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Spray Bottle Diversion Safe


Protect your valuables and keep them hidden in plain sight with the Spray Bottle Diversion Safe. This safe looks just like a standard spray bottle, so you can keep it in any room of the house or tucked away under a sink or out in the garage without anyone ever knowing that it’s holding your most valuable possessions. You don’t have to worry about mischievous intruders, deceitful roommates, or sneaky family members taking what is yours. This diversion safe has an interior dimension of 1¾” x 5¼”, making it perfect for safeguarding jewelry, keys, or emergency money. Get added protection with the Spray Bottle Diversion Safe. Masterfully crafted and designed to let you hide away what’s dearest to you without sacrificing style or authenticity.

  • Safeguard your spare change
  • Twist off the bottom to open the safe
  • Internal Measurement 1¾” x 5¼”
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