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Bamboo Soap Dispenser Diversion Safe

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Bamboo Soap Dispenser Diversion Safe

The Bamboo Soap Dispenser Diversion Safe is the perfect way to securely protect your valuables in plain sight. Its stylish bamboo exterior is designed to fit right in with any home décor, making it ideal for use in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink. It’s also an actual soap dispenser that works so there’s no need to worry about anyone figuring out that it has a secret hidden interior! Inside the safe you can store jewelry, keys, emergency money and more without fear of theft or untrustworthy people coming into contact with your belongings. Get peace of mind knowing your precious valuables are secure with the Bamboo Soap Dispenser Diversion Safe!

  • A stylish bamboo design!
  • Works just like an actual soap dispenser
  • Ample room for your jewelry or other items
  • Internal Measurement 3″ x 3″ x 3 7/16″
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