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First, I hope you like our products and know how much in demand they are. There has been a demand for the entire 38 years we’ve been providing them to the public through our great dealers.

The reason for Safety Technology’s success is our dealers. We do whatever we can to help them be successful

At Safety Technology, we make our dealers our number one priority. We know that when we give our dealers top-notch support and resources, we’re not just building a great relationship; we’re also helping them win in the tough world of safety and self-defense products. We’re all about helping our dealers succeed, and you can see that in the awesome training, marketing help, and super-friendly customer service we provide.

When our dealers know their stuff, have the best tools, and feel confident, they do great things. And their success is our success too. Our dealers are like our brand’s superheroes, and their wins out there show how well we work together and how committed we are to being the best.

We drop ship all our products — including our wholesale stun guns and pepper sprays — so you don’t have to stock anything unless you want to. That means you don’t have to purchase any product until someone places an order. This is a great low-cost, streamlined business to get started with.

One of the ways we help is providing websites to help our dealers sell our products. And, not just websites, but how to get them ranked and sales coming in.

For People Who Want Cash To in on the Internet Money Machine But Don’t Know How…

Now Available…NEW And Improved “Done-4-You” Online Super-Store Websites

PLUS…Our Fast, Easy Income System

This System Is Now So Powerful We GUARANTEE Your Success…

And if You Hurry, You Will Receive a $400.00 Discount!


I’m about to reveal how you can join a growing group of people just like you who are creating solid incomes and living life on their terms by tapping into the incredible power of the most incredible 24-hour money machine ever invented—the Internet. Over the next few minutes, I’ll share everything you need to know to decide and get started.

I don’t blame you if you’re skeptical about making money online. I found it hard to believe myself when I first heard about it…but after I listened to the facts and saw the success stories with my own eyes, I quickly realized this is no pipe dream.

This is a real-life cash-generating business, and plenty of people like you and me are making a full-time income and enjoying the freedom and flexibility of doing it from their own homes…or anywhere in the world they care to work.

There’s nothing special about any of these people, either. They didn’t discover any secrets, and they didn’t get lucky. They followed the proven system developed by Safety Technology, which I’m about to share with you.

Then they made the life-changing decision to act and get started, and before they knew it, they had made their first sale online, then another, and another. Slowly, at first, the momentum built like a snowball until they reached a point where they had replaced the income they earned at their jobs.

They were able to stop swapping hours for dollars, quit spending their time making someone else rich, and start creating wealth for themselves (whether that’s a full-time income working part-time, creating a solid second income, or excellent retirement income) and have time to enjoy all the pleasures of having more money to spend and invest.

Ordinary people like Steve Thibeault, who might have been in a situation like you, find themselves right now—searching the Internet and looking for a way to make more money.

After learning about this opportunity and seeing its tremendous potential, Steve ordered his website in 2000, and it is still going strong.

Here’s what Steve had to say about this opportunity:

Steve Thiebeault“Setting up an online business through Safety Technology was the best decision we ever made.

Beginning as a small start-up hoping to make some extra money, our business very quickly began paying for all our bills. In fact, my wife, Jennifer was able to quit her 9-5 job to help me build this business.

We literally started TBO-TECH in our spare bedroom, which then grew to our garage and now into rented office/warehouse space.

Through the guidance, advice, and wealth of knowledge provided by the founder of Safety Technology, Michael Gravette, and his staff, our business has flourished. Since April of 2000, we have grossed over $3,000,000.00 in ONLINE sales.”

Even if you know nothing about how to make money online, you can do this because the Internet is the great equalizer where your age, sex, race, education, and experience don’t matter. It doesn’t take special skills to make money online – desire and action are essential for creating a successful Internet-based business.

If you sincerely desire to create an Internet-based business that makes a few thousand extra dollars each month or has bigger aspirations and wants to earn a full-time income with an online business, then keep reading.

