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Safety Technology sells the Pro-Scan wholesale hand-held security scanner. These scanners are super important because they can find hidden weapons at events, airports, and big buildings. They work by finding metals, both the kind that sticks to magnets and the kind that doesn’t. This is a big deal for keeping places safe and making people feel secure. We focus on selling to local police, private security companies, and teams that handle security for big companies. Our prices are excellent, which helps our dealers grow their businesses. We’re all about helping our dealers succeed by giving them stuff like help with apps and marketing and even making their websites look fantastic. We aim to build solid and lasting relationships with our dealers and help spread the word about how vital security equipment is.

Hand Held Security Scanner and Metal Detector

You have been to public events staffed by security teams using hand-held security scanners. These metal detector wands are used at concerts, airport terminals, government office buildings, and even corporate environments. They are a necessary part of security in a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous. Well, security teams have to buy their security scanners from somewhere. They might just as well buy them from you.

You Can Sell Metal Detectors from Safety Technology

Handheld security scanners may never go out of use. They perform a vital purpose: detecting both ferrous and nonferrous metals that could be built into all sorts of weapons hidden in purses, backpacks, etc. These devices have proved effective for decades, and there is no reason to believe police agencies and security teams will stop using them anytime soon.

The principle of the hand-held security scanner is rather simple. The device emits an electromagnetic wave that is then reflected almost instantaneously. That wave is capable of detecting metal objects. Should the detector pick up on something, it generates an alarm to alert the user. The user can then determine whether a more thorough inspection is warranted.

Your Security Scanner Customers

So, just who are your customers for these metal detectors anyway? The obvious first choice is your local police agency. Remember that government agencies accept bids on most of the equipment they purchase. So, to sell to your local police department or sheriff’s office, you would have to go through a competitive bid process. That may be more than you are willing to undertake. No worries.

Private security companies also use hand-held security scanners. Moreover, they are more likely to purchase detectors without going through the competitive bid process. Your goal would be to pitch them with the best offer you can muster, then support a winning pitch with good products and great customer service.

Moving on, corporate security teams are also good candidates for security scanners. Just think about any small to medium-sized companies you have operating within 50 miles of your location. How do they handle security? If they have security guards at the main entrance, whether they sit behind a desk or stand by the door, they will likely have at least one or two hand-held security scanners ready to be deployed.

There are still other opportunities to sell these products. For example, think of:

  • night clubs
  • strip clubs
  • bars
  • theaters
  • sport stadiums

We do not usually think of all the kinds of businesses and organizations that would use these devices because most of us are never subject to security screening. But there are many more organizations utilizing security scanners than you may realize. We know because we sell a lot of them.

We Sell at Low Wholesale Prices

If you look at our wholesale price sheet, you will see products with descriptions that include the suggested retail price. Please note this is not the price you pay us as a Safety Technology dealer. Instead, we sell to our dealers at low wholesale prices.

Wholesale pricing is structured so that we make a profit and still leave our dealers plenty of room for markup. Whether you choose a 40% markup, 50%, or even higher, the retail price you set for your security scanners is entirely up to you. Your role as a Safety Technology dealer is that of an independent business owner. You own and operate your own business while we act as your supplier.

Set your retail prices at or near what your competition charges, maximizing your profit per piece. If you are okay with making money on volume instead, set your price lower than the competition. Don’t go too low, or you will not generate a high enough margin to make it worth business.

If you have any questions about pricing, we are here to help. Safety Technology has become one of the largest companies in our industry thanks, in part, to the customer service we offer our dealers. Never hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions that need answers, including questions about our wholesale pricing.

Selling Security Scanners at Retail

You may be concerned that there isn’t a strong enough market for security scanners to build your business around. That is a legitimate concern. To answer that, let us discuss two things.

First, the suggested retail price of each of our security scanners is $27. Other brands charge much more. However, quality is not compromised. Also, understand that our wholesale pricing is considerably lower.

The second thing to consider is that you do not have to create a retail business selling just scanners. We have a full inventory of hundreds of products that you can use to complete online or brick-and-mortar retail operations. You can start with security scanners, then add:

  • stun guns and tasers
  • pepper spray products
  • personal safety products
  • home protection devices
  • hidden cameras and surveillance gear
  • survival gear.

We offer so many products that it is hard to quantify them all in a guide. But you are always free to browse our website. Our products are divided into categories to make browsing easier. Each product also has its own description and suggested retail price.

We aim to make selling security scanners at retail as easy as possible. We do so through wholesale pricing, even better bulk pricing, an unbeatable dropshipping program, and all the help and support you need to succeed.

How We Dropship Security Scanners

You may already be familiar with the traditional retail model of purchasing stock from your wholesaler and then selling it on a storefront or at gun shows. That model works very well for many people. But there are other ways to sell our security scanners. For example, you can sell while we act as your drop shipper.

Dropshipping is a business model that combines our purchasing and warehousing power with your selling ability. As a retailer, you will not have to purchase stock from us that you will store in your own space. You will also not have to worry about shipping and handling. We take care of all of that for you.

Your part of the transaction is selling and collecting orders. Our part is packing up your orders and shipping them to your customers on your behalf. This is the dropshipping model. Working together, we can combine our strengths to get security scanners and other personal safety items into the hands of your customers with minimal hassle.

For the record, Safety Technology is the largest drop shipper of personal safety and self-defense items in the country. There are many reasons for this, including that we do not charge our dealers any extra fees for using our dropshipping service. Dealers pay only the wholesale cost of the products they purchase plus whatever it costs us for shipping and packaging.

Sell Security Scanners However You Want

There isn’t just one way to sell security scanners to your customers. You can pitch them in person, make appointments to visit security managers at their locations, or do any of a number of other things. Just download and take our color catalog with you.

You can sell by advertising the products online—either with your own website or one we build for you. If that is not your thing, there are online classifieds, retail sites like eBay and Amazon, and even e-commerce platforms that offer all-in-one packages, including shopping carts and credit card processing.

We have found gun shows and self-defense exhibitions to be excellent venues for security scanners. Believe it or not, these kinds of shows are not populated exclusively by individual firearm owners. Security company owners, security managers, and police personnel visit the shows as well. Give them the right product at the right price, and you just might make a pretty big sale.

We live in a world in which increased security is not an option. There are far too many crazies out there willing to harm other people. As such, those in charge of security need every tool they can use to do their jobs. Security scanners are among those tools.

If you are ready to start selling security scanners and making good money, we invite you to submit our online dealer application. We are standing by to help you get started.