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Key Chain Alarm with Light

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Looking for a personal security device, you can take with you wherever you go? Check out the keychain alarm with light! This handy little unit combines a powerful 130dB alarm with a flashing light, making it perfect for deterring would-be attackers or signaling for help in an emergency.

The key chain alarm is activated in two ways: by pulling the pin attached to the keychain or pressing the button on the top of the unit. And it doesn’t have to be used just as an alarm – it can also be used as a flashlight without activating it. Best of all, it runs on two AAA batteries (included), so you’ll never be left stranded without power. Whether you’re out walking alone at night or traveling in unfamiliar territory, the keychain alarm with light is a must-have for your safety.

  • press the alarm button on the top of the unit
  • combines a 130dB alarm and a flashing light
  • two AAA batteries included
  • is activated in two ways
  • pull the pin attached to the key chain
  • can be used as a flashlight without activating the alarm
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