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Sell Self-defense Products Like Stun Guns and Pepper Spray!

There is nothing quite like the experience of owning and operating your own business. Being a business owner allows you to be in control of your own destiny.

You rely on yourself and your own hard work rather than the good graces of an employer who may not have your best interests at heart. Being self-employed is not for everyone, but running a business is a great opportunity for those with entrepreneurial skills and desires.

Wondering how to start a self-defense products business? Safety Technology is here to assist you in starting and running a successful business selling self-defense weapons wholesale.

We specialize in self-defense, with a product list spanning hundreds of items in multiple categories. Our offerings include stun guns, pepper sprays, and survival gear. We offer running self

Everything we sell is at wholesale prices. That makes it easy to purchase self-defense items in bulk, find the retail markup that works for you and your clients, and keep the profits.

We are suppliers of non-lethal self-security products to dealers across the United States. Those dealers get great wholesale prices from us, which leaves them plenty of room to build a successful business.

If you are looking to start your own self-defense business, Safety Technology offers more than just personal security products at wholesale prices. You will also receive our full support.

The Safety Technology team can answer your questions and offer sound business advice. We know how to help run a self-defense products business because we operate one ourselves.

When you partner with Safety Technology, you get support from a self-defense business with over 38 years of experience. We have built a reputation as a top-notch wholesaler of the kinds of products that consumers actually want. 

Our inventory includes items other self-defense wholesalers do not deal in. They include things like stash cans and body-worn hidden cameras. Selling self-defense products is much easier when you have unique, interesting, and attractive products.

Feel free to browse our site to see just how much we offer.

Wholesale Self-Defense Supply: Your Business, Your Choice

Safety Technology is a company that takes great pride in the success of its dealers. We only succeed in offering wholesale self-defense products for sale because our dealers purchase and sell them themselves.

But know this: your decision to start your own self-defense business means you are in control of everything you do. Starting a business is your choice. Likewise, you can choose how, when, and where you sell.

Are you looking to quit your job and go full-time? That’s awesome. You can sell self-defense items in your own store, online, at flea markets, and elsewhere.

The possibilities are endless. We will help you with sound advice and great wholesale prices.

If you are not looking to go full-time, that’s okay too. Plenty of our dealers are selling self-defense products online and even in person around their own schedules. They use this opportunity to supplement their existing careers and income.

They may hit flea markets on the weekend or perhaps visit a gun show or two per month. They like the extra income the business provides, but they are not ready to give up their full-time jobs.

Starting a Self-Defense Products Retail Company: Benefits of Doing Business with Us

As we have already said, Safety Technology has been in this business since 1986. We know what sells. We know how to help our dealers succeed. Our knowledge and experience are just what you need to carve out your niche as a non-lethal self-defense retailer.

Why do business with us, rather than one of our competitors? For starters, we are an A+-rated member of the Better Business Bureau. You can visit BBB’s website and read our profile. Safety Technology is a verified Top 10 Supplier Pass® Verified Supplier and a Worldwide Brands certified drop shipper.

Wholesale Self-Defense FREE Dropshipping

You should also know that Safety Technology is the largest drop shipper in our industry. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that we do not charge any extra fees for the service.

Other wholesalers charge higher prices for dropshipped goods, making it harder to turn a profit and build a successful business. Our dealers pay the same low wholesale price whether they stock their own inventory or rely on us for dropshipping.

You can be a successful business owner with the right products and hard work. You supply the hard work, and we will get the right products into your hands.

Sign up as a Safety Technology dealer today and start building your business immediately. We’ll have your back with great wholesale pricing, free dropshipping, and more than 20 years of know-how and experience that we want you to take advantage of.

Want to become a dealer and start selling our personal self-defense products?

To do business with us, you must become an Authorized Dealer. This ensures that only established businesses—our intended clientele—can make orders through our website.

Keep in mind that completing the paperwork needed to open a business is very easy in most situations. This reasonable barrier to entry ensures that we can focus on helping people serious about selling self-defense products.

Go here to learn more about becoming an Authorized Dealer. Once approved, you will be assigned a Customer ID and access to our online wholesale order site.