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The content below discusses the benefits and how effective wholesale home and personal alarms are. Retailers who buy these alarms in bulk can save money and sell them for a higher profit. This gives them an edge over competitors and access to special deals. These alarms are great at stopping burglars and making homes safer. Experts especially recommend motion-activated alarms because they’re affordable and work well. The article also talks about how to market these alarms and the new trends in the home security world. This includes the popularity of smart and DIY security systems.

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Statistics show that homes with active alarm systems have protection that makes them less likely to be targeted by criminals. Our wholesale prices allow you to make a nice profit when selling them. We understand that home alarm systems are expensive. Not everyone can afford them, and some people do not feel they are worth the investment. We offer an alternative to our home and personal alarms. We invite you to look at these products for possible inclusion in your personal safety inventory.

Home Alarms Are Effective

Home alarms create a level of deterrence by making noise. If there is one thing your customers need to know about property crimes, it’s this: criminals go out of their way to ensure they are not caught. A noisy alarm draws attention to what they’re doing. Criminals don’t like that. They are more likely to flee at the sound of an alarm than continue to force entry.

Kinds of Home and Personal Alarms We Sell

Our inventory of home and personal alarms offers you a choice of many kinds of products. We carry alarm padlocks, personal door alarms, door guard alarms, and even alarms your customers can place on their windows to alert them if the glass is broken.

The strength of the home alarms we sell is the combination of effectiveness and price. For a very small investment, your customers can increase their safety with a noisy alarm that alerts others to an emergency. These alarms represent a cost-effective way for your customers to protect themselves, whether at home, at work, traveling, or out on the town.

Motion-Activated Alarms

Home security experts more frequently recommend motion-activated alarms as standard equipment for integrated security systems. We get that. But we also know that an integrated security system may be beyond the budgetary reach of your customers. So as an alternative, we offer a selection of individual motion-activated alarms that can give your customers an added sense of safety at an affordable price.

How Motion-Activated Alarms Work

Motion-activated alarms use either radar or passive infrared technology to detect movement. A radar-based device can detect motion through thick doors and walls for fairly wide area coverage. As for passive infrared systems, they create an invisible perimeter that cannot be breached without triggering the device.

Both options work well for personal security purposes. They provide motion-sensing protection for a predefined area, making them ideal for single-room coverage or alerting property owners to someone approaching a door. All the alarms we sell in this category can be set to emit a high-decibel alarm or a more gentle door chime.

Some of our motion-activated alarms are portable products, meaning your customers can take them wherever they go. A motion-activated alarm is a wonderful tool for increasing safety when staying in an unfamiliar home or hotel room. And because their use is not limited to buildings, even campers can take advantage of a little extra safety in the woods.

The concept behind the motion-activated alarm is simple compared to how effective these devices are. We encourage all our dealers to include motion-activated alarms in their inventory. If you are not selling them yet, you really should be.

Help Your Customers Be Safer

We trust that you do what you do as a Safety Technology dealer because you are interested in helping people be safer. We offer you an opportunity to do just that by including our home alarm products in your personal safety and self-defense inventory. Selling these products means helping your customers enhance their safety.

The benefits of doing so cannot be overstated. People who feel safe are more confident about what they do; they tend to be more vigilant. Believe it or not, a personal safety mindset causes people to pay attention to what is happening around them more than they otherwise would. It is one of those dichotomies that do not make sense, but it’s true.

This awareness makes them safer as well. So by selling customers home alarms, you are doing more than just equipping them with electronic technology. You are also helping further to cement the idea of safety in their minds. This is always a good thing.

How Safety Technology Can Help You Sell

Everything we have told you about home alarms brings us to the most important topic: how Safety Technology can help you sell. First, note that we have been in this business since 1986. We are one of the industry’s leading wholesalers and the largest drop shipper of our kind. Nobody does personal safety and self-defense like Safety Technology.

As to how we can help you sell, here are a few things to think about:

  • Wholesale Prices – As a wholesaler, we offer our dealers comparably low prices that give them plenty of room to make a profit. We are not out to gouge our dealers on price; we want them to make money so that we make money.
  • Free Dropshipping – Some dropshippers charge extra fees in order to make the equivalent of retail on products sold. We don’t do that. Safety Technology charges only the product’s wholesale price plus the actual shipping and packaging costs. That’s it.
  • Websites – Our dealers have many choices for selling online and in person. If you want to sell online but do not want to build your website from scratch, we can build one for you. Ask us about our websites When you sign up as a Safety Technology dealer.
  • Support – We believe in our dealers. As such, we support them in any way we can. If you ever have a question about how to be a better dealer, you need only ask. If there is ever a problem with a shipment or product you buy from us, just let us know.
  • Inventory – We have hundreds of products that you can sell as a dealer. Start with just a few or sell everything in our catalog. It is entirely up to you.
  • Marketing – We make selling online easier by giving you access to marketing materials. We offer print- and web-ready graphics, complete product descriptions, UPC numbers, and more. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to start selling.


Safety Technology is committed to helping all our dealers succeed as small business owners. While you may sell a home and personal alarm you purchase from us at wholesale prices, you will be a self-employed business owner free to control whatever you do completely. We help and support you as your wholesaler and drop shipper.

How to Get Started Selling Home Alarms

Have we got your attention yet? If so, now is the time to get started down the road of becoming a successful personal safety and self-defense retailer. The first thing you will do is complete and submit our dealer application. We will follow up with an e-mail with instructions for providing the documentation we need to establish your business. Once we receive that documentation, we will create a Safety Technology dealer account in your name.

You will get a second e-mail welcoming you to the Safety Technology family. That e-mail will include your username and password. You’ll then be able to log on to your dealer account to access our catalog, price list, graphics, and more. From there, you can also order products at wholesale prices.

With products in hand, it is a matter of deciding how and where you want to sell. Our dealers make most of their money at flea markets and gun shows. These are great venues due to the amount of traffic they generate. Gun shows are especially attractive because the people who visit them already have a safety mindset.

Don’t worry if you do not have access to gun shows and flea markets. There are other ways to sell. You can conduct home parties where you give a demonstration and then pass around our catalog. You could rent space downtown or in your local strip mall. You can sell via pop-up shops or rent vendor space at local festivals and other public events.

You Can Sell Home Alarms Online

We previously mentioned selling home and personal alarms online by building your website or letting us build one for you. Both are great options. But there are other options, including selling on established sites like eBay and Amazon.

Some of our dealers even use free online classifieds to drum up business. They place some classifieds here or there with links to point them to their websites or Amazon/eBay pages. There are so many online opportunities that we can’t detail them all here. Selling online really is just a matter of creativity.

Safety Technology is fully aware that integrated home security systems are expensive. We understand that not everyone can afford such costly security. That does not mean those same people shouldn’t be allowed to protect themselves. We give them that opportunity – and you can too – by way of our home and personal alarms selection.

Ready to start selling?