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Lots of different people can use these safety lights. If you own a home, have a pet, are a parent, like to run, or drive a lot, these lights can make you more visible and safe. Safety Technology is here to help if you want to start selling these lights. They offer good prices for buying in bulk, help you with marketing, and have a team ready to support you, making it easier to make money from selling these lights.

You can sell safety lights both online and face-to-face. Safety Technology has a cool drop shipping program that makes selling online super easy and doesn’t cost much for dealers. Or, you can sell them in person at local events, parties at home, or even trade shows. This way, you can reach even more people who might want these safety lights.

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Safety and Self-defense Lights

Being seen is often the difference between getting home safely and being an accident victim. People are urged to wear bright colors and reflective clothing when running, walking, or riding a bike at night. At Safety Technology, we take the concept of being seen one step further with our safety lights. Safety lights fit nicely into your inventory of personal safety consumer products.

Sell Safety When You Sell Safety Lights

Including our safety lights on your product list is just one other way to help your customers lead safer lives. When you sell these products, you’re actually selling safety to consumers who are already concerned about the many potential dangers they face.

Safety lights may not be as sexy as pepper spray or stun guns, but they are just as necessary to the consumer looking to maximize personal safety. That’s why we sell them, and you should, too. Once people understand the benefits of a handy little safety light, they will be ready to buy.

Sell Safety Lights to Nearly Anyone

We love talking about things like safety lights because of the vast opportunities for selling them. Remember that retail is all about introducing the right audience to the product you are selling. Safety lights are no different. Once you understand the target consumer, you can create messaging that clearly explains the benefits of buying.

Sell safety lights to:

  • Homeowners—The homeowners in your area need work lights for all those around-the-house tasks. They might as well buy them from you.
  • Dog Owners – There’s no denying that dog owners must walk their pets multiple times daily, even when it is dark out. They are perfect candidates for both pet and safety lights designed for humans.
  • Parents – We all know how concerned modern parents are over the safety of their little ones. They will purchase safety lights for the children’s bikes, shoes, and arms.
  • Runners—You can sell safety lights to runners fairly easily. They are always looking for ways to increase their visibility, and a safety light is one of the best ways to do that.
  • Motorists—Even motorists will buy safety lights if you frame your message around staying visible after an accident or breakdown. Keeping a spare safety light in the trunk is never a bad idea.


We have barely scratched the surface regarding who you can sell safety lights to. The five ideas listed above will spark your imagination. Safety lights have so many practical uses that you may only partially reach your target audience. That is an excellent problem to have, as it means you are selling safety lights to a broad base of people.

Safety Technology Can Help You Sell

Selling safety lights is simple in principle. However, you will need some help to make good money. You can buy safety lights at wholesale and then turn them around at a profit. Retail prices are as high as you can go. We help by offering low wholesale prices on safety lights and similar products.

Our wholesale prices are low enough to allow you to make good money without damaging our profit. You buy wholesale from us, mark up the price high enough to cover your costs and generate some extra, and then list your products online or sell them in person. The difference between what you pay us and your customer’s price constitutes your gross profits. Then, deduct your costs to reveal your net profit.

How much can you make? There is no way for us to know – there are just too many factors to consider. What we can say is that we are committed to keeping our wholesale prices as low as we can. We also need your business to succeed if we want ours to grow. That will not happen if we raise our prices so high that you cannot afford to make a profit.

In addition to wholesale prices, we assist you in other ways. For example, all our dealers can access print- and web-ready graphics and product descriptions. You can use this information to build an e-commerce site featuring safety lights and any other Safety Technology products you want to sell.

The information can be used to print leaflets and brochures or to create a store catalog for your retail operation. The point is that we do not just sell you safety lights and leave you hanging. We support you with various materials, great prices, and reliable customer service.

Sell Safety Lights Online or In-Person

The question that might be running through your mind is, “How can I sell safety lights at retail?” The answer is multifaceted. It starts with understanding that you can sell online, in person, or through a combination. Online sales can be everything from eBay to an e-commerce site and online classifieds.

We make online selling easy through our dropshipping program. This program teams our two businesses together so that each one can maximize its strengths. Our strength is our role as a wholesaler, and your strength is your passion for retail. Combining our strengths enables both of our businesses to succeed.

Please note that we do not charge extra for drop shipping. Our dealers pay only the wholesale price of the products they order, along with the cost of shipping and packaging. We handle stocking, order fulfillment, and shipping at the lowest possible price. As a bonus, everything we drop ship on your behalf goes out in packaging with your name.

Are you interested in selling in person? Well then, let’s get going. An excellent place to sell safety lights is at local community events that seek out vendors. Your town may have an annual celebration noting its founding. You could join the other vendors by setting up your table or booth.

Home parties are another fantastic way to sell safety lights. Once you are a Safety Technology dealer, you can download our full-color catalog or create a catalog of your own with information from our website. Then, you just organize a party, pass the catalog around, and start taking orders.

You can sell in person at trade shows, gun shows, self-defense exhibitions, outdoor festivals, and flea markets. Just about any place where people gather in large numbers is a terrific location for you to sell. All you need is foot traffic and an opportunity to introduce customers to the benefits of owning a safety light.

Build the Business of Selling Safety Lights

Everything we have described regarding safety lights has been offered with a purpose. That purpose is to help you understand that you can build your own business selling safety lights and other Safety Technology products. We have been in the business for decades, so trust us when we say that the personal safety and self-defense industry is wide open and continues to grow year after year.

The world is gradually becoming more dangerous. If it is not a crime your customers have to worry about, it may be as simple as the heavy traffic they face when they jog at night. The fact is that danger is around every corner. Your customers do not have to face those dangers unprepared. They can face them head-on with the kinds of devices we sell.

If you are ready to start making money with safety lights, let’s get started. Please fill out our online dealer application right away. We will respond with an e-mail providing further instructions. Once the transaction is complete, you will be an official Safety Technology dealer with access to all our products at low wholesale prices.