The NEW and Improved “Done-for-You” ONLINE SuperStores I will share with you are now available…PLUS a Fast, Easy Income System that provides a proven, easy paint-by-numbers way to transform the Internet into your cash machine.

Following simple “step-by-step” instructions, you can create your own income-producing online business. This system is so POWERFUL, and we are so sure it will generate cash for you that we are willing to GUARANTEE your success.

In other words, if you don’t make money online following this proven system, then we don’t want your money, and we insist on giving you a complete refund with no questions and no hassles. All you have to do is ask. Is that fair or what?

And if you can decide and act quickly, you’ll even get a $400.00 DISCOUNT!! So keep watching this entire video because doing so could put thousands and thousands of dollars in your pocket and put you on the fast track to financial freedom.

Here’s the deal…

Most of us were raised to believe that our income is chained to our work and that the only way to increase revenue is to work harder and more hours. And if you’re an employee working for someone else, that is true.

Employees are the leverage that makes their bosses wealthy. That’s not the side of the equation you want to be on. You want to be in the position where you are the business owner, and you are the one leveraging other people’s assets to make you wealthy… and this is all about….

In the offline world, savvy businesspeople quickly figure out that they can increase their incomes by opening more stores, adding more employees to run these stores, and advertising to drive traffic into the stores. The BIG PROBLEM with all this is that it requires a significant investment and a lot of unnecessary risks…

Ball And Chain1And that’s where the Internet comes in. The Internet is the most incredible ball-and-chain cutter invented to liberate your income…but few people have cracked the code and understand how to successfully and consistently make money online.

After 24 years, umpteen false starts, and vast sums of money invested, Make-Money-ONLINE Expert Michael Gravette has finally cracked that code. And he has recently gone back and re-invented his entire online marketing business to take full advantage of the insider secrets he has painstakingly discovered.

If you’re like me, you’re hesitant to believe such incredible claims, but Michael is the real deal when you peel back the onion and take a closer look. Over 38 years, Michael has grown his company, Safety Technology, into THE #1 WHOLESALER OF NON-LETHAL PERSONAL SAFETY PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD!

Michael is a wholesaler and makes no money unless his distributors sell products. His sales have increased every year, and one big reason for that has been the success of his distributors’ marketing on the Internet.

But that’s up until recently. Now, Michael has taken everything to a new level: the stratosphere! Michael has created the ultimate, turn-key, incredibly profitable Internet business that is so simple and easy to use that anyone can make money with it…including YOU!

You have Michael’s 38+ years of success and the fact that he is #1, the biggest in the business. PLUS, the fact that he has now perfected the most incredible, super-powerful ONLINE moneymaking ‘machine’…everything is now in place for YOU to join us in making more money than you ever imagined possible, with Michael helping you every step of the way!!

Michael keeps improving the websites, the marketing system, and the support. These websites have been the #1 reason his business has grown so rapidly, and now YOU can take advantage of all the recent improvements made over the past 24 years and the recently discovered new marketing techniques. This is an unprecedented opportunity to join a mega-successful Internet entrepreneur who sells great products in high demand online.

Think about it. What would you do with an EXTRA $100,000.00?

Image Of Retired Man Throwing Money In The AirIf you’re short on ideas, ask your spouse or significant other! I’m sure you could use $100,000.00. Maybe you would use it to wipe out a drawer full of debts, pay off your house, and have a backyard mortgage-burning party.

Or send your son, daughter, or grandchild to college withOUT the anxiety or debt. Or you could buy a NEW car, boat, or vacation home…take your buddies on a lifetime golf, hunting, and fishing trip. Whatever you want to do with an EXTRA $100,000.00, it’s totally up to you.

Michael is prepared to put an extra $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 A MONTH into your bank account with his vastly improved “websites on steroids,” If you can follow his simple “step-by-step” instructions, you may even be able to quit your job soon!

Here’s why you MUST jump on the Internet Money Train – NOW!

