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Can and Stash Safes

Here at Safety Technology, we sell can and diversion safes at wholesale because we know they work. We encourage you to consider selling them as well. They represent an inexpensive way to protect valuables from burglars.

The Diversion Safe Concept

Understanding the logic behind diversion safes is easy when you consider what a diversion actually is. A diversion safe creates an extra measure of protection by diverting the attention of a potential burglar away from valuables and toward something else.

The concept of the diversion safe is to hide valuables inside safes that do not actually look like safes. A diversion safe looks like an ordinary household product you might find in any home. For example, take a look at our Arizona Tea Diversion Safe product. It is a safe built into a can that looks exactly like a can of Arizona Tea. Your customer can place this safe in the fridge along with a few legitimate cans of the same product and a burglar would never think to check any of them.

Diversion safes work because they take advantage of the criminal mentality. More on that in just a minute. First though, take note that we sell can and diversion safes in many different shapes and sizes. We have diversion safes that look like beverage cans, jarred foods, automotive products, household paints, and more. Each item has been painstakingly manufactured to look identical to the real thing, thus giving burglars no reason to look more closely.

Just in case a burglar does get curious, each of our diversion safes is properly weighted as well. That Arizona Tea safe weight is just about the same as a full can of tea. Trust us when we say that our manufacturers have thought of everything.

Diversion Safes and the Criminal Mentality

There are two surprising aspects to home burglary that explain why diversion safes work. Here’s the first: most burglars head right to the master bedroom upon entering a home because they know that’s where they will find easily pawned items like jewelry, small electronics, etc. They also now that the master bedroom is a good place to find cash.

The second thing to note is that the average burglary takes less than 10 minutes. Burglars are cowards who want to spend as little time as possible in a home in order to minimize the chances of being caught. So if a burglar heads to the master bedroom and spends five minutes rummaging around, that leaves him or her only five minutes to cover the rest of the house. He or she is not likely to go check every beer can or open what he/she thinks is a can of paint.

This is why diversion safes work. They are designed around the fundamental rule that burglars are very time sensitive. By designing a safe that looks like an ordinary household product, manufactures give property owners a great opportunity to hide their valuables in plain sight knowing that most burglars are in too much of a hurry for serious investigation.

Why You Should Sell Diversion Safes

Now you understand the basic concepts of diversion safes and why they work. Let’s talk about why you should sell them. According to 2016 statistics, a home burglary takes place in this country about every 18 seconds. That amounts to 4,800 burglaries every day. The chances of any of your customers being victimized by burglars are fairly high.

You should sell diversion safes because they are an inexpensive way to protect valuables. For less than $50, one of your customers can buy a very effective safe to protect everything from diamonds to precious family heirlooms. They do not have to spend a fortune doing so.

Talk to your average consumer on the street and he or she is likely to quote a price of hundreds of dollars for a safe. So many people just don’t know that diversion safes are just as effective as wall or floor safes but a lot less expensive. And when you explain the diversion concept to them, they may realize that one of your products might even be more effective than a wall safe.

In short, you should be selling diversion safes because your customers will want them once they know you have them. We would not be selling these things if there were no demand for them.

How to Sell Diversion Safes

Our inventory of diversion safes is extensive enough to give you plenty of options to work with. The key is to experiment until you find the particular products your customers want. As for venues, you have lots of options. Start by selling diversion safes at home parties by passing around the Safety Technology catalog. If you don’t want to pass around the whole catalog, just print the pages pertaining to the safes.

From there, you can branch out by renting vendor space at public events in your area. We are talking art shows, food tasting events, holiday celebrations, and the like. Public events that seek out vendors are a wonderful opportunity for selling personal safety items.

Next, consider selling at flea markets and pop-up shops. Maybe look into renting a kiosk down at the mall. Your main goal is to simply find space where foot traffic is good. Then display your diversion safes and other products in an attractive way. Curiosity will bring customers to you.

Of course, you can sell diversion safes online as well. You can sell via online classifieds, auction websites, or e-commerce platforms that offer all-in-one stores and shopping carts. If you want to build your own site, you can do that too. We can even build an e-commerce site for you.

Focus on the Burglary Aspect

Regardless of the sales venues you choose, we have discovered that focusing on the burglary aspect is the best way to market these products. Talk to people about annual burglary statistics. Get them to imagine what it might be like to come home from work and find evidence of a burglary. Encourage them to think about the valuables they have stashed in the master bedroom.

Focusing on the burglary aspect drives home the reality that every property owner is a potential victim. If you can get your customers to think about it, you can then show them how effective the diversion safe really is. Show them the attention to detail, the realistic size and weight, and ease-of-use. Explain how the diversion principle works to fool burglars who want to get in and out quickly.

One last thing is to actually let your customers handle a sample diversion safe. Let them see how realistic it looks, how realistic it feels, and how heavy it is. Also invite them to see if they can find the secret compartment and how to access it. If they cannot figure out how to get the diversion safe open, your average burglar isn’t going to waste time trying to figure it out. He or she just wants to grab what he/she can and be on their way.

Start Selling Diversion Safes Today

Safety Technology carries a full inventory of diversion safes meant to look like everything from beverage cans to household products. They look like the real deal, they feel like the real deal and, to a scared and nervous burglar, they are as good as the real deal.

You can start selling diversion safes right away by becoming a Safety Technology dealer. As one of our dealers, you will have access to low wholesale pricing on every product in our inventory. You will get even better pricing if you buy in bulk. You’ll also be given access to our full catalog, our price list, and graphics that are both web- and print-ready.

If you prefer the dropshipping business model, we have you covered. Safety Technology is the biggest dropshipper in the personal safety and self-defense industry. You get the same high-quality products and reliable service without any extra fees added for dropshipping.

Are you ready to make good money as a Safety Technology dealer? Then let’s get started. The process is quite simple: just complete and submit our dealer application then wait to receive an e-mail. We will send it shortly after we receive your completed application. In that e-mail you will find instructions for submitting the required business documentation.

Assuming everything is in order, you could be approved as a Safety Technology dealer in 24 to 48 hours. We will then open an online account in your name. Just log on using your username and password to place your orders. It is really just that simple.

We sell diversion safes because they work. You should obviously be selling them too. Add them to your inventory if you already have an existing retail operation. If not, diversion safes make an excellent product to start a new business with. You can build on your diversion safe inventory to create a complete personal safety and self-defense product line.