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Stun Knife

Introducing the revolutionary Stun Knife: your all-in-one self-defense solution in one powerful, lightweight package. Combining a stun gun with a durable, built-in knife, we have engineered hassle-free protection into every compact form factor.

When it comes to safety and security, trust is paramount. Every Stun Knife has up to 20 million volts of electrical current capable of disabling an assailant from 4.8 milliamps depending on the charge on the batteries – so you can be sure you won’t be left vulnerable should you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

The Stun Knife is also equipped with a 3 ¼” blade for added strength and protection and three light modes (maximum, medium, or strobe) to ensure that you always have optimal visibility no matter the situation. This powerhouse features easy operation, a built-in LED 120-lumen flashlight, and a Nylon Belt Loop Holster that ensures your Stun Knife stays firmly attached to your waist.

Most importantly? The Stun Knife is rechargeable with Charging Cable for hassle-free powering up on the go. We stand behind our product 100% and offer our customers Lifetime Warranty when they choose us for self-defense, so don’t worry about purchasing another stun knife anytime soon! With strong airplane aluminum construction and size dimensions of 6 ⅛ x 2 ⅛ x 1” – this handheld personal security guard is here to stay. Be with the help of the powerfully compact Stun Knife today!