In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 50 percent over four years, reaching about 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. Nowhere else has such dramatic and rapid growth occurred—certainly not in bricks-and-mortar retail – not in this economy!

Look, a slow ‘n steady turtle pace is just fine for some people. If you’re honestly happy just plodding along and making your living, then maybe this isn’t for you, and that’s okay. It’s not for everybody…it’s only for people serious about quickly creating an online income.

If you’re more like me, you feel a need for speed! You may be tired of just getting by with very S-L-O-W financial progress. Maybe you’re starting to wonder if you can afford retirement…

For whatever reason, if you are ready for a vast, fast leap in income…to double or triple your income overnight…to be able to afford your dream home, a new top-of-the-line SUV (and care less about gas prices), a boat, a yearly fishing trip to Alaska…

If you sincerely want to increase your income by $10,000.00 A MONTH OR MORE, this damned instant! – Then you MUST turn your attention to Internet Marketing. It is the only business opportunity offering such enormous, fast growth.

And no other means of making BIG money lets you keep your freedom. With Michael’s money-sucking website SuperStore, you are never chained to a store counter; your time is your own; there’s:

  • no handling or shipping of products
  • no inventory gathering dust
  • no employees to babysit
  • no face-to-face selling
  • no stress, no fuss, no bother

This business works for you instead of making you work for it! There is nothing else like it on Earth. It even beats old-fashioned mail-order because there are no envelopes to stuff, no stamps to buy, and no boxes to ship. If you want big money and lots of freedom, you MUST focus on Internet Marketing.

I realize you have many choices, so your next question is probably: Why Michael’s products? And why Michael’s ONLINE Super Stores?

Great questions, and here’s the answer: There’s never been a better time to have your own “Self-Defense” online store!

Trends, news events, demographics, and more are all driving the explosive boom in spending on personal and home defense products, and the next few years are expected to be HUGE.

Here are a few reasons why:

Our aging baby-boomer population…the largest population of 50+ citizens in U.S. history, including many moving back into cities…all with a heightened concern for their safety.

The news! Try watching the news for three consecutive days without being immersed in home invasions, terrorist attacks, mass shootings, riots, natural disasters, and more. Every day, everybody gets the message: Danger, Danger, Danger!

These products are not readily available in stores…making them perfect for selling online.

And the products we provide to you offer ENORMOUS PROFITS! You at least DOUBLE the wholesale cost on every sale! In some cases, you make even more. Many popular products like The Runt Stun Gun ($20.00, on which you make $11.65) or the Pepper Shot Keychain ($11.00, on which you make $9.35) sell like hotcakes.

We have a two-tier wholesale pricing structure. Orders under $1000 get one wholesale price, and orders over $1000 get a better wholesale price. If you get the website, you will be given the over $1000 prices right out of the gate, even if only ordering one product to be drop shipped.

But why the internet? 3 BIG REASONS

BIG REASON #1: These are the kinds of products and solutions people use the Internet to find. Our baby boomer population is very internet savvy; research shows that over 70% shop online and look for information online.

BIG REASON #2: The combined categories of health, personal safety and security, and home products account for over one-third of all online commerce (excluding adult entertainment). We are in the biggest “money category” of all, and we’re working hard to expand our product line so that you can capture more of those dollars!

BIG REASON #3: Finally, the Internet keeps getting easier and more integrated into everybody’s lives. If you’re not there, making money, you’re like the guy still driving a horse and buggy after Ford was pumping Model T’s off the assembly line.

Then there are the business buyers. Every retail business owner knows he needs security. From employees who steal from him to customers who shoplift and thieves who break in, you will be his source for security needs.

Why our all NEW, updated, expanded, and improved Web Site Super-Stores?

Never has anyone done so much of the “work” for you!

It doesn’t matter how little you may know about the internet, whether you’re fascinated by it or hate it. With Michael’s SYSTEM, you profit regardless of your love or hate for that computer in the corner!

