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Knives…one of our most popular items to sell at flea markets, gun shows and other local market events.  With out low, low wholesale prices, you can double or triple your money. Our inventory would not be complete without a good selection of knives. As a personal safety and self-defense dealer, neither is yours. A great selection of knives can reach a wide-ranging audience including hunters, survivalists, campers, anglers, and a full range of blue-collar workers who depend on the utility of a good knife multiple times during the workday.

Folding and Fixed Blade Knives

Safety Technology is proud to offer survival and disguised knives for a very targeted audience. But we realize the demand for knives is much greater and broader. So in an attempt to make sure there’s something for every one of your customers, we also carry a range of folding and fixed blade knives.

Fixed blade knives are among the most popular knives sold at retail. They come in all shapes and sizes and include sheathes for carrying and storage. A good fixed blade knife is an indispensable tool to anyone who spends significant amounts of time in the great outdoors. Campers love them, as do hunters and anglers.

Folding knives are also one of our better selling items. And why not? It used to be that every kid growing up in America got a folding knife as a birthday or Christmas gift. Kids were taught how to carve and whittle with those knives. For many of us, getting that first folding knife was considered a rite of passage.

That may not be the case in our technologically-driven society of today, but folding knives are still a handy tool to have. A folding knife is the perfect tool for opening that box that just arrived from Amazon or eBay. It is the perfect tool for cutting a length of rope, opening the mail, or doing just about anything that requires a thin blade.

Plenty of Knives to Choose From

Safety Technology takes great pride in the diversity of our inventory. Where knives are concerned, we have plenty of choices for you to work with. We make a point of offering as many choices as we can, knowing that your customers may want one thing while another dealer’s customers want something completely different.

The beauty of retail is being able to give your customers exactly what they want. If you cater to a target audience made up mostly of outdoor enthusiasts, it may turn out that you will sell more fixed blade knives than folding knives. That’s great. One of our other dealers might cater to suburban families more likely to buy folding knives. It’s all good.

We make it as simple as possible for you to stock the inventory you want by keeping our own inventory as complete as we can. Safety Technology dealers have access to all our products as well as a detailed pricelist and a full-color catalog. You can download the catalog as soon as you become an approved dealer, then immediately go through it to start building your own inventory of self-defense and personal safety items.

Great Knives at Wholesale Prices

One of the things you should immediately notice as you go through the Safety Technology pricelist is our low wholesale prices. Each product on our list shows your wholesale price for orders of fewer than 1,000 pieces, a bulk wholesale price for orders of 1,000 pieces or more, and a suggested retail price. That suggested retail price is an important part of your success as a retailer.

Once you buy a selection of knives at wholesale prices, you add a markup that covers your expenses and generates a profit. There are two ways to look at this. You can research the average retail price for that product and then charge the maximum price that still allows you to make sales. This business model concentrates on maximizing per-piece profits.

The other way to do things is to set your prices slightly lower than average. The goal is to sell more pieces, thus making a profit on volume rather than per-piece pricing. Regardless of the model you choose though, rest assured that our wholesale prices are low enough to give you plenty of room to accommodate your pricing strategy.

We Dropship Our Knives

Perhaps you are just getting started with your own retail business and you’re working from home. You may not want to store a stock of knives out of fear that your house might be targeted by burglars. Or maybe you just do not want knives in the house with your kids. That’s not a problem. We dropship every knife in our inventory.

What is dropshipping? It is a partnership of sorts between you and us. As your dropshipper and wholesaler, our responsibility is to stock the knives you are selling and then ship them to your customers as retail purchases are made. Your responsibility is to go out and find a way to sell the knives.

We handle all the stock and shipping. This means you do not have to have any physical inventory stored in your house or office. Just order from us using your Safety Technology dealer account whenever you get an order from a customer. We ship the order directly to your customer using the shipping information you provide. You pay us the wholesale price of the item plus our cost for shipping and packaging.

Understand that our dropshipping program is offered completely free of charge. We do not mark up shipping or packaging – you pay what we pay. Free dropshipping is hard to find, but maybe that’s one of the reasons Safety Technology is the largest dropshipper in our industry. We do not believe in charging extra for a service that does not incur any additional expense on our part. We would rather offer dropshipping for free so that you have more opportunity to make money.

Finding the Audience for Knives

Dropshipping is but one method of selling our knives. You can also start your own inventory to be sold online or in person. The key is finding your audience. Do you live in an area where flea markets are popular? If so, they offer an audience just waiting to be tapped. Trust us when we say that flea markets are one of the best opportunities for selling knives. We have been in this business more than 20 years; we know a good sales location when we see one.

Maybe flea markets are not a big deal where you live. That is not a problem. Who do you want to target most with fixed blade and folding knives? Let’s say it is those outdoor enthusiasts we previously mentioned. Consider renting vendor space at outdoor trade shows. RV and boat shows are another wonderful opportunity.

Maybe suburban families are more your cup of tea. That’s great. You can work as a vendor at all the local community events in your area. Think small business shows, music festivals, art shows, neighborhood garage sales, and any other event that seeks retail vendors. They are all over the place if you know where to look.

Start Your Own Knife Shop

Yet another way to tap into your target audience is to open a brick-and-mortar shop in a location with a fair amount of retail traffic. This is probably the most expensive way of doing business in the modern era, but it is still a very successful business model for untold numbers of retailers.

A small shop in a local strip mall is one possibility. If you live in a small town, you might be able to get pretty cheap retail space in a downtown storefront. There is also the mall kiosk. The take-away here is that there is no one way to sell our knives. There are enough choices that you should be able find something that works for you. You might even decide to combine multiple sales channels in order to maximize exposure.

Become a Safety Technology Dealer

At the end of the day, all of this is about selling knives to customers you already know want them. You only need to become a Safety Technology dealer to get started. We make selling knives online or in person as easy as possible. You start the process by filling out and submitting our online dealer form.

Once you are approved, you will have immediate access to all our selling materials including our price list, color catalog, and print and web-ready product images. You can immediately start selling online by building your own website or posting on sites like Amazon and eBay. Safety Technology can even create a full e-commerce solution for you, complete with shopping cart.

Knives have been around for thousands of years; they are not going away anytime soon. Safety Technology is offering you the opportunity to sell knives at retail along with all the other products we carry. A good selection of knives can provide a solid foundation for a very successful personal safety and self-defense business. As all our successful leaders can tell you, this is a business with plenty of untapped potential.