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Wholesale Flashlight Stun Guns & Stun Batons

Safety Technology presents an array of stun guns, including unique stun batons and flashlights, such as the Bad Ass metal stun gun flashlight and the Repeller Stun Baton, available at wholesale prices. These products offer dealers the opportunity for competitive and profitable pricing strategies through various sales channels, including e-commerce and retail. Additionally, we speak about strategies for starting and growing a business in this sector, highlighting the benefits of dropshipping for scalability and low initial investment. Targeting self-defense wholesalers and law enforcement professionals, these devices offer non-lethal self-defense solutions, boasting compact designs and legality in many areas.

Stun Gun Flashlights and Batons: Effective Self-Defense Tools

The retail stun gun market is extensive enough to give customers lots of great choices. For example, think about stun flashlights and batons.

Consumers looking for something a little different may be interested in either a flashlight or a baton. Why? Both offer the stopping power of a stun gun and a bright flashlight for walking around at night.

Safety Technology sells both stun flashlights and batons to retailers just like you. The low wholesale cost lets you sell to your customers at a very attractive price.

Just as one example, stun gun batons and flashlights are great for security guards. They’re also especially useful for people who have to walk home or across a large parking lot after a late shift.

The most important thing to remember is tactical batons and flashlights that incorporate stun guns can help just about anyone protect themselves. And that makes them an attractive addition to your inventory.

The Basics of Our Flashlight Stun Gun and Stun Batons

A typical stun gun is a hand-held device with a unique look that is not easily confused with something else.

Stun batons and flashlights are a different matter.

Our Bad Ass metal stun gun flashlight is an excellent example. It is recognized first and foremost as a flashlight. What an aggressor does not know is that packed inside the metal case is a 110-million-volt stun gun.

Our Repeller Stun Baton is another notable example. To the naked eye, it looks like a rubberized hand-held baton, and nothing more. But touch that bad boy while activated and you will be the recipient of 40 million volts. Our Repeller, Bouncer, Stun Bat and Gator stun batons are multi-functional devices, thanks to a built-in flashlight with three modes.

Do you see a theme developing here? An aggressor may have no problem approaching one of your customers, thinking that he or she is just holding a simple flashlight.

Your customer will have the upper hand, though. In an instant, the flip of a switch turns an innocuous-looking object into an attack stopper. Millions of volts will do that.

Featured Stun Gun Flashlights and Taser Batons forin Your Business

Are you a personal safety or self-defense dealer with an established business? If so, great. We hope you consider featuring our stun flashlights and batons in your store.

Our choices in this product category includes nearly a dozen items that should easily fit into your existing inventory. You might even want to feature one or two as a special monthly item. It’s a great way to let your customers know you now carry self-defense batons and flashlights that incorporate a stun gun.

If you’re not already in business, you can still benefit from our stun flashlights and batons. You can start your own business by selling them first, then add more products as your sales increase. Flashlight stun guns and batons are great core products for any self-defense or personal safety business.

The key to succeeding is finding the right audience. Fortunately, that’s not hard to do in this industry. We live in a world that is progressively getting more dangerous, a world in which people are demanding a non-lethal means of self-defense. You provide that means by selling stun gun flashlights and batons.

Stun flashlights and batons are great for personal protection whenever your customers are out and about. They are perfect for the non-lethal defense of a person’s home and property. They can make the difference between safety and vulnerability in any situation that could turn dangerous.

Best of all, the stun flashlights and batons we sell are very affordable.

Below is a video taken of one of my staff at the ASD show in Las Vegas. A potential customer doubted the effectiveness of stun batons.

So, my staff member said he would let the guy shock him for $100. The customer said OK and did. I just wish they had done this in the aisle so a display wouldn’t have been knocked down.

Wholesale Flashlight Stun Guns and Stun Batons

Affordable retail prices start with low wholesale prices. That’s just what Safety Technology offers our dealers.

Yes, we are in business to make money, but we also want you to succeed in your retail business. We rely on our dealers to keep our business going, so we need you to do well. One way we can help you succeed is by offering low wholesale prices.

When you buy stun flashlights and batons at wholesale prices, you have a lot of flexibility in selling them. This is because our prices are low enough to give you plenty of markup room. This allows you to be responsive in pricing for each venue you sell.

For example, you may be able to charge premium prices by selling via an e-commerce platform. Think Shopify or something like it.

