and efficient stun guns for their self-defense requirements.

Top Stun Gun Brands for Wholesale Purchase

There’s a wide variety of stun gun brands out there. It’s crucial to pinpoint the best ones for bulk buying. Every brand provides unique features and designs.

This ensures a broad selection for your customers. Partnering with trustworthy brands lets you offer high-quality stun guns. These can cater to various preferences and needs.

Checking out these brands will help you make a smart choice for your bulk purchase.


Lilguy stun guns may be small, but they’re powerful. They deliver a staggering 60 million volts. This makes them a potent tool for self-defense. Lilguy has a ten-year history of producing high-quality and reliable stun guns. They never compromise on power.

These stun guns are compact and well-crafted. Their top-notch construction ensures durability and long-term performance. For safety, they come with a switch and a wrist strap. These features guarantee secure handling and provide users with added security.

Lilguy stands out for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Retailers and customers alike love this brand. Whether you need a stun gun for personal use or to supply a store, Lilguy is a smart choice. Their products deliver a great mix of power, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


Runt stun guns are the most popular stun gun we sell.

They are small but powerful. They’re known for their quality and effectiveness in self-defense. Runt has become a preferred brand for bulk stun gun purchases. Retailers can stay competitive and earn high profit margins by buying in bulk from Runt.

Runt stun guns are compact, making them perfect for users wanting a discreet yet potent self-defense tool. They’re easy to carry and designed for fast action. This ensures that users can adequately protect themselves if an emergency occurs.


Spike stun guns are electroshock weapons with a unique design. They feature sharp spikes that can be used to strike, in addition to delivering a powerful electric shock. This design boosts grip and control, making self-defense easier.

Spike brand of stun guns are know for their excellence and dependability. They come in black, pink and purple and are offered at competitive wholesale prices. This makes Spike stun guns a prime choice for retailers looking to diversify their stun gun range.


Talon stun guns are modern and sleek, setting them apart from others in the market. They’re user-friendly, lightweight, and cost-effective. These stun guns come with a led flashlight, a safety switch, and a rechargeable battery.

This makes them functional and stylish. They’re perfect for those who want a stylish self-defense weapon. Plus, they have the added bonus of a bright led flashlight.


MultiGuard stun guns take self-defense to the next level by combining multiple defense tools in one device, including a stun gun flashlight. These stun guns offer powerful voltage and extended battery life, as well as a range of safety features such as safety switches and LED lights.

Wholesale purchases of MultiGuard stun guns provide retailers a cost-effective and reliable self-defense solution to offer their customers. With their myriad of features and top-notch performance, they make a great addition to any stun gun retailer’s stock. These stun guns aren’t just effective, they’re reliable too.


Slider stun guns are designed for discreetness and simplicity. They’re compact, easy to carry, and can slip into a pocket or purse effortlessly. This makes them a perfect pick for those wanting a low-key self-defense tool.

Despite their small size, these stun guns pack a powerful punch. They provide an effective self-defense method that blends easily with everyday items. They also come with a free nylon holster for easy carry.

Slider stun guns are competitively priced and come in various models. This makes them a favored choice for retailers wanting to offer discreet, easy-to-carry self-defense tools to their customers.


Trigger stun guns stand out due to their intuitive design. This makes them a top choice for those seeking a simple-to-use self-defense tool. They pack a high voltage and milliamp charge for powerful takedown ability.

This ensures you can defend yourself effectively in any situation. You can easily charge the stun gun by plugging it into a power source. This makes it handy to keep it powered and ready for use.


SAL (Stun Alarm Light) stun guns offer a reliable and user-friendly self-defense tool with features such as an integrated alarm and powerful flashlight. The alarm can deter potential attackers and the flashlight can disorient them in the dark.

Alongside a high-voltage shock feature, these compact and lightweight stun guns provide comprehensive self-defense solutions. SAL’s competitive wholesale prices make it a trusted brand in the market.


