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Throwing knives are not as easy to find as pocket and folding knives. We carry them and encourage all our dealers who already sell knives to do the same. Throwing knives are a niche product with a very loyal customer base. Market these knives correctly, and you should have no problem moving them.

Definition of a Throwing Knife

A throwing knife is a unique, specially designed-knife crafted for a specific purpose. A key component in its design is weight. One that is too light will wobble in flight, thus affecting accuracy. One that is too heavy will be equally hard to control because it will inhibit a smooth throwing action.

A good throwing knife design incorporates a smooth handle that affords a good grip without any risk of the handle getting stuck on release. Blades generally have sharp points for penetration but dull blades for safety. The knives also tend to have an ergonomic design to improve flight accuracy.

Note that these knives are not toys. Even though blade edges are dulled for safety, a person could still be seriously injured or killed by misusing a throwing knife. These knives should be treated with respect and care as any other knife in the Safety Technology inventory.

Throwing Knives Throughout History

The exact origins of the throwing knife are not clear. However, history does show the use of wooden throwing sticks in Egypt in the first century B.C. Whether or not the sticks were primary weapons is not known. Throwing sticks were believed to be converted to metal knives. At some point, armies began using metals to fashion more deadly weapons.

Historians believe that throwing knives common to Asian cultures were birthed from Japanese shurikens (throwing stars). There is evidence that Japanese samurai used both throwing stars and knives together. However, neither one was designed to be a primary weapon. Throwing knives and stars were intended to be distractions that would induce fear in combatants, allowing the Japanese soldiers to gain close quarters more quickly.

There are records of throwing knives in central Africa as early as 1,000 BC. Records dating from the first century A.D. indicate that some African tribes used throwing knives as their primary weapons. Europeans visiting Central Africa began collecting the knives and returning them to Europe. Thus, the African throwing knives made it to the West.

Today, throwing knives are rarely used as weapons. They are primarily for U.S. knife-throwing competitions, hunting, and entertainment. The diminished use of throwing knives as weapons is directly related to the tremendous amount of skill necessary to do it effectively. In an age of modern weaponry, it is not worth learning how to use a throwing knife for military purposes.

Make Money Selling Throwing Knives

The history of throwing knives is such that people have been making and selling them for hundreds of years. You may not make the knives yourself, but you can make money selling them. This product is very lucrative when combined with the other knives in your inventory. Throwing knives are appreciated by knife collectors, athletes, and self-defense enthusiasts.

So how do you do it? Buy throwing knives wholesale from us, then turn around and sell them however you deem best. An excellent way to use them to start a brand-new business is to sell them to friends and family by passing around our full-color catalog. Every Safety Technology dealer has access to the catalog through his or her online account. The catalog can be downloaded as a whole or customized to show only the products you want to sell.

Imagine a home-based party organized around our knives collection, sold alongside pepper spray and stun guns. You could present the history of throwing knives before you pass the catalog. Or perhaps you know someone who is a knife enthusiast who could put together something for you.

The idea of a home-based party may sound strange as an avenue for selling knives, but why not? People use home parties to sell everything from cosmetics to plastic food containers and essential oils. Throwing knives is a fascinating topic for people who would not think twice about ordering one from a catalog at a home party.

Many Ways to Sell Throwing Knives

The home party idea represents just one way you can sell these products. Some Safety Technology dealers have made knives, swords, and machetes a full-time enterprise. They have set up small shops downtown or in a local strip mall. They cater to people who have a particular fondness for bladed weapons.

In our 30+ years in the business, we have also seen plenty of dealers set up shop at local flea markets or gun shows. We love these local market events as a sales venue. Not only do they attract people just looking to spend, but they also attract the kinds of products and services you cannot find at the local big box store. People looking for the unusual go to these events expecting to see it.

Throwing knives certainly qualifies as being unusual. As we said at the start of this article, they are not nearly as pervasive as pocket and folding knives. Your potential customers are not walking into the sports department of the big-box store and finding a case of throwing knives. Set up shop at a flea market or gun show, and it will not take long for those customers to see you.

Sell Throwing Knives Online

In addition to opening a store or setting up a shop at a flea market, you can sell throwing knives at gun shows, sporting goods shows, self-defense exhibitions, etc. You can also sell online. Many Safety Technology dealers have asked us to build full e-commerce websites for them. Then, they sell exclusively through those sites.

We do not have to build your website if you prefer to do it yourself. Remember, you are creating your own independent business on your terms. You have control over everything you do. You can sign up with a web hosting company, find a shopping cart and a credit card processor, and build your site from scratch.

If you are going to do that, we recommend using a content management system like WordPress or Magento. A good CMS should support several different shopping cart extensions for full integration into your site without you needing to know much code. Creating product listings for your throwing knives is also pretty easy in a CMS.

Do Not Forget Dropshipping

Those dealers who sell in a live setting (strip mall, flea market, etc.) buy their stock from us and store it on-site or in a separate facility. If you decide to sell exclusively online, you can buy your stock or take advantage of our dropshipping service. When you dropship, we stock the products for you.

Dropshipping is a concept that pairs your business with ours to get products into the hands of your customers. Rather than ordering 100 throwing knives to be delivered to your home for example, you order them one at a time – as your customers place orders with you. And rather than shipping to you, we ship to your customers.

Dropshipping throwing knives is a terrific way to start a new business without a substantial financial investment. You will have to spend money to get your website up and running, but you will not have to stock your warehouse. That will save you quite a bit. And no, we do not charge for our dropshipping service. We offer it free of charge, hoping it will help you succeed as a retailer.

People Are Waiting to Buy Throwing Knives

Hopefully, the information you have learned here has whet your appetite for selling throwing knives. Rest assured that your customers are out there, just waiting to find out what you’re selling. There is money to be made by selling our throwing knives to athletes, competitive throwers, knife collectors, and people who enjoy different kinds of knives.

Your ability to succeed as a Safety Technology dealer rests solely on your desire to be successful and your willingness to work hard to make it happen. If you are ready to start, complete and submit our online dealer application. It only takes a few minutes. Once approved, you’ll be prepared to begin selling throwing knives however you see fit. We will be here to back you up with fantastic wholesale pricing, some valuable marketing tools, and the full support of the Safety Technology team.