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Book Diversion Safe


Protect your valuables from intruders with the Book Diversion Safe. This clever and inconspicuous safe provides the perfect hiding place for all of your important items such as jewelry, cash, or other small personal items. Looking like an ordinary book, this diversion safe comes in a variety of realistic book titles – it’s sure to fool any untrustworthy company or individual looking for things to steal. No one will expect that you have actually tucked away some valuable items in plain sight. Its versatile design allows you to keep it anywhere like on a bookshelf or even on top of a coffee table; no one would ever suspect that the book’s real purpose!

  • Uses legit book titles and covers
  • Fits in valuables like jewelry
  • Hide your items in plain site on a book shelf
  • Internal Measurement 7¾” x 4″ x 1″
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