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Barking Dog Alarm FloorAlarm Sounds Like An Angry Dog When Someone Approaches Your Home

What are your feelings about dogs? If you’re not a fan of man’s best friend, you are probably not comfortable with hearing a barking dog as you approach a friend’s house. It turns out burglars and bears don’t like barking dogs either. That’s why we sell barking dog alarms.

What Do Barking Dog Alarms Do?

A barking dog alarm is not an alarm to tell you when your dog is barking. You should already know that. No, this product is a kind of intruder alarm that, when activated, emits loud barking noises. It is designed to mimic a large and angry German Shepherd letting all within earshot know he is not happy that someone is approaching.

The motion sensitive alarm works by constantly monitoring sound and vibrations through walls, doors, windows, etc. Anyone approaching the alarm will trigger it by getting too close. And once that happens, the ferocious bark of an unhappy canine is usually enough to terrify anyone.

Barking dog alarms are effective for several applications. We recommend them primarily as burglar alarms, given FBI statistics that routinely show dogs being at the top of the list of things burglars hate. The FBI explains that burglars don’t like noise. They want to get in and out as quickly as possible without anyone knowing they are in the area.

As such, a barking dog represents a quick way to get caught. Forget those cartoons showing a burglar throwing a steak to keep the dog quiet. The unsettling sound of a barking dog alarm will scare most burglars away with their tails between their legs.

No Feeding This Digital Dog

There are many positive aspects to dog ownership. Unfortunately, not every person is a dog person. Our barking dog alarms are perfect for those kinds of people because they offer the benefits of having a guard dog without actually owning one. A dog alarm doesn’t need to be fed, watered, or taken for walks through the neighborhood. Just install batteries or plug the alarm into a 110 V outlet, and it’s good to go.

Another benefit of owning a barking dog alarm is that you will probably not need any permit. Real dogs have to be licensed by the local municipality. You have to provide regular vaccination records as well. Not so with this puppy.

Home alarms and security systems tied in with 24-hour monitoring also tend to require permits. This is because monitored systems are designed to include automatic notification to the authorities in the event they are triggered. Municipalities use permits to keep track of false alarms and prevent people with too many false alarms from continuing to notify the police automatically.

Once again, no permit or licensing is necessary for a barking dog alarm. This is a local alarm only. All it does is make a lot of noise. Rest assured that the noise it does make is very effective at turning intruders away. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week—all without needing to be played with or taken outside to do its business.

Selling Barking Dog Alarms at Retail

Safety Technology sells barking dog alarms to our dealers at great wholesale prices. You can sell them too, at a higher retail price. All it takes is official approval as a Safety Technology dealer. All our dealers have access to every product on our shelves – including these alarms. They are here to be sold as soon as you are registered.

Selling local alarms at retail is a good way to make some supplemental money alongside what you earn from your full-time occupation. Even better, you can feature barking dog alarms as a brand-new product for your full-time business enterprise. Sell these and all our other local home alarms and complete security systems.

Understand that home security is a very hot market right now. People from coast to coast are coming to terms with the fact that their own safety starts at home. They appreciate the efforts of their local police departments, but they know their best defense against the criminal element rests in their own abilities to deter intrusion.

That’s what home alarms are all about. They mitigate the need to call the police by discouraging intruders from attempting to do what they do. It is amazing how effective the sound of a barking German Shepherd is to that end.

Interestingly, a fantastic way to sell barking dog alarms is to demonstrate them in real time. For example, let’s say you have a booth at a local flea market. You can use one of our barking dog alarms as a display model. Activate it, set it on your table, and watch what happens. Anyone who walks by will instantly know how effective these bad boys are.

Safety Technology Offers Low Wholesale Prices

As a wholesaler, our number one goal is to get these barking dog alarms into the hands of as many dealers as possible. We make our money on volume. How do we do it? By combining low wholesale pricing with exceptional customer service.

Our wholesale pricing is low enough that our dealers have plenty of room for markup. Some of our competitors charge comparatively higher prices per piece, but we prefer to make our money on volume. We keep our prices as low as possible to move as many pieces as possible.

Here’s the deal: we only make money when you make money. If we charge close to retail, our dealers will not have enough room to make a profit. They will stop buying, and we will be in a world of hurt. But no worries, Safety Technology doesn’t do business that way.

We sell at low wholesale prices so that you can make money. When you buy barking dog alarms from us, you can mark them up as much as you like. We recommend setting a retail price that is about average for the industry. You can go lower to make your money and volume, but don’t try to go much higher and still expect to beat the competition. Retail is all about the right price point.

How to Market Barking Dog Alarms

We firmly believe that barking dog alarms will sell themselves if you present them to the right people. That brings us to the question of how to market them effectively. The answer is simple: target homeowners in both urban and suburban environments. Focus mainly on homeowners with families.

We suggest marketing these alarms as safety devices to protect against burglary, home invasion, etc. One tactic is to check out the FBI website and gather some statistics about burglaries. People love those kinds of stats. If you can make them aware of their chances of being victimized by burglary, you will easily show them how effective a barking dog alarm is.

It would also be wise to market the alarms alongside other local alarms and complete security systems. Why? Because it is quite common for consumers to browse alarm systems without knowing what they want. Often times they are just window shopping, so to speak. Customers may think about a complete home alarm system before eventually deciding the barking dog alarm is a better option.

It’s All About Deterrence

Regardless of how you market and sell barking dog alarms, it all comes down to deterrence in the end. This product is intended to deter burglars and intruders by making them believe they are on the verge of being caught. If you can plant that seed of doubt in the mind of an intruder, you’ve won the biggest part of the battle.

Safety Technology is a big proponent of home alarms and security systems. We wouldn’t sell these alarms if we were not. If you believe in the effectiveness of deterrence from a home security standpoint, you owe it to your customers to start selling barking dog alarms. These things work.

The first step is to register as a Safety Technology dealer. Complete and submit our online application to get the ball rolling. After reviewing your application, we will contact you with a request for more information. Assuming everything is in order, you could be approved as one of our dealers in as little as 24 hours.

If you are already a Safety Technology dealer, you must do nothing more to start selling these awesome products. Safety Technology stockists can add barking dog alarms to their next order. Those who dropship don’t need to order anything upfront; they need to start marketing the alarms on their websites, in their catalogs, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about the barking dog alarms or other Safety Technology products. Our team is here to help in any way we can. We want you to succeed as a personal safety dealer. We help by providing great products, low wholesale pricing, and unparalleled customer service.