If you’re internet-savvy, you’ll love Michael’s SYSTEM and be able to use it like a money-making magic wand from day one. If you’re an internet dunce, Michael will do much of the hard stuff for you, taking you by the hand and guiding you “step-by-step.”

As you’ll see in a minute, the Super-Store Websites that Michael will set up and “open the doors on” FOR YOU operate like robots and do almost everything for you. They even automatically send online thank you notes to your customers when they buy something. These messages also make additional offers that generate MORE income for you on autopilot!

These things are websites on steroids…built up to do everything imaginable to make you money.

WARNING, WARNING: Do NOT let your discomfort with computers or the internet stand in your way.

There’s $100,000.00 and more waiting for you here. Do not let yourself be intimidated by a little box built by geeks and nerds! If you “don’t like” the computer or the internet, you must GET OVER IT! Michael will help.

And it doesn’t matter whether you now have a bricks-and-mortar gun or spy store, operate a small home-based business, exhibit at gun shows—or, frankly, haven’t got a business going yet. If you have a going business, these websites are “plus-es” that can boost the other business’s revenues and be boosted by the other business.

If this is your way to start a business, there is no better way! This ideal home-based, spare-time, extra-income business can be run from a table in the kitchen corner!

Michael Gravette president of Safety TechnologyBOTTOM LINE:

But there are three “strings attached”…

First, because his guarantee is so liberal, Michael needs you to commit at least 7 hours weekly to work on your business. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but you’d be surprised how many obstacles you will face when you put your foot on the path of financial security. You will be tested. Sometimes, it’s something as benign as a TV program you “have” to see. But I want you to try to give this at least 7 hours a week.

Second, Michael wants to use your personal success story in future advertising. He expects you to cooperate by keeping track of your sales, how quickly you make money, sending photos of the new car or home or whatever you buy with all the extra money, and so forth. If you’re unwilling to do that, please do not order this groundbreaking System now.

Third, the $400.00 DISCOUNT Michael is offering is LIMITED to the next 27 people to take advantage of this exclusive “done-for-you” Internet distributorship that allows you to establish your online Web SuperStore that takes orders and makes money 24 hours per day on autopilot.

This discounted price is a test. We want to see if the lower price increases the number of people selling online. We will return to the original $997 price if it doesn’t.

We don’t want to flood the Internet, so this limit helps intelligent, ambitious people who can decide and take action quickly.

The value of the Super Store website is greater than the regular price charged (which is a fantastic deal), but if you want the discount, you must be one of the next 27 people to respond. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if the discount is unavailable when you are ready to start.

Oh, and one more thing.

When you make loads of money on the honor system, Michael would like you to agree and plan to make a significant charitable donation from all this money to a charity, house of worship, or a cause of your choosing. Try to give at least 1% of all the money you make, increased to at least 2% after you’ve banked the first $100,000.00. I’m sincere about this. Not only will it help them, but it will also help you.

Michael believes in “the rising tide lifts all boats” idea. He believes that succeeding and prospering in our free enterprise system is honorable, even patriotic. Michael also believes that those who thrive should help society in some way.

In this business, you help people by making their families, homes, and businesses smarter and safer. We do good by doing good; you should take pride in that, like Michael. But beyond that, Michael believes in direct contribution when we prosper. He hopes you do, too.

To be blunt, Michael is already quite comfortable and no longer needs to work. But he loves this business and helping people make money and become financially independent! No longer dependent on a boss or job that may or may not be there tomorrow. Will you let him help you? It’s your choice.

Let’s get to the DETAILS of the incredible moneymaking machine Michael has engineered and built for YOU…



Do you remember the ‘Jetsons’ cartoons? They had a little robot that kept the house clean, did the dishes, babysat the kids, and brought George Jetson his drink. We all thought we’d have robots like that by now. We don’t. But what Michael does have, which you can have too, is a much more intelligent, perfect, powerful robot that makes money!

