Sell Personal Safety Products

Personal Alarms, Tactical Pens, Safety Lights, Child Safety, Security Scanners, Telescopic Steel Batons, Drug Detector, Kubotans

Safety Technology has a wide variety of personal safety products you can purchase at wholesale. Have you ever wanted to own your business but found yourself too afraid to take the plunge? If so, the Safety Technology team knows exactly how you feel. As a small business, we know it takes an awful lot of courage to invest in starting your own enterprise when there is no guarantee you will succeed. But we are here to tell you that you can be your own boss. We're here to tell you that you can sell personal safety products online and in person – and make very good money doing so!

We Sell Wholesale Personal Safety Products

Safety Technology has built a very successful business on personal safety products like tactical pens, personal alarms, and security scanners. We offer our products at wholesale prices to retailers to turn around and sell them at a profit. How and where they sell their inventory is entirely up to them. Some sell at flea markets and shows, others open retail stores, and still others take advantage of the dropshipping service we offer.

We generally recommend that new retailers start with dropshipping. This business model offers relatively low risk as well as an inexpensive initial investment. Dropshipping is a fantastic way to get into retail without having to make a tremendous upfront commitment. You can even do it part-time if you want.

You Can Dropship Personal Alarms

A good way to illustrate how dropshipping works is to talk about personal alarms. We sell more than a dozen personal alarm models at wholesale prices to traditional and dropship retailers alike. If you were to set up your own dropship business with us as your supplier, you would most likely sell online. Here's how it would work:

You would market personal alarms in whatever way you see fit. When a customer places an order, you charge him or her full retail price. You then turn around and order the product from the Safety Technology website. We package and ship the item to your customer in packaging that bears your company's name and address. You make money by paying the wholesale price for the product. The difference between wholesale price and what you charge at retail constitutes your profit.

You Can Sell Tactical Pens

Personal alarms are just one item on a long list of things you can sell. And as long as you are going to sell personal safety products, you might just as well include tactical pens. What is a tactical pen? It is a legitimate writing instrument with extra functionality designed around personal safety.

For example, we carry one particular tactical pen that simultaneously acts as a writing instrument, flashlight, glass breaker, and weapon. The pointed glass breaker is tough enough to withstand a forceful impact and sharp enough to use as a jab or stab weapon for self-defense. Best of all, no one will know what it is unless they give you reason to use it.

The world we now live in is a dangerous world. We encourage you to sell tactical pens alongside personal alarms because they have proved to be more valuable than most people realize. A tactical pen could mean the difference in a sketchy situation.

We Sell Wholesale Safety Lights

Remember that Safety Technology is a wholesale supplier. Our inventory of personal safety equipment includes safety lights, small lights you attach to your person, hold in your hand, or mount on an object for safety reasons. We have LED lights that runners can clip to their shoes for greater visibility at night or in bad weather. We have pet blinkers to increase the visibility of your dog, headlights for bicycles, armband lights, bicycle micro-lights, and more.

Safety lights make people more visible. It is as simple as that. Your key demographic for these products are runners, cyclists, dog owners, and anyone else who might find themselves active outdoors when the sun goes down.

Wholesale Child Safety Products

Nothing is more important to you than your child. We know that, which is why we offer a wholesale child safety product category. Our biggest seller in this category is a wireless child leash that lets you keep track of your child at all times. The product is equally useful for tracking objects you have a tendency to lose.

Check out Wholesale Blow Guns

A lot of companies that sell personal safety products do not carry blow guns. We do. A blow gun can be used as a personal safety device, a piece of competitive sporting equipment (like a paint ball gun), or both. We have found that these items sell very well among a particular demographic.

Like every other product we carry, you can purchase wholesale blow guns to sell at gun shows, flea markets, or local festivals. You can also sell them via the dropship method we have already talked about. Either way, your customers will get an excellent product at a great price. For each one you sell, you make a profit!

Don't Forget Wholesale Security Scanners

Do you run a business requiring tight security? Or perhaps you're looking to sell retail security products to local festival organizers, bars and nightclubs, churches, etc. In either case, our wholesale security scanners are great products to include in your inventory. We carry a number of different models from Garrett, one of the first names in hand-held scanners.

A hand-held security scanner is essentially a metal detector in the shape of a wand. You've seen them in airports and at concerts. Well, you can be the retailer who sells them to establishments in your local area. Just buy them wholesale from us and sell them at retail prices.

Wholesale Drink Drug Detector

Our list of personal safety products just keeps going and going. The list includes drug detector kits that your customers can use to make sure no drugs have been added to their drinks. This is a great item to sell to young ladies concerned about the risk of date rape. The drink drug detector is easy to use and equally convenient. Each kit comes with 10 test cards with two tests per card, giving your customers the potential for 20 tests per kit.

Wholesale Telescopic Steel Batons

Drink drug detectors, blow guns, and security scanners will not help your customers when they're out and about on the street. A telescopic steel baton will. If you are going to sell personal safety products, telescopic batons should definitely be part of your inventory. Safety Technology currently carries telescopic batons in 16-inch, 21-inch, and 26-inch models. Any one of the three would make a dynamic weapon that can be deployed with the flick of the wrist.

Check out Our Wholesale Fighting Videos

Some personal safety companies sell fighting videos simply for their entertainment value. We don't. Our fighting DVDs are intended to be instructional in every way. These videos are easy to market among an audience concerned about self-defense. You can sell them alongside other personal safety items by explaining to your customers how they can learn effective fighting techniques to protect themselves.

Our inventory currently includes 10 different DVDs. Each one covers a different topic presented by experienced fighters like Jim West, Ben Cooley, and Bob Taylor. Videos are packaged in attractive cases with eye-catching graphics to make sales easier. These DVDs are great sellers if you find the right market.

You Can Sell Animal Repellents

With so many personal safety products to sell, could we possibly add anything else to your plate? Absolutely. Safety Technology offers you and your customers a selection of animal repellents that could prove to be lifesavers. We have repellents for bears and dogs, contained in easy-to-use dispensers for quick deployment.

These repellents are ideal for hunters, mail carriers, security officers, first responders, and just about anyone who works in the delivery sector. The beauty of these repellents is that they are not dangerous to animals. The sprays cause just enough discomfort to chase bears and dogs away without causing long-term harm or health issues.

It's Your Personal Protection Business

At this point it should be very clear that you can sell personal safety products as a self-employed business owner and make money doing so. Above all, we want you to understand that working with Safety Technology doesn't in any way impinge on your independence as a personal safety retailer. You will be establishing your own personal protection business that you will maintain complete control over.

Our role is to act as your wholesale supplier. You can purchase from us as a stockist or approved distributor or set up your own online retail site and use us as a dropshipper. You can also do both if you're an enterprising individual looking to maximize sales across all possible channels.

The personal safety industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Let's face it, we live in a dangerous world. You can establish your own personal protection business that will generate a good income and help people take care of themselves. It's a great business model!