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Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case


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When you need protection, you want the best. That’s why Mace® Hard Case Pepper Spray is the perfect solution for anyone looking for powerful protection that fits into their life. Our hardest, most durable case was designed to keep you safe. This pepper spray attaches to your keychain so you can have confidence knowing that with just a flick of the wrist, help—and protection—is on its way.

Its 10-foot range and ten bursts provide quick access when summoned, and OC pepper causes immobilizing respiratory distress and an intense burning sensation to the skin. Its unique ultraviolet dye also adds an extra layer of security, leaving behind a long-lasting residue in case police need to investigate or identify individuals upon arrival.

Plus, Mace® Hard Case Pepper Spray has smart safety mechanisms built right in, so you don’t ever have to worry about misfiring or accidental discharge; the flip-top safety cap ensures that help will always be just a safe flick away no matter what obstacle comes your way.

Effortlessly tough and practical, take Mace® Hard Case Pepper Spray with you next time you head out, and never be afraid of stepping outside again.