That robot runs the Online SuperStores, but there’s even more to this. The SuperStores are an essential part, yet only a part, of a COMPLETE SYSTEM that you can use to start making big money through internet marketing instantly. This system even includes Michael personally coaching you.

Michael’s Internet distributors account for over 65% of Safety Technology’s total revenue, and he plans to devote much of his time to finding and training new Internet dealers to double that revenue next year. You should want Michael coaching you!


You get a website selling stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, hidden cameras, and other personal and family security products. Michael keeps finding new ways to expand this product line, too, so you have all our steady bestsellers plus our newest.

THESE NEW ONLINE STORES ARE WEBSITES ON STEROIDS, completely updated, expanded, and re-designed to grab each customer by the collar, forcing him to read, look, pay attention, and suck his credit card right out of his wallet!!!!

A literal fortune has gone into their design. A crackerjack team, the Navy SEALs of Internet marketing, gave them a makeover. The result is an atomic-powered selling machine. They even capture visitors’ e-mail addresses for you.

Each Online Super-Store Web Site includes:

  • e-mail
  • full-featured shopping cart
  • secure order page
  • stats — so you can track visitors
  • keywords used to find your site, etc.
  • upsells (more on this lucrative feature in a minute)
  • gift certificates
  • and complete and easy editing functions so you can make changes as you wish…you have complete control.

We’ll get one for you if you don’t have a domain name. Don’t give this another thought—EVERYTHING that should be in a fully functioning, 100% automatic website is included, PLUS all sorts of super-effective marketing tools Michael had built just for you.

What good are great products and great online stores without terrific marketing?

With your Online Super-Stores, you get detailed information on how to get interested customers to your Online Super-Stores. Michael has invested over 24 years gathering this information, pulling in insider information from hundreds of very successful internet marketers, his biggest dealers, and other experts. You’ll have many different Strategies to use.

Michael will reveal the secrets to driving high-traffic volumes to your Online SuperStore. There are multiple ways to get a ton of qualified prospects interested in what you have to offer with a credit card in hand, ready to place an order.

Michael will show you how to get qualified traffic with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you rank at the top of the search results when people search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine
  • Backlinks to your websites using keyword phrases
  • Social Media
  • And more…

Each website will have a newsletter capture form to get the e-mail addresses of those who come and look. It sends them follow-up e-mails after they visit and automatically brings up a ‘thank you page’ when someone buys anything.

As if all that’s not enough, Michael has added a NEW profit center to your Internet SuperStore: Automatic Upsells. On average, this will add 15% to your sales…maybe even more—without you lifting a finger because Michael has built the Automatic Upsell function into this AMAZING System.

Here’s how it works…

If you’re familiar with Amazon, they recommend more products based on the subject matter every time you buy something. This is a brilliant and very profitable strategy that works like gangbusters…

Michael has added the same strategy to your Internet SuperStore, so when someone buys a product, a similar product will be recommended before they check out. Not everyone will take you up on this “automatic upsell” offer, but on average, about 15% of people will, and the extra profits go straight into your bank account.

Michael refuses to just to deliver his System, open your Online Superstores for you, and then leave you alone to sink or swim. He is determined to create Internet Marketing Millionaires (not failures!!!).

So, he conducts two group calls every month. Michael shares marketing secrets on these calls and opens up the call to any marketing questions you may have—twice every month. Even if you don’t have any questions, you will learn from the questions of others.

By joining Michael’s Advanced SEO Club, you will receive a FREE Gold membership on his private membership website. Here, you will have access to previous group calls, advanced traffic generation methods, and SEO tips and techniques.

Another benefit of belonging to the Advanced SEO Club is the money you will save. Yes, SAVE! Michael will keep you from spending money on things that do not work. Many people think they don’t need this kind of help; they think they know what to do. So, they start spending money on programs, information, and advertising, which wastes time and money. This won’t happen when you are a Michael’s Advanced SEO Club member.