The Fang Keychain Stun Gun is a compact, lightweight self-defense tool, delivering 60 million volts of power. At only 3 inches long and 2oz in weight, it can be carried comfortably in a pocket, purse, or attached to a key ring.

It features a safety switch to prevent accidental shocks, a 100-Lumen flashlight, and an LED indicator for battery life. The device is rechargeable via a micro-USB cable.

Its efficient and effective function makes it a popular choice for those seeking a reliable self-defense weapon.

Master Blaster

Given the discounts on bulk purchases, Master Blaster stun guns stand as an excellent option for retailers eager to broaden their stun gun stock. The combination of high takedown power and compact design make Master Blaster stun guns a popular choice among customers seeking a potent and portable self-defense weapon.

The Master Blaster stun gun packs a punch in a compact 6.5-inch package. It’s designed for easy handling and portability, with a rubber-coated grip that fits comfortably in large hands. It’s small enough to carry in a purse or backpack and even includes a holster with a belt loop.

The Master Blaster’s power can deter attackers with just a test fire. Its bright electric current and loud sound can stop attackers in their tracks. If that doesn’t work, a jolt from this stun gun surely will.

This device doubles as a bright LED flashlight, eliminating the need for a separate one. It also has a disable pin feature for added safety. This pin is attached to a lanyard around your wrist and if the stun gun is taken, the pin pulls out, disabling the device.

The Master Blaster also has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. For it to work, three things must happen: the disable pin has to be in, the safety switch has to be on, and the activation button has to be pressed.

A rubber armor coating covers the device for added protection and ensures a secure grip. The Master Blaster 95,000,000 uses top-quality components and includes a lifetime warranty.

Retailers can enjoy bulk purchase discounts, making the Master Blaster a cost-effective addition to their stun gun inventory. Its high takedown power and compact size make it a popular choice for customers looking for a powerful yet portable self-defense weapon.

Stun Batons

Our stun batons are ideal for personal security. They’re non-lethal, making them perfect for self-defense. They’re designed with convenience in mind. This means they’re light, easy to handle, and simple to operate. They use high-voltage electricity to briefly stun an attacker, without causing long-term damage.

We offer a range of lengths and styles. This gives you extended reach, so you can protect yourself from a safe distance. Whether you’re a security pro, work alone on the night shift, or just value your safety, our stun batons are a solid option.

Disguised Stun Guns

Disguised stun guns have grown popular recently. They’re designed to look like common items – lipsticks, mobile phones, flashlights – but can deliver a non-lethal electric shock. Their main appeal is they offer security without attracting attention. They’re a discreet alternative for those not keen on carrying an obvious stun gun. However, it’s vital to understand and respect their potential power. They should be used responsibly and only for self-defense.

Here are some disguised stun guns we offer:


Lipstick stun guns are designed with women’s self-defense in mind, offering a discreet and stylish solution for personal protection. These stun guns are designed to look like everyday items, such as lipstick or keychains, allowing users to easily conceal their self-defense weapon.

Acquiring Lipstick stun guns in bulk enables retailers to serve the expanding market of women in search of unobtrusive self-defense options. With competitive pricing and a range of stylish designs, Lipstick stun guns are an appealing choice for customers who value both form and function in their self-defense tools.

Cell Phone

Cell Phone stun guns mimic everyday items, like cell phones. This makes them a discreet, hard-to-detect self-defense tool. Retailers can buy these stun guns wholesale. This offers their customers a wide range of models and designs to suit different needs and tastes.

The pricing is competitive. Retailers can either dropship or stock the stun guns. This makes Cell Phone stun guns a handy and cost-effective way for retailers to broaden their self-defense product range. Their discreet design and strong performance make them a popular choice. Customers looking for a subtle self-defense tool will find them appealing.


The pen stun gun looks like an ordinary writing pen and it even writes.

