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Pepper Shot® Pepper spray

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Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Has Been Protecting People For Over 25 Years

Pepper spray, at our wholesale prices, is one of the most effective defense sprays a person can buy. Pepper Shot® Pepper spray should be among the items you add to your inventory. Safety Technology is the manufacturer of the Pepper Shot brand. Because it has been a consistent best seller for over two decades, you can buy Pepper Shot Pepper spray from us wholesale and then sell it at retail to your customers.

We have Lipstick Sprays, Pepper Pens, Bedazzled Holsters, Animal Print Holsters, Hard Cases, Auto Visor Clips, Flip Tops, Streams, Foggers, ½ oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 9 oz and 1 pound.

About Pepper Shot Spray

It is strong enough to incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing any long-term injuries or health risks. One shot of this pepper spray is enough to cause pain, initiate swelling of the eyes, and make breathing difficult.
With all that said, you can buy Pepper Shot pepper spray from us at wholesale prices. We sell over 20 different Pepper Shot products right now. That may change, but there are enough options with our current product list to keep you well-stocked with the Pepper Shot brand.

Buy at Wholesale, Then Mark Up

Once you have your stock of Pepper Shot products, then what? Well, you buy at wholesale prices to mark up your products to retail. You might be looking at a 50%, 60%, or more markup. It just depends on the kind of margin you are looking to make. The key is to find out what your competitors are charging and then price your products accordingly.

Safety Technology works with dealers all over the country. In every case, we strive to keep our wholesale prices low so that they can cover their costs and still make a healthy profit. Together, we all win. You can be part of the team by becoming a Safety Technology dealer and selling Pepper Shot pepper spray.

Remember, our Pepper Shot inventory currently has several products. But you are not limited to the Pepper Shot brand. You can sell all our other pepper sprays as well. You can even round out your personal safety product list with stun guns, telescopic batons, safety lights, personal alarms, and more.

Why You Should Sell Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

Now comes the most crucial question: Why should you sell Pepper Shot brand pepper spray? The answer is that people want it. That is the only reason we sell it to dealers, but it is a good reason.

Though it may be uncomfortable to talk about, we live in a dangerous world. Some people seek to harm us all around us. We, including your customers, have the legal right and personal responsibility of self-defense. Pepper spray is one way to exercise that right and responsibility.

Pepper spray is a self-defense product that sells itself. You can move a ton of Pepper Shot pepper spray just by making it available to your customers. In other words, this product is so attractive and affordable that most people will not hesitate to buy it if presented with an opportunity.

Pepper spray is appealing as a self-defense weapon for two reasons. First and foremost, it’s affordable. Your customers could buy a lifetime supply of pepper spray for the exact cost of a high-end firearm and ammunition. That, by the way, leads us to the second reason pepper spray is so appealing: it is non-lethal.

Sell Pepper Spray with a Non-Lethal Focus

Over the years, we have discovered that presenting Pepper Shot pepper spray is much more effective when focusing on its non-lethal nature. People tend to be uncomfortable with the idea that self-defense may require taking a life. But if you show them it is possible to defend themselves non-lethally, they are more likely to be receptive to your selling.

We suggest making the non-lethal nature of Pepper Shot pepper spray the primary focus of your marketing efforts. Explain how pepper spray affects the body. Describe the symptoms of pepper spray exposure and how long they last. And stress that using pepper spray for self-defense will give your customers enough time and opportunity to escape a dangerous situation.

Focusing on non-lethal self-defense makes it clear to your customers that they don’t have to be violent and aggressive to protect themselves. They can react to dangerous situations with non-lethal means that allow them to escape rather than confront an attacker.

Where to Sell Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

Every product in our inventory, including Pepper Shot 1.2% MC pepper spray, makes an excellent product to sell to your customers in person. Selling in person gives you more opportunities to interact with your customers face-to-face. One place we recommend you think about is a local flea market.

Flea markets tend to be wide open, which means you are less likely to encounter a landlord uncomfortable with self-defense products. They are also more casual, so they lend themselves well to customer conversations, which is crucial to selling Pepper Shot pepper spray.

If you are not into the flea market scene, that’s okay. There are other options, like home parties. These inexpensive yet effective self-defense sprays sell great at home parties.

Yet another opportunity is to sell Pepper Shot pepper spray at gun shows and self-defense demonstrations. The traffic generated by these events is generally pretty good, and customers already have a self-defense mindset anyway.

Other Opportunities to Sell Pepper Shot

We don’t want to imply that your only opportunity to sell Pepper Shot products is in a traditional retail setting. It’s not. You could also sell by hosting home-based parties in your town. People sell everything from cosmetics to household products using the home party method; why shouldn’t you take advantage of home parties to sell personal defense products?

You can sell at-home parties by downloading our catalog and showing it to attendees. They can order from you on the spot, and then you can order from us using our dropshipping service. By the way, dropshipping also makes it easy for you to sell online.

Build your website, get one of our websites, or sell online via well-established sites like eBay and Amazon. The opportunities for online sales are virtually endless. You can sell online through dropshipping or purchasing products in bulk to maintain your stock.

Dropship Pepper Shot Pepper Spray

Before concluding this article, we need to explain dropshipping to those dealers who may not understand how it works. Dropshipping is a means of selling at retail without maintaining a warehouse full of stock. You also don’t have to handle shipping through this business model.

As a wholesaler of pepper spray and other self-defense products, we also act as a dropshipper for dealers. As such, we handle stocking and shipping. We only need a dealer order complete with customer shipping information to complete a transaction.

Let’s say you sell a product on your website. You can log in to your Safety Technology dealer account and place the same order with us. We ship to your customer with your name and information on the shipping label. Your customers pay you retail; you pay us wholesale plus the cost of shipping and handling. The difference is yours to keep.

We use your shipping information to pack and ship the products directly to your customers. Packages are sent out with your name on them, not ours. Your customers will not even know that Safety Technology was involved.

Dropshipping works exceptionally well whether you sell online or at home parties. It is a terrific way to make money selling personal safety and self-defense products like pepper spray.

Are You Ready to Make Money on Pepper Shot Pepper Spray?

Let’s be clear: we’re offering you an opportunity to make money by selling Pepper Shot pepper spray and similar products from our inventory. If you are ready to start making money in the retail business, we can think of no better industry to be involved in than self-defense.

To get started, fill out and submit our online dealer form. Once your application is approved, you can access our full-color catalog, wholesale pricing, pictures, and more. Safety Technology will also provide full support.