But the real benefit to the Advanced SEO Club is Michael. He is the guy who will guide you to success and get you to a much, much, much higher level of confidence, marketing know-how, income, and freedom. Michael knows what it takes. Plus, he will do a lot of it for you. He has already made the trip. Nobody knows this business better than Michael does…NOBODY!

So, let’s summarize:

  1. You get your Online Super-Store Web Site with a shopping cart and secure order page
  2. You get your Stores stocked with all our hottest and best-selling products — over 200
  3. We will host your website for you and set you up with emails
  4. You get continuous marketing tips from Michael
  5. You get Michael’s complete Online Marketing System
  6. Option of being a member of Michael’s Advanced SEO Club with links to your websites
  7. You will be taught many ways of generating FREE traffic to your websites
  8. You get a FREE MONTH of access to Michael’s Advanced SEO Club
  9. We will add a built-in WordPress blog to your site…at no charge! This is a $297 value.

Your WordPress blog will be an excellent way to add content to your website. Since it is integrated into your website, you only need to post regularly. Google loves new content.

An added feature is that every time you add new content to your blog, a feature “pings” the search engines, letting them know there is new content and inviting them to come and look at it. This gets the new content indexed in Google faster.

“Now, what do you think Michael should charge for all this?
$10,000.00, $7500.00, $5000.00 or maybe only $3000.00?”

Now, what’s all this worth?

Michael has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and 24 years to perfect this. If you hired a web designer to build a website comparable to the Online Superstore that Michael is giving you, you would quickly pay $2,500.00 to $5,000.00 each or more. They could never have as many automatic functions, and still…

You’d only have a website, NOT A COMPLETE TURN-KEY BUSINESS.

Michael could be charging $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 for this System, and several experts have urged him to do just that.

Oh, and just as a comparison: if you went and bought a typical franchise, like an Amoco Transmission shop, a UPS Store, a sub shop, or a handyman service, you’d have to invest between $150,000.00 and $200,000.00 to get started, including a fee of $35,000.00 to $70,000.00. Plus, you’d have to pay a “royalty” percentage on top of all your income… and be chained to the business!

Here, you get started for about 1% of those costs, keep all the money you make, and have all kinds of freedom! A much better deal!!!! And the average franchise owner-operator takes home less than $50,000.00 a year. You have that earning potential with a fraction of the cost.

Before I tell you about the investment in your Internet business, I want to explain Michael’s guarantee to you. He guarantees your success. The only one taking a risk is Michael!

First, no web design company offers a money-back guarantee. They build you a website, and then you’re on your own. You are the only one responsible for your success or failure.

Even if you build your own website, you just have a website. You don’t have a business. The real business is getting traffic to your website and converting that traffic to sales. Right now, you probably don’t know how to do this.

Michael will remove the risk for you. He will take on the responsibility of making you successful on the Internet and back it up with a guarantee you won’t get anywhere else.

After he builds you a beautiful website, Michael will show you how to attract traffic and convert that traffic to sales. However, he is entirely at your mercy. Michael will do his part, doing everything he can to make you successful, but he has very little control over what you do.

But even if you do not follow and put into action what Michael shows you, he’s still taking responsibility. He could easily say you have to do this thing or that thing before he refunds your money, but he won’t, and he doesn’t. Michael is making this guarantee in good faith that you are sincere about being a success at this and that you will do what you need to do to make the money you need.

Now, how much time does Michael expect you to invest? If you can spare 7 hours a week, you will do fine. Michael is not asking you to do this full-time; just be consistent. A little every day if you can. Small steps. I promise, when you start getting sales on your website, the time you invest in it won’t feel like work at all…it will be fun!

OK, here’s the Guarantee… Michael says…

“I’m going to build your website(s) for you, and then I’m going to give you 120 days to give you time to start generating sales. It takes time to build a legitimate business, and 120 days should be plenty of time to evaluate your website and start generating sales.

