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Lint Roller Diversion Safe


Interior dimensions of safe 1 ½” x 4 ½”

Don’t let potential thieves and sticky-fingered friends in your home find your safe! Keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes with the Lint Roller Diversion Safe. Crafted to look exactly like a normal lint roller, this inconspicuous safe is the perfect place to keep your most precious items away from unwelcome hands.

Specially designed to look like an everyday household item, no one will know that your lint roller is actually a discreet hiding spot for all of your most valuable items. The exterior looks just like an ordinary lint roller and can be placed anywhere you have lint rollers. Place it on a counter in the bathroom or bedroom or even keep it tucked away in a closet—no one will ever suspect a thing!

The Lint Roller Diversion Safe couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply unscrew the end of the lint roller and place whatever you want inside before returning the cap back on securely for added protection. The black handle is easy to grasp when opening, so you won’t draw attention while retrieving whatever is stashed away inside the safe.

Keep your valuable items hidden in plain sight with this clever decoy safe! Get yours today before evil-doers figure out how to get their hands on them!

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