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Mace® PepperGard Police Pepper Spray


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Are you looking for a way to keep yourself safe? The Mace Brand Police pepper spray has got you covered! Packed with maximum-level police strength pepper spray, this product gives you the safety you need—without having to actually become an officer of the law. You can feel protected knowing the Mace Brand police pepper spray is taken seriously by actual authorities and offers superior protection against potential assailants.

Made to last, this powerful security device fits easily in your pocket or purse. It’s designed with a 12-foot range and stings assailants with up to 20 bursts of pressurized pepper spray when needed. Not only does it provide strong protection, but it also looks as intimidating as any criminal can imagine. Cops carry this kind of device on patrol for a reason, so why not add some level of protection for yourself? Carry it on your daily commute or walk alone at night—the Mace Brand Police pepper spray ensures security in any situation that demands extra caution. Don’t get caught without it!

  • EFFECT: When it comes to protection, Mace Brand Police Pepper Spray is your trusted companion. Our formula is derived from Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), a natural ingredient found in hot peppers, plus a UV detection dye that makes criminal identification easier. When you spray this product directly at an attacker’s face, you’ll be backed by severe deterrents: their eyes will slam shut, and intense sting and burning pains will affect the skin and respiratory system, causing extreme discomfort. Not only that, but the effects should start to subside after 45 minutes to an hour; get back in control quickly with Mace Brand Police Pepper Spray! Defend your safety any time with the reliable protection of Mace’s proven pepper spray technology.
  • USE: Be prepared to fight back if ever in a dangerous situation. With Mace Brand Police model pepper spray, you’re given the power to protect yourself. This powerful protection can quickly disable an effusive assailant, allowing you to get away safely and sound the alarm. Always be ready with this easy-to-use pepper spray: flick off the safety cap under your thumb and press the actuator button to spray your attacker. The stun gun effect of the Mace Brand Police Model will disable them long enough for you to make a speedy escape! Trust in Mace’s 45 years of experience as the leading brand in personal defense sprays, and pick up a bottle today!
  • STORAGE: Are you looking for a reliable self-defense tool that won’t fail you when you need it most? Look no further than Mace Police Pepper Spray! With thermal protection from heat, flame, and intense sunlight, this versatile spray will serve its purpose every time. When temperatures reach 120°F/50°C or higher, traditional spray canisters can suffer from over-pressurization, causing them to leak and fail. But our police-grade pepper spray has been specially formulated with a cooling system that ensures effective performance wherever you are. Plus, we’ve engineered it to provide consistent defense in cold environments below 32°F/0°C—protecting you even when other sprays can let you down. So why risk your safety by relying on ordinary tools? Choose Mace Police Pepper Spray and always have the best protection available!
  • EXPIRATION: Mace Brand pepper sprays are easy to use and last more than four years if stored properly. All our products have an expiration date on the back, so you know when it’s time to replace your unit! We recommend purchasing a new can every two to three years to stay safe – don’t be caught off guard when an attack occurs!