At any time during those 120 days, you can tell me to shut everything down, and I will refund every penny you paid for the website (s). This does not include hosting fees and any options you choose. I only ask that you not ask for a refund if you have generated sales equal to or exceeding the purchase amount of your website(s). You have 120 days to try this—4 months to decide if this is right for you.”

I know you don’t know Michael yet, so if you have doubts about him honoring this guarantee, please call the Better Business Bureau in Jacksonville at (904) 721-2288. Safety Technology has an A+ rating. Believe me, they would complain loudly if anyone had asked for a refund and not received it.

Incredibly, Michael is providing everything for just $997.00. And you can even pay less! If you wait and procrastinate, you’ll likely spend at least $997.00 for this entire System.



Michael will knock off $400.00, reducing your investment to only $597.00. Alternatively, you can choose a payment plan with $220.00 down and two monthly payments of $220.00.

Oh, and the monthly fee to keep your Online Super-Store up on the internet, fully operational…. e-mail…. shopping cart… secure order page, plus hosting is only $30.00, automatically charged to your credit card. ($30.00 a month for all these benefits is incredible — and no, you can’t find all this cheaper anywhere else!)

One of the biggest challenges is driving traffic to your SuperStore. It’s the key to making A LOT of money…, and Michael also wants to give you a FREE Month of the Advanced SEO Club. This will allow you to test drive the Advanced SEO Club and discover new ways to grow your business and income.

Through Zoom coaching sessions, you can ask questions. You also hear others ask questions and benefit from the common problems many may be having. Michael will also teach on the call…teach you how to get traffic to your website and convert that traffic to sales.

These calls will keep you motivated and on track… which translates into MORE sales and MORE money.

During your free month, you will get everything a paid member gets at our membership website, where you will find additional marketing tips and secrets.

PLUS, a proprietary system for sending traffic to your website so Google sees your site as an authority and increases your rankings in the search engines. Higher rankings mean more people will find your website, which results in more sales. More information is being added all the time.

But that’s not all…

The number one search engine marketing (SEO) tactic is creating content. We will teach you how to do this and provide tools to make it easy.

This is the BEST way to dominate the search engines for a particular keyword phrase.

And there’s still more…

Being a member, Michael will coach you in ALL aspects of internet marketing, other marketing, business success, tough-mindedness, winning behavior, mental attitude, and financial success!

Then, after the FREE month of the Advanced SEO Club, you will be automatically charged $97.00 a month. And here’s the best part. If you want to cancel your membership after the FREE Advanced SEO Club month or anytime thereafter, email us, and Michael’s office will STOP charging your credit card immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must be completely satisfied. If not, Michael wants you to cancel your membership.

This is an opportunity to start your own Internet business with very little money.


Besides the $597 price option, we’ve created two other options. One is a less expensive website ($297) without the paid plugins, but it will not disappoint in getting sales. The paid plugins make it easier to edit your website. However, if you like your design for the $297 website, you won’t need the paid plugins.

The other is a $5000 website built from scratch with your input all along the way. This site comes fully optimized with content and blog posts. It takes time to create that kind of content. Before we priced this, we went to several web design companies for quotes. When we presented a custom-designed website with over 200 products, keyword research, content for those product pages, and blog posts, they quoted $15,000 to $20,000. WOW! So, we offer a much better price for a custom website.

The 120-day Guarantee only applies to the $597 website.

How to do everything will either be sent to you or taught to you on the monthly tele-coaching calls.

I’m excited about working with you!

Your Online Super-Stores will be fully operational within 3 business days after you place your order. Initial set-up information and getting started tips will be sent by e-mail.

How often will a bona fide millionaire—someone who has made it from scratch and walks the walk—offer to set you up in his hugely profitable business, coach you to success, and even guarantee what he’s doing?

