Self-defense Keychain Wholesaling

Heart Attack, Kubotan, Peace KEYper, Cat Strike, and Brutus Self-Defense Keychains

At the core of everything we do at Safety Technology is the belief that every person has the right to safety, security, and liberty. Our Self Defense keychains category of products is very much in line with that belief. You can sell these products to customers who are ever-cognizant of the need to do what they can to defend themselves.

Sell Self-Defense Keychains to Your Customers

When you sell personal safety and self-defense items, you are selling more than just retail products that people can hods. You are selling the opportunity for your customers to protect themselves. To us, this is critically important. We sell self-defense keychain products at low wholesale prices in the hopes that our dealers will turn around and make them available to the general public.

Each of these products is designed to be used for self-defense purposes. Each one is small enough to conveniently carry and keep concealed until using it becomes necessary. Any customers looking for a compact, concealable self-defense weapon should find something in this category that suits them.

The Importance of Self-Defense Keychains

The key to selling devices like self-defense keychains and kubotans is to stress the importance of self-defense keychains. You know emergencies do not always lend themselves well to waiting until authorities arrive. Sometimes people have but a split second to do what needs to be done to neutralize a situation. That is what these products are all about.

Talk with your customers about the risks of being out and about without some self-defense keychain. Ask them what they would do if they faced an attacker when no one else was around. We all hear about these things daily, yet we tend to put the need for self-defense keychains on the back burner until something terrible happens.

We assume you want to sell self-defense keychain items because you believe in the principle of being prepared. That’s awesome. Now reach out to your customers with the same message. Once they understand how easy it is to be prepared without going the lethal self-defense route, they will be ready to take a second look at what you are selling.

Sell the Kubotan, Brutus, Peace KEYper, Cat Strike, and Heart Attack Self-Defense Key Chains with a Conversation

Our most successful dealers have discovered that conversations are the best way to sell self-defense keychain products. Those conversations can take place in person or online. You have to look for opportunities to engage with customers in a way that gives them a reason to consider what you are saying.

Talk to your customers about self-defense keychains and safety. Discuss the environments they live, work, and play in. Talk about how something as simple as a self-defense key chain could mean the difference between thwarting an attack and becoming a victim.

If you sell self-defense keychain items online, engage your customers through blog posts and social media. You can cover the same topics you would speak to customers about in person. And with each blog post and social media interaction, allow your customers to join the conversation. This is what sells.

Venues for Selling

Now that you’ve heard about selling these products in person and online, you might wonder what venues are available. Rest assured, you have plenty to choose from.

In-person sales, what we usually call traditional retail, is wide open for what Safety Technology offers dealers. We believe one of the best places to start is the home party. Home parties involve gathering family members and friends interested in learning about personal safety. After a brief presentation and discussion, you pass around the Safety Technology catalog and start taking orders.

Home parties are one of the most personable ways to discuss those previously mentioned. At home, in your living room, you can talk about things that your friends and family may not be willing to discuss in a retail store.

A brick-and-mortar retail store is another option for in-person sales. You can stock a complete inventory of personal safety and self-defense items, including the self-defense keychain items mentioned here. Over time, you will discover what sells in your location and what does not.

Sell at Gun Shows and Flea Markets

Gun shows and flea markets are two more venues for selling in person. Both options are ideal for our self-defense keychain products for several reasons. First, gun shows and flea markets are high-traffic environments with many people in a small space.

Next, the people who frequent gun shows are already thinking about self-defense. They are as open to non-lethal self-defense as firearms and ammunition.

Finally, flea market visitors are prepared to spend. They go to flea markets to do so. You will be closer to making the sale if you can capture their attention with an engaging conversation.

Online Venues for Selling

You can sell self-defense keychain products online, exclusive from in-person sales or as an enhancement. Before you question whether online sales will work or not, consider this: you are, right now, thinking about buying wholesale inventory through our online store. If you are willing, you can bet retail customers are too.

Safety Technology can build a website for you, or you can go ahead and build your own. You can also sell online through classified ads, retail sites like eBay and Amazon, and major e-commerce platforms. It is entirely up to you. You only need web space, a shopping cart application, and a little knowledge of internet marketing. Your online store should start producing results in a short amount of time.

We Dropship

Are you looking to start your own self-defense keychains business but do not have the money to pour into inventory? No worries. You can use Safety Technology as your drop shipper with all the abovementioned venues. Doing so relieves you of stocking a warehouse and shipping out products. You never handle the products when you use our drop shipping service.

Drop shipping works for us because we already have a warehouse full of inventory. It works for our dealers because we handle their stock for them. Moreover, we do not charge any extra fees for drop shipping. Dealers pay precisely what we pay for shipping and packing supplies, plus the wholesale price of the products retail customers order.

Make Money Selling

We sell self-defense keychain devices to give people every opportunity to defend themselves. But we will admit we are also in this business to make money. And trust us when we say there is money to be made. Americans are increasingly concerned about their safety, and many are taking the steps necessary to protect themselves.

Making money in this business means finding a wholesale supplier you can trust. Safety Technology is that supplier. You purchase from us at wholesale prices thed sell your products at retail. The markup you apply covers your expenses and generates some profit. How much profit, we cannot say. That is up to how you run your business.

We can say that our wholesale pricing leaves you plenty of room for a healthy markup. You should have no trouble generating the income you need to be successful as a personal safety and self-defense retailer.

A Market Waiting to Be Tapped

Safety Technology has been in the non-lethal self-defense business for decades. We have watched as our industry has grown from a small, niche industry into the powerhouse it is today. We can tell you that the market is far from saturated. There is still a significant market waiting to be tapped by dealers like you.

Across the country, people are growing more concerned about safety and security. Theyseekr ways to protect themselves against others who seek toharm themm. Our personal protection keychain products are part of the equation. You can help people arm themselves by allowing them to buy knives, self-defense key chains, and kubotans.

Safety Technology wants to see you succeed as a dealer. Every dealer who successfully sells our keychains and other products makes money and helps customers simultaneously. Those dealers even help us by enabling us to move more products.

Are you looking to start your own personal safety business? If so, we would be honored by the opportunity to help you. Let Safety Technology be your wholesale supplier of self-defense keychain products. You will appreciate our low wholesale pricing and unparalleled customer service.