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Wholesale Telescopic Batons

Safety Technology offers telescopic batons at great wholesale prices so our dealers can profit well. These batons are made of metal, super easy to carry, and perfect for keeping yourself safe. They used to be a thing for police, but now anyone can buy them. You can sell them at flea markets or online on eBay and Amazon. We offer cool dealership benefits, like low prices, drop shipping, and marketing help. We want you to know how great these self-defense tools are. Plus, we help dealers get started, give them tips on selling more, and even provide a complete digital catalog of products. Safety Technology ensures dealers make good money and help more people stay safe.

12" Telescopic Baton - Gray, Gold & Plasma
16", 21", 26" Push Button Telescopic Baton
12", 16", 21" Telescopic Steel Batons
21.5" Automatic Telescopic Steel Baton

Self Defense

Non-lethal self-defense weapons come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the telescopic baton. This self-defense weapon is easy to carry, use, and effective. Batons are so effective that police agencies have used them for hundreds of years. In Britain, the baton is the central self-defense weapon police officers carry on the street. These are products you should be selling.

Telescopic Batons in the U.S.

We do not have the same reservations about personal safety and self-defense that many other cultures do. As such, most of us also do not have any compunction about defending ourselves with whatever means necessary—even if that means a pain-inducing telescopic baton. That is why these batons sell so well.

There are plenty of self-defense-minded Americans uninterested in carrying a firearm. For them, the selection of non-lethal self-defense products we offer is essential. Non-lethal self-defense allows staving off an attack without permanently harming the attacker. A baton does that very effectively.

A well-designed baton is a sturdy striking tool that can fend off an attack. A telescopic baton extends outward so that the user does not have to be so close to his or her attacker for the baton to be effective.

For example, we sell a 26-inch telescopic steel baton with a rubber handle. Having 26 inches to work with is helpful when dealing with an attack. And because the baton itself is steel, it hurts on impact. We would not want to be hit with one of these things swung at full power.

How the Telescopic Baton Works

Before you begin selling telescopic batons, it would be helpful to know how they work. The principle behind them is straightforward. A telescopic baton is made with a series of metal tubes, each smaller than the one beneath. To deploy the device, flick it with your wrist. The laws of physics take over from there.

The energy you supply is transferred into the baton, causing the tip to move forward to extend the telescoping pieces.

To retract the baton, strike the tip on a hard surface.

The telescoping pieces will slide back into one another to return the baton to its original size and shape. It is all very simple with no need for batteries or any other electrical supply.

The telescopic design makes the baton very easy to carry. Your customers can throw one in a pocket, purse, the messenger bag, or even a backpack. Carrying with a holster is yet another option. As long as the person carries his or her baton in an accessible location, it is easy to grab and employ in one seamless motion.

A steel baton is ideal for striking an attacker about the face and head. The protruding tip can be used to poke the eyes, strike the groin, or jab the abdomen. In short, the telescopic steel baton is a very effective non-lethal self-defense weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

Introduce Your Customers to Telescopic Batons

Hopefully we have convinced you of the effectiveness of telescopic batons and self-defense weapons. Now it is your job to go out and introduce them to your customers. They need to know that there are non-lethal self-defense options available to them, options that will not break the bank or require them to be licensed to carry.

A terrific way to get that message out is to rent space at a nearby flea market. We love flea markets because they are high-traffic environments visited by people who are ready to spend as soon as they set foot on the property. It only takes minimal effort to engage flea market customers in a discussion about self-defense.

Another advantage of the flea market is that space is generally very affordable. Unlike renting a full storefront in the middle of downtown, you can get profitable flea market space at a fraction of the cost. Flea markets are a wonderful way to sell and maximize margins at the same time.

Another great venue for introducing your customers to telescopic steel batons is the tried-and-true gun show. Understand this: not every gun show visitor is looking to buy firearms and ammunition. Many of them are looking for non-lethal self-defense products as well. Introduce show visitors to the telescopic steel baton and you will most certainly have their attention.

Selling and Marketing Telescopic Batons

It has been our experience that selling and marketing telescopic batons works best when you approach it from a non-lethal self-defense angle. Talk to your customers about the need for self-defense products. Discuss with them any environments they may frequent that raise concerns about security. Explain to them how a telescopic baton is easy to carry and even easier to deploy in the event of an emergency.

For a lot of people, the need for self-defense does not become apparent until such a need arises. You can help your customers by having the discussion with them before something bad happens. The conversation you might have at a flea market or gun show could be the impetus behind a customer becoming proactive about security. Such a decision could actually save a life.

There are lots of ways to market telescopic steel batons. If you plan to do the flea market or gun show thing, it is all about setting up an attractive and inviting display. With that display, be prepared to engage your customers in conversation. Showing interest in them really increases your chances of a sale with every interaction.

Online, you can sell and market telescopic steel batons in quite a few ways. Many of our dealers take advantage of the built-in benefits of sites like eBay and Amazon. Some sell exclusively on the sites; others combine eBay and Amazon sales with other online opportunities.

Safety Technology Is Your Wholesale Partner

Regardless of how you decide to sell telescopic steel batons, you are going to need to partner with a reputable wholesale dealer. Safety Technology is that dealer. We are one of the largest personal safety and self-defense wholesalers in the country, and THE largest dropshipper in our industry. We have been serving retailers around the country for decades.

Our reputation as wholesalers is built on low, wholesale pricing. We are most definitely in business to make money for ourselves, but we have made a commitment to our dealers not to gouge them on prices. We keep our prices low enough to give dealers every opportunity to succeed. And remember this: we only succeed when our dealers succeed. We are relying on them to buy from us at prices low enough to enable them to make a good profit.

In addition to being a wholesale provider, Safety Technology can also be your dropshipping partner. Users choosing the dropshipping model get the same low wholesale pricing and reliable customer service without any additional charges to pay. And as for shipping and packaging, dealers pay exactly what we pay. We do not charge more for dropshipping.

Of course, if you decide you would like to stock your own items for sale at some of the venues we have talked about, you can buy from Safety Technology in any quantity. We offer lower bulk pricing to dealers who buy in large lots, though. This helps us move more product and gives those dealers more room for profit.

Become a Safety Technology Dealer Today

Regardless of how you choose to sell, you cannot sell anything until you become a Safety Technology dealer. So do it today. Becoming a dealer gives you access to our great wholesale pricing, our full-color catalog, and a variety of materials to help you sell. You also get unparalleled customer service. Our customer service team is as committed to your success as they are to ours.

You can start the process of becoming an authorized dealer by submitting our online dealer form. This is a very short application that you can fill out in minutes. Once you submit it, we will look it over and respond with an e-mail that includes further instructions. We will need you to provide some documentation about your business to get you started.

Approval of your dealer application will result in Safety Technology establishing an online account for you. With that account you can purchase items at wholesale prices for your own stock or order through our dropshipping service. You will also have access to all the materials we previously mentioned. They include a complete product list with pricing, product descriptions, and even web- and print-ready graphics that are very helpful for marketing purposes.

Look, there are people out there who want telescopic batons and the other products we sell. They can buy them from you, or they can buy them from another dealer. The choice is yours. We are standing by to help you get started if you are ready to make money with telescopic batons.