The sooner you click on one of the buttons below, the sooner Michael can set up your ONLINE SuperStore and take orders for you…

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Frank Masters was in a situation like where you are today. He decided to start his own Internet business and never looked back. Here’s what Frank says about Safety Technology:

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit burning inside but did not have a lot of capital to fund my business ideas. As I continued to investigate business opportunities I came across Safety Technology. My gut immediately told me this was the right ‘fit’ for my first business start-up.

I did my homework and convinced my wife to allow me to give it a shot! We launched our website – Revere Security. The investment was the lowest I’d come across and I felt the upside potential was endless. Many of my friends and family are involved in law enforcement and I wanted to engage in something that could truly make a difference in the lives of others, while providing me with my financial goals.

The product selection is huge, and they always add innovative products. There is no drop shipping fee, so initially, I did not have to stock any products! The wholesale pricing allows for a great profit margin, and Michael constantly provides support! The best part is the customer support I receive; it has EXCEEDED all of my expectations.”
Frank Masters,

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$297 WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Website $597 WordPress Elementor Website $5000 Custom WordPress Elementor Website
  • FREE Month ($97 value) of ADVANCED SEO CLUB benefits:
    * New SEO and Marketing Reports are added regularly
    * FREE Traffic to your website
    * Personal help from Michael Gravette
    * FREE entry to a private membership website loaded with previous coaching calls and advanced traffic generation tools

    NOTE: After the FREE trial month of the Advanced SEO Club you will be automatically charged $97.00 a month to continue to receive all the benefits. During the month-free trial of the ADVANCED SEO Club, or anytime thereafter, if you want to cancel, email us or put in a help ticket (, and my office will STOP charging your credit card immediately.

  • The mandatory maintenance and support of your website is $30 per month. This covers your website being live on the Internet, Emails, Autoresponder System, WordPress blog, 24/7 access to our help desk ticket system, notification of Product Updates, and free tech support when you mess up a web page and we have to fix it for you (trust me, you will).

WEBSITE DISCOUNT: One Payment of $297 (Pay in full today and save an additional $23 instantly over the payment plan ) (+$297.00)

2 Month Payment Plan: $160 Payment Today and another $160 payment in 30 days – Total Payment – $320 (+$160.00)

It will take 3-5 business days to complete your site.

It has everything the $297 Gutenberg website has, plus:

  • 13 Designs to choose from (see designs available)
  • Several Prime WordPress Plugins that would cost you $197 every year if you had to purchase them:

    All In One SEO Pro ($49 a year) – to help you rank higher in the search engines.
    Elementor Pro ($79 a year) makes editing and changing your website easy.
    Elementor Ultimate Addons ($69 a year) – gives you even more flexibility in adding features to your website.

    We pay for these Plugins as long as you have the website.

The Elementor website has a more sophisticated design with more bells and whistles.

WEBSITE DISCOUNT: One Payment of $597 (Pay in full today and save an additional $63 instantly over the payment plan!) (+$597.00)

3 Month Payment Plan: $220 Payment Today and 2 Monthly Payments of $220, 1 payment in 30 days and 1 payment in 60 days – Total Payment – $660 (+$220.00)

It will take 3-5 business days to complete your site.

***120 day GUARANTEE***

This option is a completely custom-built website. It starts with a blank page and is built from the ground up with your input throughout the process.

It has everything the $597 website has, plus:

If you’ve seen a website you like, we can start with that and incorporate the color scheme you want.

  • We will design a unique header image for your site.
  • We will write unique content for your home page, About page, category page, and product page. This unique content will boost your ranking in the search engines. Content is the most important part of this.
  • We will write 5 blog posts for you with a minimum of 1000 words for each post.
  • We will design a logo for you.
  • We will set up Google Analytics and Search Console for you to track website activity.

$2500 down and $2500 when the site is ready.

Your custom site will take a little longer to complete. It usually takes 15 – 20 days to complete. Content takes time, and we will be creating a lot of it.

Because of the investment you might have questions. If you do, we will be happy to get on a Zoom call with you to answer any questions you may have and go over the process.

Click here to schedule a Zoom call.