Likewise, you may visit flea markets on the weekend, where you can find cheap table space. But selling at flea markets may require you to offer a lower price. That’s fine because you have enough room between our wholesale price in your markup to make the necessary adjustments.

All this work is about finding that retail sweet spot that covers your expenses while putting some profit in your pocket. Most importantly, the right price point maintains the competitive balance between you and other retailers.

How to Get Started Selling Our Flashlight Stun Gun and Batons

After reading this far, we hope you are intrigued enough to want to know more about how you can sell stun gun flashlights and batons.

Your starting point is our dealer application. Complete and submit it, and you will be on your way to starting your own personal safety business. We will do our best to approve your application as quickly as possible.

Approval will lead to your own Safety Technology dealer account that you can access online. You can download our full-color catalog, current price list, complete product descriptions, pictures, and everything else you need to start selling immediately.

The next step is to decide how you want to sell. For more on that, keep reading. Trust us when we say that you are limited only by your creativity and willingness to put effort into your business.

Different Ways to Sell Stun Gun Baton Flashlights

Most of our new dealers’ preferred way to get started is to sell via dropshipping. A dropshipping business requires very little investment in overhead or storage space. That cuts down on costs and makes it easier to start your business.

Dropshipping doesn’t require a commitment to shipping, either. As your wholesaler and drop shipper, we take care of everything for you in terms of delivering purchases to your customers. All you need to do is sell.

You can sell online or at home parties, for example. When a customer places an order for a flashlight stun gun or any other product, you turn around and order from us via your Safety Technology account. We ship the order directly to your customer in packaging that bears your name.

They pay the retail price; you pay the wholesale price. The difference between the two is your profit. With dropshipping, you can focus on building your core business before expanding into a full storefront or maintaining your own inventory.

Here are some other ways to sell stun flashlights and batons:

  • Your Own Website – Build an e-commerce site on your own, or let us build it for you. Either way, you will have an online store that you can fill with Safety Technology products.
  • Use an E-Commerce Platform – Rather than building your own website from scratch, you can use an established e-commerce platform like Big Commerce, Big Cartel, or Shopify. They are easy to set up and easy on the wallet.
  • Gun and Self-Defense Shows – This should seem obvious, but many people don’t realize what a gold mine gun and self-defense shows are. Why wouldn’t they be? Stun flashlights and batons are non-lethal self-defense weapons. It’s an environment full of people interested in products exactly like the ones you’ll offer.
  • Flea Markets – The flea market is another gold mine for personal safety products. Selling at flea markets offers exposure you might not otherwise enjoy through other means. And remember, flea market visitors plan to spend whenever they go shopping.
  • Brick-And-Mortar Retail – Time-tested brick-and-mortar retail is not dead. You can sell stun flashlights and batons along with a full inventory of additional personal safety products in person. You might set up in a strip mall, a Main Street storefront, or anywhere else you can find open retail space.

Stock Your Store with Bulk Purchases

Safety Technology offers great wholesale pricing on stun flashlights and batons. Now, let’s talk bulk pricing.

You could take advantage of even lower bulk pricing if you buy a product to stock a full-blown retail operation, brick-and-mortar, or e-commerce. We offer better pricing on orders of 1,000 pieces or more, simply because we know that doing so helps our largest dealers succeed. You can leverage economies of scale in your favor.

Bulk pricing helps dealers by giving them more room for markup. It helps us by allowing us to move more products. We both win, don’t we?

If you are a larger dealer and so inclined, you could even pass on some of your savings in the form of lower retail prices for your customers. Then they win right along with us. You will never make a customer angry by doing that.

More about Dropshipping Flashlight Stun Guns and Stun Batons

Don’t feel like you cannot get into business if you do not have enough money to buy Safety Technology products in bulk.

Remember that dropshipping model we talked about earlier? You don’t need to be independently wealthy to run a business based on dropshipping. You just need a willingness to work hard at selling. As your business grows, you can set some of your profits aside to go big time at some point down the road.

Let’s face it, we all have to start somewhere. The goal is to start at whatever size you can afford and build from there. That’s how business works.

As for us, we are here to support you in your endeavor. Between wholesale pricing, reliable customer service, and our reputation for treating dealers fairly, you are in good hands with Safety Technology. Now, let’s sell some stun flashlights and batons.

Are you a self-defense wholesaler interested in flashlight stun guns? Contact us today.