Wholesale Hidden Cameras Drop Ship

Spy and Nanny Cams

Wholesale hidden cameras have opened the door to more opportunities for making people and their homes safer and you money. Among those opportunities are hidden cameras that allow property owners to monitor their homes at all hours of the night or day. Body-worn cameras are another option. They offer portable surveillance with built-in stealth.

Sell Yourself

You can be part of these exceptional opportunities by selling hidden cameras to parents with children, single men and women, business owners, and virtually anyone who would benefit from stealth surveillance.


We offer retailers a generous selection of models at various price points, enabling them to build out their own inventories as they see fit. Retailers can purchase bulk products or sell them through drop shipping.

Start Your Business

Everything we do at Safety Technology is geared toward supporting the success of our retailers. We offer you hidden cameras at great prices that leave you plenty of room for markup and profit. Just look through our selection of cameras and see for yourself. There is a hidden camera for every customer you serve.

A hidden camera is an excellent tool for parents who suspect the sitter is not meeting expectations. A hidden camera can monitor contractors working in a customer’s home, help parents monitor their kids after school, and even provide valuable evidence of a home burglary.


Your customers may choose to use a body-worn camera for protection or to get some footage while enjoying their favorite activities. Either way, the market is there for you to buy spy cameras from Safety Technology and then turn around and sell them at retail.


Whether your customers choose office, home, or body-worn cameras, using us as your wholesaler guarantees the products you offer will be well worth the investment. Our hidden cameras come from reputable manufacturers that we trust. You will be more than happy with our products and your customers.

Understand that the key to using a hidden camera successfully is stealth. We are fully aware of this, so we go to great lengths to disguise these cameras as everyday objects that would otherwise get very little notice. Take the smoke detector camera, for example.

People expect to go into a home and see smoke detectors mounted on the ceiling. Very few would think about the possibility of a smoke detector being a hidden camera. They will go about their business without ever knowing they are being surveilled. This is the kind of thing your customers need to know.

Sell Cameras with Built-In DVR

The best kind of home-based hidden camera is one with a built-in DVR. Rest assured that our inventory includes a broad selection of DVR-enabled cameras. These cameras virtually sell themselves once customers understand what they are getting with their purchase.

Hidden cameras with built-in DVR capabilities offer the dual benefits of live surveillance and video recording. With a DVR-enabled camera, your customers can track precisely what is happening in their homes while they are away. The recorded video offers all the evidence they need should something be amiss.

We Sell Nanny Cams

As a retailer, one of your most essential customer demographics is families who trust the care of their children to babysitters or nannies. Yes, we sell the wholesale nanny cams these customers want. We allow you to get in on this market with wholesale hidden camera pricing, bulk purchase support, and dropshipping.

Nanny cams are relatively easy to market due to many families being dual-income. Whether we like it or not, the reality is that most two-parent families see both parents holding down full-time jobs. And don’t forget single parents, either. Nanny cams are invaluable to them, given their time away from home.

We recommend that anyone selling at retail include a selection of nanny cams in their inventories. Nanny cams continue to be one of the best-selling items in this category. They can be a valuable part of your business as a personal safety and security retailer.

We Sell Body Worn Cameras

Nanny cams and other home-based hidden cameras make up one-half of our camera inventory. The other half consists of the wholesale body-worn hidden cameras we stock. Each of these cameras combines stealth and deception to give your customers a means of surveilling those around them.


Without a live demonstration, you can use detailed photographs and video content. The idea is to help your customers see just how easy it is to conduct surveillance using items that appear as innocuous as can be.

Your customers will love body-worn cameras disguised as car keys, high-end sunglasses, pens, and much more – even smiley face buttons!

We Are Drop Shipper

Building your business as a personal safety and security retailer relies on the suppliers you work with. We are proud to say that Safety Technology is a reputable wholesale distributor of hidden cameras and other nonlethal safety products. We are a veteran-owned and operated business that takes extraordinary pride in our customer service and support.

As a wholesale distributor, our primary goal is to support our retailers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. You can purchase from us in bulk, work with us as a distributor, or take advantage of our dropshipping service. It is entirely up to you. The most important thing is that you take advantage of this opportunity right away.

We Are Your Supplier

Why do we offer so many options for selling our products? Because we want to be your wholesale supplier. Many other companies do what we do, but none do it as well as Safety Technology. We constantly strive to improve our inventory so that you will always have the products you need to serve your customers. We back up our list with full support and unparalleled customer service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you sell self-defense and security products provided by Safety Technology.

Start Your Business with Covert Cameras

If you are new to safety and security retailing, we invite you to start your business with covert cameras. These are extremely popular right now, especially among families and millennials. There is a vast market just waiting to be tapped by eager retailers willing to work hard and invest in their businesses.

Starting a business with covert cameras is an excellent way to:

  • Earn extra money by selling online with our dropshipping service
  • Supplement your full-time income on a part-time basis
  • Generate revenue to pay for your child’s college education
  • Build a business that could eventually replace your full-time income
  • Set up your children or grandchildren with a company they can eventually inherit
  • Earn a decent profit while also helping people better protect themselves
  • Spend your retirement years helping people and generating some extra cash.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make by selling hidden cameras and other personal safety and security products.

There are numerous outlets for selling:

  • Dropshipping – Dropshipping is a way of selling that does not require you to stock products in a warehouse. Your customer orders from you; you order from us; we package and ship the order to your customer in packaging that identifies you as the seller.
  • Flea Markets – Flea markets are one of the best environments for personal safety and security products. These products are impulse products, and nowhere is the impulse to buy more significant than in a flea market.
  • Gun Shows – Another excellent opportunity to sell hidden cameras is at gun shows. Customers who visit gun shows are already concerned about personal safety; you must seal the deal.
  • Local Events – Events like music festivals and craft shows always look for enthusiastic vendors. Such events are virtual gold mines for the personal safety products we sell.
  • Online – You can always sell hidden cameras and other personal safety products. Sell through your website or retail sites like eBay and Amazon.

You can sell hidden cameras and make good money doing so. We have everything you need, excellent customer service and reliable support.