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Wholesale Body Worn Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras You Can Wear Or Put Into Your Pocket or Purse

What’s the next best thing to a hidden camera placed surreptitiously at home or in the office? A hidden camera worn on the body. Body-worn hidden cameras are a terrific way to take stealth protection with you wherever you go. As a Safety Technology dealer, you have access to an excellent selection of body-worn hidden cameras that combine stealth and surveillance to increase personal safety.

Give Your Customers Access to Body-Worn Hidden Cameras

Are you already a Safety Technology dealer? If so, you can now give your customers access to these awesome cameras by purchasing from us at wholesale. We bet you will find that body-worn hidden cameras sell extremely well. People love these items for obvious reasons.

If you are not yet one of our dealers, what is holding you back? Becoming a dealer not only gives you access to these hidden cameras, but also hundreds of other products in our inventory as well. You can sell body-worn hidden cameras alongside hidden cameras for home and office, surveillance systems, personal safety items, home alarms, and more.

We have been in this business for more than 25 years, so we know what sells. The reason we carry body-worn hidden cameras is simple: they are products people want. If you want to maximize your profit as a personal safety and self-defense dealer, you are going to want to add these cameras to your product list.

Stealth: The Key to Hidden Cameras

Browse our body-worn hidden camera inventory and you will notice that all these products have something in common: they are disguised to look like something completely innocuous. We have a hidden camera that looks like a cross necklace.

All these cameras rely on stealth to do what they do. In other words, if a potential attacker knew his or her actions were being recorded by a camera with a built-in DVR, he or she might first try to disable it camera. The stealth nature of our body worn cameras reduces that risk. Criminals will not attempt to disable because they do not know that their actions are being recorded.

The other thing to keep in mind is that all the objects represented in our body-worn hidden camera inventory are common objects that do not invite any extra scrutiny. Everybody is familiar with the common necktie. Everybody knows what a cross hanging on a chain looks like. That is the simplicity of these products; they hide video recording in plain view.

Start Your Own Hidden Body Camera Business

Perhaps you’re visiting our website because you are looking for one or two key products you can use to start your own business. Body-worn hidden cameras are as good as any other. Each of these products combines effective video surveillance, stealth, and affordability. They are ideal as starter products for your retail operation.

Safety Technology invites you to learn more about body-worn hidden cameras along with the rest of the products we sell. What we offer is more than just personal safety and self-defense items at wholesale prices. We offer you an opportunity to start your own retail business; a business you can build into an enterprise as large as you want it to be.

As experts with more than two decades of experience under our belts, we fully understand the appeal of running your own business. We also know that product selection is key in the retail industry. We have managed to succeed as a wholesaler of personal safety products because the retail market is strong. What’s more, that market is getting stronger by the year.

Take it from us when we say there is money to be made in body-worn hidden cameras. In fact, there is money to be made in all the products we sell. All you have to do to make that money is become a Safety Technology dealer and start selling.

How to Get Started Selling Hidden Cameras

We will explain how to actually sell body-worn hidden cameras in just a minute. Before we get to that though, you need to know how to get started as a Safety Technology dealer. The first step is to complete and submit our online dealer application. The application only asks for a limited amount of information.

Upon receipt of your application, we will follow-up with an e-mail that includes instructions for completing the next step. Most of our applicants need only submit a few documents by fax or e-mail in order to be approved. All we need is documentation showing that you are running or setting up a legitimate business.

Once you are approved, we will set up an online account and supply you with a username and password. You can use that account to download our color catalog, product descriptions and prices, and web- and print-ready graphics. You will also use that account to order products from us.

That’s it. As long as everything is in order with your application, you could be ready to start selling within 24 to 48 hours. It is really not a complicated process. Safety Technology makes a point of keeping things as streamlined as possible so as to facilitate your success as a dealer.

How and Where to Sell Body-Worn Hidden Cameras

Now for the part you have been waiting for: how and where to sell these great products. As for the ‘how’, it is a matter of figuring out who your target audience is and then finding a way to engage them in conversation. That conversation can take place in person or online, which leads us to the ‘where’ portion of the discussion.

We have worked with dealers who began selling online before transitioning to an in-person sales model. What’s great about online sales is that you can start selling without having to invest in a retail lease. Annual web hosting packages are far cheaper than retail leases, that’s for sure.

You can sell online by building a website or having Safety Technology build one for you. You can sell by signing up with an all-in-one e-commerce platform that provides web hosting space, an e-commerce app, and everything else you need to set up your store. And of course, do not forget sites like Amazon and eBay.

If you are not into the online thing, that’s fine. Traditional retail sales are still alive and well in America. You can stock your own products with the goal of selling at local public events – like festivals and concerts. You can take your inventory to anyone of the flea markets in your area. You can sell at pop-up shops, co-ops, and even via a weekly garage sale.

We even have retailers who have opened their own personal safety and security stores. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking about. If so, good for you. We can offer you the lowest possible pricing when you buy from us in bulk.

Dropshipping Body-Worn Hidden Cameras

We cannot talk about all the possibilities for selling body-worn hidden cameras without mentioning our dropshipping program. Dropshipping is a way of doing business that does not require you to invest in stock or warehouse space. We stock the products for you. We also ship them for you as well.

Let’s say you decide to sell body-worn hidden cameras by downloading our catalog and passing them around at home parties you organize around the topic of personal safety – and yes, some of our dealers do sell this way. You would spend your time at the party collecting orders from attendees. Then you would go home and place those orders using your Safety Technology dealer account. Our job is to pack up the orders and ship them to your customers on your behalf.

Your customers pay you the retail price for whatever products they choose. You pay us the wholesale price, plus whatever it costs us for shipping and packaging. The difference between the two is your profit. Yes, dropshipping is that simple.

We Sell Hidden Cameras at Wholesale

We can wrap this all up by saying that we sell body-worn hidden cameras at wholesale prices. We do so with the goal of helping you succeed at the retail level. As a Safety Technology dealer, your success directly affects ours. We only make money when you make money.

We could choose to sell at both wholesale and retail but selling at retail would undermine your business. We don’t want to do that. Rather, we are committed to supporting our dealers with low wholesale prices, outstanding customer support, and a variety of resources that make selling easier.

There is money to be made in body-worn hidden cameras. Are you ready to make it? If so, let’s get started with the online dealer application. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can get you set up to sell either online or in person. Your customers are waiting for you.