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For most, it’s Mace that comes to mind when someone mentions pepper spray? Now, you can buy at wholesale from Safety Technology and resell for a nice profit. The Mace brand is a household name mainly because Mace was the first commercially available self-defense spray sold in America. As such, Mace brand products should be in your non-lethal self-defense inventory.

Three Reasons You Should Sell Pepper Spray

Before we get to Mace 10% pepper spray, let us talk about why you should sell pepper spray in general. Bear in mind that pepper spray is legal to sell and possess, without restriction, in 46 states. In the remaining four, pepper spray is regulated. The four states to be concerned about are New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

If you are ever unsure about the legality of selling Mace 10% pepper spray in a particular state, county, or city, please consult the law in that jurisdiction prior to offering pepper spray products for sale.

With all the legal stuff out of the way, here are three reasons you should be selling pepper spray:

  • It is Effective – Pepper spray causes severe discomfort on contact. So much so that a single spray is all that is required to stop an attacker in his or her tracks. Whether you sell 10% or 18% pepper spray, you are selling a self-defense weapon that works.
  • It is Non-Lethal – There are plenty of people out there who believe in self-defense but do not want to carry lethal weapons. They are the kinds of customers that make perfect candidates for non-lethal pepper spray. A person can defend him or herself and not worry about killing his/her attacker.
  • People Want It – The third reason is the most important from a retail standpoint: customers want pepper spray. You are in business to make money, right? So it makes sense to carry products you know your customers will buy. Pepper spray is one such product.

Why You Should Sell Mace 10% Pepper Spray

We have easily established why you should sell pepper spray in general. Now let’s move on to why you should carry Mace 10% pepper spray. Remember what we said earlier? Mace was the first commercially available self-defense spray sold in America. As such, the Mace brand name has become the common name for all defensive sprays.

Look at it this way: your child falls and scrapes her knee, so you instruct her to go to the bathroom medicine cabinet and grab a Band-Aid. She’ll know exactly what you mean even if the actual product is a generic bandage you purchased at your local big box store. The Band-Aid name is so common that we use it to describe similar products from other manufacturers.

The Mace brand works the same way. When people think of self-defense sprays, they think Mace. So if you present them with a pepper spray product that actually bears the Mace name, you’ll instantly trigger a thought in their minds: “This must be the best pepper spray on the market because it’s from Mace.” Brand loyalty will do the rest.

All of this is not to suggest that Mace 10% pepper spray is not worthy of all the hype attached to its name. It is. The Mace brand features a 10% oleoresin capsicum pepper formula just as powerful as any other brand on the market. And here at Safety Technology, we carry four different Mace 10% products. Sell all four or stick with just one or two. It is your choice.

Sell Mace, Sell Personal Safety

The Mace brand is pretty strong on its own. What you’re offering customers when you sell Mace 10% pepper spray is an opportunity to protect themselves. What you are really selling is personal safety. That’s important to people.

The people who buy pepper spray want to know that they will be safe whenever they leave the house. For some, safety inside the house is equally important. In either case, Mace 10% Pepper spray offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the ability to protect yourself.

Carrying pepper spray in a purse gives a young lady a sense of security as she walks across the college campus. A small canister of Mace 10% pepper spray stuck in a messenger bag gives a middle-aged man confidence to walk safely downtown in a strange city. Pepper spray on the nightstand affords seniors that extra measure of peace that allows them to sleep well at night.

Mace 10% pepper spray is all about personal safety. When you sell this product, you are selling more than a small canister with pepper and aerosol. You are selling a non-lethal self-defense product that helps people feel safe and comfortable in any surrounding.

Lots of Ways to Sell Mace 10% Pepper Spray

Okay, so we’ve convinced you to start selling Mace 10% pepper spray. Great. What next? Well, let’s talk about the different ways you can sell this outstanding product. There are lots of them, all divided into two primary categories: online and traditional retail.

Online selling it pretty easy to understand. You can list Mace 10% Pepper spray on retail sites like eBay and Amazon. Just be sure to read and understand the rules before doing so. You can also sell online by:

  • building your own website that includes a shopping cart app
  • allowing safety technology to build an e-commerce website for you
  • advertising in online classifieds.

Regardless of your choice, you can sell Mace 10% pepper spray by buying in bulk from us or by using our dropshipping program. Dropshipping is explained later in this guide.

Selling via traditional retail is all about setting up some sort of location where you can present products to your customers face-to-face. The first thing that may come to mind is a small retail store downtown. Yes, you can sell Mace 10% Pepper spray in a mom-and-pop store.

Other ways to sell in a traditional retail setting include:

  • stores in strip malls
  • stores or kiosks in enclosed malls
  • pop-up shops (wherever space is available)
  • public markets

We cannot talk about traditional retail without mentioning a couple of non-traditional alternatives. They include things like gun shows, public safety demonstrations, self-defense trade shows, and even flea markets. Virtually any place people gather to shop and buy is a good location for personal safety and self-defense products. With that said, gun shows and self-defense demonstrations are really great places to sell.

About Dropshipping Mace 10% Pepper Spray

Are you looking to start your own personal safety business? If so, are you worried that your limited financial resources will prevent you from opening a fully stocked store? Well, don’t worry. That’s where our dropshipping program comes in.

As a wholesaler of Mace 10% pepper spray and other personal safety products, we can act as your dropshipper too. The dropshipping model is one that brings Safety Technology and you together as partners of sorts. You own and operate your own business with full and complete control; we partner with you by handling your stock and shipping.

This is a wonderful way to start a new business because you don’t have to invest in overhead. There is no need to stock the store with products. Instead, you go sell online or by taking our full-color catalog to home parties and other gatherings. When you sell a product, you order that same product from us at wholesale. We package it and ship it directly to your customer on your behalf.

It is incredibly easy to dropship Mace 10% Pepper spray. In fact, it’s easy to dropship all our products. We do all the heavy lifting, so to speak, so you can invest yourself fully in sales and marketing. Best of all, we don’t charge any additional fees for dropshipping. You pay the wholesale price of the product along with the cost of shipping and packaging.

Sell Mace 10% Pepper Spray Any Way You Like

We have provided you with plenty of ways that you can sell Mace 10% Pepper spray. Please understand that you do not have to choose just one of them. You can sell however you like. You can set up a mom-and-pop shop downtown and also head to flea markets on the weekends. You can sell primarily online, then supplement it by frequenting gun shows and self-defense exhibitions.

You can sell our products through as many venues as you like. You can buy in bulk and stock your own storage space, or you can sell through our dropshipping program. This is your business to control in any way you see fit. We will be here to act as your wholesale supplier and dropshipper.

If you are ready to start selling Mace 10% pepper spray, the first thing you need to do is register as a Safety Technology dealer. Just complete and submit our online dealer form. We will look over the application and then let you know what needs to happen next. Within 24 to 48 hours, you could be all set to go.