The pen stun gun may look and write like a regular pen, but it’s more than that. It’s a powerful self-defense tool hidden in plain sight. When danger strikes, you can quickly turn this pen into a stun gun.

It can deliver a high-voltage shock to any potential attacker. Even though it’s small, the pen stun gun is mighty. It can disorient or incapacitate an attacker, giving you time to escape and find help.

This pen is a unique mix of everyday function and personal safety. If you value your security, it’s a must-have.


Flashlight stun guns are a clever mix of utility and safety. They’ve quickly become a popular self-defense tool, mainly for night workers and security staff.

These self-defense tools work like regular flashlights, giving off a bright light to brighten up dark areas. But, they also have a stun gun feature. This feature can knock out potential threats with a high voltage jolt.

This two-in-one feature makes them a top pick for those seeking a hidden yet strong self-defense method. But remember, while these gadgets can offer extra security, they must be used rightly and as per local laws and rules.

Drop shipping Opportunities for Stun Gun Retailers

Drop shipping lets our dealers sell products without managing inventory. It’s especially advantageous for stun gun sellers because it cuts overhead costs and boosts potential profits. It also allows retailers to offer a wide selection of stun gun models and brands without investing in inventory or dealing with shipping logistics.

The drop shipping business model offers several benefits. It lowers startup costs, reduces risk, and makes scaling easier. This makes it an attractive option for stun gun retailers looking to expand their product line and increase their profits.

By partnering with reputable stun gun manufacturers and using drop shipping services, retailers can focus on marketing and customer service. This way, they get to enjoy the perks of a streamlined and cost-effective business model.

Advantages of Drop shipping

Drop shipping offers several advantages for stun gun retailers, including:

  • Lower initial investment required, as there is no need to purchase inventory upfront
  • Enables dealers to enter the market with minimal capital
  • Reduces the risk associated with unsold inventory

The flexibility of drop shipping is another plus. Sellers can quickly add or remove items from their online store. They don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing inventory. This makes it easy to adjust to changing customer tastes or market trends.

With its reduced costs and increased efficiency, drop shipping presents a great business model. It’s ideal for stun gun sellers who want to expand their business and boost their profits.

Of course, you can always buy in bulk.


The wholesale stun gun world offers numerous opportunities for dealers. They can cash in on the rising self-defense market. Retailers can provide a wide range of models and brands. These include Lilguy, Runt, Spike, Talon, MultiGuard, Slider, Trigger, SAL, Fang, Master Blaster, Lipstick, and Cell Phone. This allows them to cater to various customer preferences and needs.

Moreover, drop shipping opportunities exist. This means retailers can lower their initial investment and reduce risk. They also get to enjoy the perks of an efficient and cost-effective business model. Retailers can select the top brands of stun guns and use drop shipping services wisely. This way, they can tap into this profitable market and set up a successful self-defense business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you drop ship the stun guns?

We will drop ship to your customers for you. Additionally, we will put your name and address on the shipping label during the wholesale process. You will never have to stock any products, and your customers will never know that we even exist.

Are there drop shipping fees?

There are no drop ship fees.

How do I figure out the wholesale shipping costs?

We use the published UPS and USPS shipping rates. We also add $1 per order (not per item) for packing materials like boxes and wrapping.

How do I become an Authorized Dealer?

We only sell to businesses. To see qualifications and exceptions, click here.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order. Please remember that most wholesale companies charge a handling fee if the order is not above $100. We will charge you nothing extra for our services regardless of order size.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no extra fees for our wholesale service.

Can I sell Stun Guns on the Internet?

Yes, you can. You can sell on Amazon or eBay, too. We can even build a website for you. If you need a merchant account, we will even help you get one.

You may use our merchant account service for $25 a month. Also, if you use our merchant account, we will process all orders for you automatically. In this way, you can spend all of your time marketing your website.

How long does it take for you to ship an order?

We will try to ship the same day we receive your order.


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