How To Show Hidden Cameras To People

Hidden cameras are high impulse items.  If you get them in front of people
you will sell them.

So how do you get them in front of people? 

If you are going to sell them on the Internet…your own website or places like Amazon or eBay, purchase a hidden camera and do a video of you
demonstrating how to set it up, etc.

Once people see how easy these are to use, your sales will increase.

Now, when you sell face to face presentation, always have a camera or several different models with you.

After you get comfortable with the hidden cameras, its time to take them to flea markets, gun shows or trade shows.

Hook one or several to a TV monitor so people can actually see themselves on TV and wonder where the camera is.

Home parties are a great way to demonstrate and get people excited about the hidden cameras.

Hope this gets you thinking about ways you can show these cameras to people and make some money.

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