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Local Marketplace Blueprint – FREE Shipping

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The problem is that few people really understand how to successfully make money at these events.

But the Good News for You Is, Many Of My Dealers and I, Have figured It Out!

And now after 30+ years of Working with thousands Safety Technology Authorized Dealers who sold at local market events, I have created the BLUEPRINT to making that extra money you need at any type of local marketplace event.

It’s where you can add as much as…
A couple of thousand dollars by just working 2-3 days a month if that’s what you want….or making much more a month, by working 2-3 Days each week.

Would it be in your best interest to learn how to do this?

I’m a wholesaler meaning I don’t make any money unless my Authorized Dealers sell my products. This is the main reason I wrote this manual…to help my dealers make more money.

And one of the main reasons for the success for my Authorized Dealers is they have a ‘Proven and Successful’ System to sell at Local Events.

Now, you can have that system, too. The Blueprint to make money at Local Market Events, right out of the gate.

There is such a HUGE demand for what we offer, and a huge variety of very desirable and profitable items that you can sell at Swap Meets, Flea Markets, Gun Shows, and other Specialty Market Shows…once you put my ‘Proven & Successful’ BLUEPRINT to work for you!

Thousands of People Attend Each Of These Local Events Every Weekend In Your Area And Are Looking For Products To Buy.

And you will make money if you follow my ‘Proven & Successful’ BLUEPRINT to display our high in-demand products the way we show you.

You might be wondering why you should be selling stun guns, Tasers, pepper spray, knives, personal alarms, etc, at Flea Markets, Gun Shows, and other Specialty Market Shows.

So let me address that for you right now.

It’s simply because there’s just never been a better time…

Trends, news events, demographics are all driving the explosive boom in spending on personal and home defense products.

Let’s now get to the DETAILS of the incredible moneymaking “Local Marketplace BLUEPRINT” that I’ve crafted for YOU…

I’d Like To Introduce You To The “Local Marketplace BLUEPRINT” That YOU Will Follow “Step-by-Step” On Your New Path To Prosperity

This can vary from state-to-state or show-to-show, but we’ll tell you everything you need to prepare before you do your first show. This is exciting isn’t it? Okay let’s move on

It’s important to not only know where the gun shows, trade shows, flea markets and other local events are in your area, but also to pick the right one to start with. There are real shortcuts to show you where they are without having all the hassles of having to search for them. And, we’ll show you how to not only pick the right one, but who to contact, how to decide how much space you need and how to finalize all the paperwork.

Obviously, you want to sell as much as you can at every local event you display at and when you follow my blueprint you’ll tap into exactly what we’ve seen work from thousands of Safety Technology Authorized Dealers.

During this step we’ll cover the nitty-gritty of:

  • Which products you want to make sure you bring and how many you should have at your first show.
  • How To quickly familiarize yourself with the products so you become an expert in the eyes of your customers
  • The correct way to display your products to maximize your sales (This is definitely one thing that over 90% of the people who are displaying at these shows are doing wrong), AND
  • The signs you’ll need and where to place them

Now that you’ll know what to bring, how to display it and everything else you need to have ready in order to maximize sales you’re ready for…

Step #4: Conducting Your First Show
When the promoter opens up the doors to the crowds of hungry buyers, you’ll be ready to accept sales. During this step we’ll show you insider secrets to engaging customers, and creating special or seasonal product packages in order to encourage buyers to automatically buy more!

Of course, you’ll have some products remaining when the event it over. If you didn’t it only means that you didn’t bring enough products with you. So, during this step we’ll cover how to tear down your space and pack it up for your next local event.

Would it be in your best interest to learn this? Okay, let’s move onto the final step…

This is really a more advanced part of the Local Marketplace blueprint which most of our most successful Authorized Dealers have embraced and I’m sure you will too.

They very diligently collect the names and contact information from their customers to follow-up with them after the event is over to sell them additional safety products. There are some very easy ways to do this and we’ll cover all of them during the Local Marketplace blueprint training.

As you probably noticed by now, the Local Marketplace BLUEPRINT is by far the easiest and most complete System to follow PERIOD as it guides you step-by-step along the way to success

What you will get for only $97.00 $49.00:

  • Training Manual Walking You Through Every Step Of The Local Marketplace BLUEPRINT
  • Online Resource page with:
    – PDF version of the manual with live links
    – Business Card Template
    – 8 Postcard Offers Templates
    – 8 Follow Up Email Offers Templates
    – 2 Information Gathering Forms
    – Done 4 You Apartment Package, Ladies Choice Package and College Package Signs

Heck, just showing you how to present the products and engage your customers at these local events in such a way that results in them spending more money with you is worth its weight in gold!

You can purchase products and do your show without this information, but you will just have products to sell.
You won’t have a step-by-step system to sell them.

REMEMBER: The real business is getting customers to your booth and converting those customers to sales.

When you receive the Local Marketplace BLUEPRINT Manual, I will show you how to get customers to your booth and convert them to sales.

I will give you the tools, the knowledge and, hopefully, the motivation.

I will give you everything you need to make money selling these in-demand products at Local Events.

Remember, as a wholesaler, I don’t make money unless my Authorized Dealers sell products.

That’s why it’s important to not only provide you great products to sell, but to make sure you make money with them.

I promise, when you start getting sales at your first local event, the time you invest on the training won’t feel like work at all…it will be fun!