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Wholesale Hidden and Dummy Cameras

The purpose of wholesale surveillance cameras is to give your customers the ability to covertly record activity and to deter criminal activity.

Hidden cameras will allow you to protect your possessions, gather proof and can be used as nanny cams to protect your children. Dummy cameras will deter crime because they look just like real, operating security cameras.

Wholesale Hidden Cameras

Hidden camerasglasses hidden cameras, also known as spy or covert cameras, are powerful monitoring tools that you can hide inside everyday items or install secretly in different places. These tiny cameras blend in so well that most people won’t notice them.

These cameras are great for stopping crime because people are less likely to do something wrong if they think they’re being recorded. If a crime does happen, the footage from hidden cameras can help catch the bad guys.

Business owners use hidden cameras to make sure their workers are doing their jobs right and not stealing. If you own a home, these cameras let you keep an eye on your place, watch your kids, or check on your pets when you’re not there.

Journalists and investigators also rely on hidden cameras to get the scoop on wrongdoing without getting caught. They help bring to light things that would be tough to show otherwise.

Thanks to tech upgrades, today’s hidden cameras have cool features like super-clear video, the ability to spot movement, watching from afar, and batteries that last a long time. These improvements make the cameras even better and easier to use.

But remember, you’ve got to use hidden cameras the right way. Different places have different rules about privacy, so you need to make sure you’re not breaking any laws when you use them.

We Sell Wholesale Dummy Cameras

dummy cameraOur selection of surveillance and home security equipment is not limited to just residential surveillance systems. We offer a number of other great products as well, including dummy cameras. You can make a great profit by selling dummy cameras to people who want the benefits of the appearance of home surveillance without the expense of investing in a complete system.

We sell wholesale dummy cameras to retailers around the country. Dummy cameras are a good seller, either as standalone items or additions to legitimate surveillance systems. You can sell them online, at local flea markets, at gun shows, and anywhere else you expect to find homeowners gathered.

Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

We are frequently asked whether the dummy (or fake) security cameras we sell actually work. Yes, they do. Remember that the key to the success of any home surveillance or alarm system is deterrence. Simply put, no piece of security equipment is going to keep out someone who is bound and determined to get in. But home surveillance and alarms work because they plant a seed of doubt in the criminal’s mind.

Criminals are essentially cowards who will do everything they can to avoid being caught. If a burglar even suspects he or she is being surveilled by video cameras, he/she’s going to second-guess his/her decision to enter that property. The burglar will be deterred from the original plans out of fear of being caught. As far as fake security cameras go, the burglar has no idea whether the camera he/she’s looking at is real.

Our dummy security cameras are meticulously designed to look exactly like the real thing. The only way a burglar could determine that your camera is not real would be to rip it down and open it up. And no criminal is going to take that chance.

Sell Fake Security Cameras for a Good Profit

One of the reasons we love offering these products to our retailers is the fact that they can sell fake security cameras at a pretty good markup. They are not hard to sell either. Dummy cameras are one of the most popular products in the personal security market right now.

As much as we would like every homeowner to have a complete surveillance system installed, the fact is that not every homeowner can afford it. Fake security cameras at least offer the deterrence factor homeowners are looking for. A lot of them start with dummy cameras and plans to get full surveillance system once the budget allows.

How to Sell Hidden Cameras and Dummy Cameras

You can see that our inventory of hidden cameras and dummy cameras is extensive enough to give you plenty of choices to work with. The only question remaining is how you are going to sell. There are as many possibilities as there are retailers. For example, you may choose to sell by opening a wholesale account and purchasing our products in bulk. You can then turn around and sell them in whatever way works best for you.

Another option is to sell hidden cameras and dummy cameras using our dropshipping program. When you drop ship, you aren’t required to stock our products in your own office or warehouse. You just take orders online and then pass those orders along to us. We fulfill the orders by shipping products to your customers in packaging that has your name on it.