Wholesale Folding Knives

Pocket Knives

One of the keys to successful sales is knowing what your customers want. And trust us, more than three decades in this business allows us to unequivocally say that your customers want folding knives. To not carry them is to ignore a credible source of revenue. Thankfully, you don’t have to. You can purchase your wholesale knives from us before turning around and making a good profit selling at retail.

A Little Bit about Folding Knives

We are going to assume you have a basic understanding of knives. You should, especially if you plan to sell them. But for the record, a folding knife is any kind of knife that includes a blade that can be folded away into the handle. This doesn’t necessarily mean a jackknife. For example, our credit card folding knife is nothing like a jackknife at all.

Folding knives perform a number of vital functions. At the top of the list is self-defense. Some of your customers may not be comfortable carrying a firearm, taser, or pepper spray. And depending on where they live, some of those other options may not even be available by law. Folding knives are legal in every jurisdiction in the U.S. – at least as far as we know.

Your customers might want folding knives for work. There may be a warehouse manager in your town who always has a knife in his pocket for opening boxes and shipping containers. You may have a delivery driver who depends on her knife for cutting straps and plastic wrap. The point is that there are plenty of jobs for which having a handy folding knife is helpful.

Of course, do not forget the outdoor enthusiasts. A good folding knife is an indispensable tool on fishing trips, hunting expeditions, or just camping with the family.

You’ll Love Our Folding Knives

We are fairly confident in saying that you are going to love our inventory of folding knives. As part of a larger selection of knives, the pieces in this category are ideal for customers who need something that can fit in a pocket. They are small enough to stay out of sight and yet handy enough to easily deploy when necessary.

Another reason you’re going to love our folding knives is the fact that they sell. It’s true that there are plenty of products that come and go with retail fads, but knives are not one of them. Human beings have been making knives for as long as we have been using tools. Craftsman have been making and selling knives to others since recorded history began. That hasn’t changed in thousands of years. It is not likely to.

The simple fact of the matter is that a knife is a very unique tool that is difficult to replace. Your customers can use a folding knife for everything from cleaning fish to repairing a laundry line – and everything in between. Knives are so essential for survivalists that they would never think of going out into the wilderness without one.

Your Competitors Are Selling Folding Knives

If you are still not convinced that selling knives is in your best interests as a retailer, we challenge you to take a good look at your competitors. Find out what they are selling. The most successful among them have a complete inventory of knives. They have folding knives in a variety of formats and price ranges. You should be competing directly against them.

So, how do you compete? By adding folding knives to your inventory and then aggressively marketing them. You also need to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competition. There are many ways to do this, one of them being a selling strategy that takes advantage of volume rather than unit price.

Look, Safety Technology is often criticized because of our low wholesale prices. That’s fine with us. We have been offering the lowest prices we can for 30+ years because we want our dealers to succeed. We are content to make our money on volume. By keeping our prices as low as we do, we end up selling more products than our competitors. We make just as much money – perhaps even more – by competing on volume rather than price.

That is not a bad strategy for you as a retailer, either. You can price folding knives slightly below the average price. All other things being equal, your lower price should attract a good percentage of the total market share. You move more product than you otherwise would with higher prices. It is simple economics.

How to Buy Wholesale Folding Knives

Hopefully we have you hooked on the idea of selling folding knives by now. Assuming that’s the case, you need to know how to buy them from Safety Technology. Relax. The process is pretty simple.

The first thing you need to do is complete and submit our online dealer application. Our application is one of the simplest you will find online. You can complete it in just a few minutes, then send it to us electronically at the click of a button. We will instantly get a notice letting us know your application has arrived. We’ll review it and get back to you with further instructions. Provided everything is in order, you could be approved as a Safety Technology dealer within 24 hours.

Once approved, you will have access to our entire inventory through a wholesaler’s account we will set up on your behalf. You will receive your username and password in an e-mail welcoming you to the Safety Technology family. Use that account to login and buy wholesale folding knives.

By the way, all our dealers also receive access to our current price list, our full-color catalog, and a few helpful marketing tools. Dealers also receive our commitment to outstanding customer service and support.

Pricing Folding Knives and Retail

Long before you sell your first folding knife you will have to decide on a retail price. Thankfully, our current price list gives you the information you need to figure it all out. You’ll find three prices in that document:

  • Tier 1 Price – This is the price you pay us per unit for orders up to $1000
  • Tier 2 Price – This is a lower price you receive when your order totals $1000 or more.
  • Suggested Retail Price – This is the price we suggest you start with for retail purposes.

You can obviously increase or decrease the suggested retail price to meet your needs. Just don’t do so on a whim. Take into consideration all the costs you incur for doing business. Remember, you have to make some money for this enterprise to be worthwhile.

You might want to take a look at the principal aspects of retail known as ‘margin’. What is margin? It is simply the percentage of the total price of a product that constitutes your profit. Let’s say you buy a folding knife from us at a price of $5.00 Let’s say that it costs you $2.50 to market and sell that knife at a retail price of $15. When you subtract out the cost of the knife and your other business expenses, your profit is $7.50. As a percentage of the sale, you have just achieved a 50% margin.

The reason for explaining this is based on the fact that seasoned retailers establish a margin they shoot for with each product. They may not always make that margin, but whatever margin they have chosen is the goal. Having an established margin is like creating a budget. It gives you a general target to aim at.

Lots of Ways to Sell Folding Knives

Wrapping all of this up are the various and sundry ways of selling folding knives. There are lots of them. We recommend you immediately start looking at local gun shows, flea markets, hunting shows, and the like. These are the kinds of venues that attract the people most likely to buy folding knives. You can sell numerous models of folding and stationary knives alongside any of the other products our inventory.

Next are local flea markets and pop-up vendor fairs. There are mall kiosks, strip malls, and storefronts in the middle of downtown. And don’t forget selling online. Some of our most successful dealers either sell online exclusively or combine internet sales with a more traditional retail setting.

Perhaps all this sounds a bit intimidating to you. Maybe you’re worried because you don’t have a lot of cash to sink into starting your business. Well, no sweat. We drop ship wholesale folding knives at no extra charge. When your customer orders from you, you turn around and order from us. We ship the order directly to your customer in packaging that bears your name. All you pay in addition to the wholesale price is our cost for shipping and packaging.

Folding knives are a must-have item for every retailer of personal safety and self-defense products. If you are not yet selling folding knives, why not? Knives have consistently been one of the best-selling items we’ve carried since our earliest days as a wholesaler. They sell at the wholesale level because people are buying them at retail.